Best SEO Companies and Services in South Africa

Optimize your website to get more visitors by choosing from the best SEO companies in South Africa. 10seos introduces the list of top SEO firms & agencies to place your website on top of search engine.

Want to find the best SEO service company in South Africa? Well, you have reached the right destination. Here, you are going to learn about the top 15 professional SEO agencies in South Africa.

Search Engine Optimization helps businesses target audiences, achieve organic traffic without investing money, increase brand awareness, reputation, and track performance online. It, therefore, plays a significant role in the business’s success.

Clients in South Africa look online for intelligent strategists who can boost their business’s visibility and rank in the digital market. These strategists are known as SEO companies. And to make it easy for you, we have made a list of the top SEO service companies in South Africa.

Learn all about the business profile, location, services, industry rating, and client reviews of the companies in the following best SEO company primelist.

Best Performers in South Africa for Best SEO Company in 2024

  • Rank

    1st South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 86-110-6450

  • Location

    A086 4th floor, East Wing, The Palms, 145 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock


We are Big Web Media, a Cape Town-based web design and development agency that also specialises in search engine optimisation . We work with all brands, big and small and we want to change the way business owners acquire and keep customers. We have one simeple aimm to design beautiful websites that get clients to the top of Google Searches and that drive sales.

  • Rank

    2nd South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 11-051-0895

  • Location

    132 Market St, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa


e specialize in website design, seo, graphic design, mobile application design and online marketing. Our advice is it’s all about love. Love for your clients and the community. If you love them you will give them quality service and products. If you deliver quality, they will keep coming back to you. On top of that they will refer their friends to you. And remember, if your target market is business people their friends are business people. Still together? Give them bad quality and they will passionately tell the whole world how bad you are. And remember their friends are your target market.

ur appreciation goes to you all. For voting us the best website design company, seo company, corporate identity, google AdWords management agency & online marketing company in South Africa. In South Africa we have offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Abroad we have offices in New York city (America), London (Uk, Harare (Zimbabwe) and Abuja (Nigeria)

  • Rank

    3rd South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 21-830-5558

  • Location

    The Business Center No 1. Bridgeway road, Bridgeway Precint, Century City, Cape Town

  • Rank

    4th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 21-981-6249

  • Location

    3 High Street, Bellville, Cape Town


We are a strategic internationally website development and online marketing company that applies a results driven approach to everything we do from aesthetics to functionality. Our holistic service offering covers the full spectrum of online marketing and communications. We believe that a website should be at the core of all digital marketing efforts and serve as an information hub that is constantly updated with exciting and fresh content that not only intrigues but captivates the attention of its readers.

  • Rank

    5th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 11-054-4700

  • Location

    356 Rivonia boulevard, 2nd Floor


Just Perfect is a professional and cost-effective company which is popularly known to make success affordable and give clients maximum value for minimum price. The team at Just Perfect is made up of seasoned experts from a variety of marketing fields who are professional enough to cater the needs of their clients.

At Just Perfect, we strive for excellence in our services and client relationships. We have helped over 200 clients attain greater success in their respective business fields. We believe that our clients should be proud to associate their brands and services with us.

  • Rank

    6th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 21-979-0848

  • Location

    Durbanville, 7550 Cape Town, South Africa

  • Rank

    7th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 21-975-8181

  • Location

    12 Plein Street, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550


Rogerwilco is an award winning digital marketing agency which was founded in March 2008 and is based in Cape Town. The agency has been awarded as South Africa’s best SEO company and helped number of organizations to attract and retain customers all over the globe.

Our team includes digital strategists, technical search engine optimisers, print, video and photo journalists, PR consultants, social media consultants, analytics and conversion optimization specialists, web usability experts, email marketers, front and back end web developers and designers. Our Online Marketing services take every step to create engagement between brands and audiences. We assure to create a productive and harmonious workplace, fostering creativity and improving staff and client retention.

  • Rank

    8th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 21-200-0277

  • Location

    7A World House, Loerie Park, Paul Kruger Street, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7551


Pay Per Click has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure as a result of first page exposure on major search engines.

We have experience in all facets of web development to help our clients reach their full potential.Put your business online, get more sales and leads.

A website should not just catch the eye it's role is to attract and keep the user, as well as communicate him your brand message and raise user awareness about product or service.

  • Rank

    9th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 21-762-4824

  • Location

    House Vincent, 3rd Floor Wynberg Mews, 10 Brodie Road, Wynberg 7800, Cape Town

  • Rank

    10th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 11-468-3138

  • Location

    149 Goodwood Street, Kyalami Estates, 1684


WSI is the leading global digital Internet marketing franchise in South Africa which has its headquarter in Toronto, Canada with a network of digital marketing consultants in over 80 countries. The company is fully dedicated to provide a cutting-edge website with high quality strategies and solutions.

With the experts team of digital marketing consultants, trainers, copywriters, social media managers, PPC reporting experts, SEO gurus and project managers; WSI has become a complete package of all digital, social and mobile solutions. We make the clients sure about best solutions for their businesses and maximize their Internet marketing ROI.

  • Rank

    11th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 11-469-1003

  • Location

    Postnet Suite 511, Private Bag X153, Bryanston, 2021, South Africa


BlueMagnet is a Search Marketing company which was originally founded in 2007 by Gillian Meier, who has over 17 years experience in executing business models and digital marketing strategies. Over the past 8 years, BlueMagnet has established itself as a leader at the forefront of digital marketing training, auditing and consulting.

The company is fully specialized in providing SEO audits and search marketing services across South African firms, organizations, industries and e-commerce marketplaces. With our experienced and talented experts team, we promise to establish your business at minimum prices.

  • Rank

    12th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 21-556-3469

  • Location

    3rd Floor Milnerton Mall, c/o Loxton & Koeberg Road, Milnerton, Cape Town, 7441

  • Rank

    13th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 11-022-9830

  • Location

    87 Central Street, Houghton, Johannesburg 2198, South Africa

  • Rank

    14th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 11-782-0265

  • Location

    Randpark Ridge Randburg Gauteng South Africa 2156


MARKETING A PASSION YOU CAN'T LOOSE YMarketing is an Online Multi Level Digital Marketing Agency. We pride ourselves with our services covering all aspects of Marketing and Brand Innovation. Ensuring that our clients have a fully functional Marketing Strategy with a well-planned Marketing Budget and realistic outlay of expectancy. We work with SME's to start and/or rebuild their brands to get maximum exposure and obtain solid roots within their industries. We also work alongside Larger Corporates to restructure their marketing teams for maximum functionality to allow their brands to endure constant growth whilst retaining consistency within their respective markets. We do this through various strategic planning, digital transformation, adaptation and growing with their needs. We believe that to find your niche in your market you need to find the one problem that no-one can solve but yourself. Be innovative, Be fresh and Be fearless within your market. With the willingness to change.

  • Rank

    15th South Africa

  • Contact

    (+27) 11-234-9825

  • Location

    First Floor, Commerce House, 374 Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia (Johannesburg), 2196, South Africa


Go Fish is a trusted internet marketing South African company which has over 12 years of experience in the internet marketing game. The company is known to utilize full variety of channels with all business strategies and solutions. Our clients are based in South Africa, Australia and the UK; covering many spheres of industry: travel & tourism, online e-commerce shops, real estate, antiques, aviation, construction, medical and automobile.

Our services are objective oriented that push your business towards right goals. We assure to serve your business with our superior and highly rewarding marketing services that help achieving good reputation as well as maximum sales in the industry.

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Companies in South Africa

10seos brings the list of best SEO companies in South Africa that offers affordable yet professional SEO services to attract real organic traffic. The listed SEO firms are known for implementing highly effective strategies and techniques to ensure top Google rankings.

With a team of experienced and professional marketers and analysts, we follow a strict evaluation process to determine only the top 10 SEO agencies that enable your website to improve its ranking on search engine result pages.

The list has been prepared after analysing wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics, including, quality of services, client’s feedback, customer satisfaction, ratings, reviews and many other relevant grounds.

Choose the best search engine optimization company that understand the digital needs of your online business and provide the custom-tailor solutions to meet all those needs efficiently.

Best SEO Companies in South Africa: Frequently Asked Questions

We learned above that Search engine optimization services help businesses stand out from their competitors and bring in more potential customers. However, how they do it, is a million-dollar question asked by a number of businesses. What you need is a profound understanding of SEO, and the following frequently asked questions will help you achieve that.

SEO, in simple words, refers to improving your website performance to increase its position on search engine result pages. However, the answer to What is SEO marketing is much more than that. It not only tells you what you can do better but also lets you establish a connection with your consumers. It makes the website’s components like H1 tags, meta title, meta description, content, keyword density, backlinks, permalinks better and as per the search engine's requirements. This eventually boosts your ranking and results in online success.

More than 90% of people never get past the first page of their Google search. While 75% of Google traffic goes to the first ten search results, and merely 4.25% goes to the second page.

Now find your business rank. To do this, search for the products/services you offer on Google. Then, count the number of results pages you clicked through to see your online business’s name. If you are on the 2nd or 3rd page, you are definitely lagging behind your competitors. Hence, this calls for hiring the best search engine optimization firm in South Africa.

Such a firm will formulate an effective strategy boosting your online visibility and rank on SERPs. It will also make you understand what your audience is searching for and what satisfies their needs. Once you find the answers, you can match your content with the customers’ language and optimize your site for search engines.

The top digital marketing companies in South Africa offer a comprehensive range of SEO services to help your business rank high in SERPs. These include:

  • Keyword Research

SEO highly relies on keywords. Keyword research includes Identifying the most searched terms/keywords used to locate a specific service or product you offer to customers.

  • Local SEO

Brand awareness and business reach start when you have a strong grip over your local audience and that's why local SEO marketing is important. It helps you optimize the brand for local searches and improve your local rankings thoroughly.

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO consists of every action that helps search engines crawl to visit your website and enhance the user experience. Proper technical aspects like website speed, mobile-friendliness, site structure, etc. will prevent crawlers from facing issues while visiting your website.

  • Website Audits

Website Audit analyzes your site's ability to rank on SERPs organically and tells you about the practices to make your website more SEO-friendly.

  • SEO Consulting

Consultancy from an organic SEO consultant will help you know which services would be perfect for your website and help you rank with time.

  • Link Reclamation

Link reclamation refers to redirecting old URLs to the new page while updating the new pages on the website. These redirects are essential for preserving the link juice.

  • Conversion Optimization

Businesses aim at conversion the most while hiring an SEO specialist. Conversion optimization aims to increase the conversion rate by optimizing your website as per customer needs.

Let’s have a look at the 4 types of SEO that an SEO business company provides:

  • On-Page SEO

On-page SEO services include optimizing the content of your website along with tweaking with the factors like meta titles, meta description, keywords, headers, optimized images, and much more.

  • Off-Page SEO

Off-Page deals with elements outside your website, and focuses on features like pitching articles, competitor research, etc. An SEO business agency uses Off-Page SEO to create exposure and trust in your business. This results in greater potential customers and better sales. It also involves link building which refers to getting other reputable websites to link back to your site.

Everything in this world has a white side and a dark side. So is the case with SEO. Let us explore.

  • White Hat SEO

It is an ethical technique focussing on delivering results using the right methods. It follows established search engine guidelines so your audience knows you organically and SEO rank improves constantly. A white label SEO company follows these white hat methods to deliver results and gives Google no chance to penalize your website.

  • Black Hat SEO

It refers to the unlawful methods and strategies to get higher search engine rankings. It focuses on bots instead of audiences. Such practices are harmful to your website and are banned by Google. Keyword stuffing, hidden texts, plagiarized content, misleading redirects, and other unethical methods are examples of Black Hat SEO.

Following are the reasons why businesses must collaborate with SEO agencies for website search engine optimization:

  • Driving High-Quality Organic Traffic and Boosting Organic Discovery

SEO is hyper-targeted and customer-centric. It boosts organic visibility, and hence site traffic. Organic traffic is more likely to convert as potential customers visit websites to use your services. An SEO provider uses effective strategies for directing relevant audiences to your website via search queries.

  • Offers Impressive ROI

SEO results take time however an effective strategy eventually delivers impressive ROI. It helps you convert your organic traffic using highly effective SEO methods. If ROI is one of the most significant factors for your business at present then hiring the best SEO company near you in South Africa would be your best decision.

  • Improves Credibility Among The Consumers

Ranking on Google's first page creates a better image of your business for potential customers. Google ranks websites based on dozens of on-page and off-page signals, such as created content, website speed, mobile usability, etc. Moreover, by using high-quality products or services, trust and credibility can be developed on search engine authority. One can improve all of this gradually with effective SEO methods.

  • Help Business Reach Its Target Audience

SEO marketing is for both organizations, single target, and multi-target audience. Since it uses intent-driven keyword research to reach a specific audience it allows it to be more versatile with its intent. Reach both audiences, by creating separate service pages, one targeting a particular set of keywords while the other targeting another set.

  • Optimizes User Experience

Google's Algorithm can interpret a favorable or unfavorable user experience. SEO optimizes the user experience on websites resulting in its success on SERPs. It also prevents bounce rates on the website. In case of a higher bounce rate, Google will devalue your web page resulting in lower rankings on SERPs.

SEO is a slow process. Perhaps, it is impossible to state a figure that applies to a particular website. An SEO service provider cannot come up with the best-guess estimate based on analyzing a website's current performance and the proposed strategy. All you need is the best strategy customized for your business and website. Plus, 6-12 months is enough time to be able to see the impact of SEO efforts and to be able to justify ongoing investment into growth.

Setting your online marketing budget can be difficult when you are looking for a website SEO company. Whether you go for a consultant from another county or South Africa, you will find different types of pricing models.

  • SEO Pricing Stats

    • SEO costs range from $2000 - $8000 per month in South Africa and the US.
    • As per Ahrefs, the average SEO plan costs $2819 per month.
    • If you are looking to hire an SEO agency near you on an hourly basis then it can cost you anything between $100-$250 for South Africa.
    • SEO pricing is usually lower for local campaigns.
    • Professional SEO agencies can charge for extra content on the site
    • SEO costs are typically higher for eCommerce websites.
  • SEO Monthly Plan Pricing

Most SEO experts in South Africa offer monthly contracts. Here, you can always opt-out anytime if you do not like their services. Prefer customized monthly packages, so you can add and remove services as per your needs.

  • SEO Hourly Plan Pricing

SEO rates by freelancers are usually between $50-$250 per hour. However, freelancers only work in the decided time. You can hire experts separately for specific needs and pay them separately. For instance, content writer for content, PPC expert for paid campaigns, and SEO consulting company for handling other services, etc.

The following are aspects you need to consider before finalizing the best SEO company.

  • Location

Location matters when you are looking for SEO services near you. Having a company in the same city as yours makes it easy to connect with the experts or meet them to explain your requirements.

  • Experience and Specialization in SEO

Check for proven results in different industries, while outsourcing SEO service. Know if the company has previous experience in your industry too. It will give you an edge over your competitors as you have experts that understand how the industry works and what will work in your favor. Besides, the selected SEO professional must have experience in the local SEP, web page optimization, keyword analysis, link building, etc.

  • Best Practices

Try not to end up with a company that uses black hat techniques to deliver quick results. Learn about their practices and always keep in mind that SEO is a slow process and takes time to give results.

  • Services

You may have some specified services in your mind for the desired results. Make sure to inquire about the services and tools offered by the SEO company near you.

  • Technical Skills

He/she must also possess technical skills as it is crucial to solving obstacles in the programming division that can hinder your SEO campaign.

  • Critical Reasoning and Decision Making

The agency to be hired must also be able to make decisions quickly by analyzing the situation, so you get better results.

  • Budget

SEO providers offer a combination of different services as per your needs and requirements that perfectly fit your company's budget. Go for the mid-range service and later change the budget accordingly if you start seeing results.

10SEOS is among the rapidly expanding companies that list the best SEO companies in South Africa. Ours is a team of qualified professionals, analysts, researchers, and strategists. We analyze numerous essential statistics, including ratings, reviews, customer satisfaction, quality of work, etc. to bring to you the best SEO agencies in South Africa.

All these SEO firms are renowned for offering the highest quality solutions to businesses. 10seos, as a platform, aims to enhance the visibility of these SEO consultants in South Africa before the user and bridge the gap between them. This makes it easy for businesses to opt for world-class SEO services and stand distinctively from their competitors.

Let’s have a look at some major trends followed by a professional search engine optimization company in South Africa.

  • Voice Search

Optimizing for voice search makes searching easy for users. Since most users use voice-enabled devices, voice-optimized content can definitely give you results with time.

  • Longer Content

Google chooses to rank pages containing higher and in-depth content. Hiring the top SEO companies will help keep up the quality and quantity of the content and earn better ranks.

  • Mobile Flexible Websites

Due to the increase in smartphone users, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website. Websites should have a simple navigation process irrespective of the devices used by the users.

  • Customer Analytics

Customer analytics helps you understand what your customer needs. This makes things easier for your user when they browse your website for any services.

  • Retention Methods

It is costlier to bring a new customer to your business than retain an old one. By aiming at retention methods using SEO you can earn revenue in the future.

Professional SEO firms understand and use some valuable tools to attract high-quality traffic, track steps taken and results received in numbers. These include:

  • SEMrush

SEMrush helps businesses improve online visibility, track the data of your SEO, PPC, SMM, competitive research, keyword research, and other marketing insights.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another popular tool for backlinks and SEO analysis. Its site audit tool helps analyze your website's common optimization issues and also monitors your SEO health over time.

  • Search Engine Ranking

SE Ranking is an accurate keyword rank tracking software. It helps with real-time ranking positions of your website's keywords across major search engines.

  • Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps SEO experts research the keywords for your search campaigns. It will find your business-related keywords, see estimates of the searches they receive and the cost to target them.

  • SEO Panel

SEO panel is open-source software that helps in website optimization. It also provides a Keyword position checker, webmaster tools, site auditor, page speed insights, backlinks checker, etc.

  • Moz Pro

Moz Pro allows you to gather data on your site's rankings, page optimization, site crawl, and link metrics. It also lets you determine your site errors which are affecting your visitors' experience.

KPIs stand for Key Performance Indicators. These help you keep track of your campaign performance and indicate the success of your campaign.

  • Organic Traffic

The most valuable KPI of SEO is that it increases your organic traffic and is important to be tracked continuously. The more organic traffic you have, the better the click-through rate your website will have.

  • Keyword Ranking

Keywords ranking is the sole reason for many businesses to connect with top SEO companies in South Africa. If your business keyword is on the 2nd or 3rd page then you must track if its position is improving or not.

  • Page Load Time

The page load time of your website is also an important KPI. You can lose a lot of customers if your site is taking a long time to load.

  • Bounce Rate

Bounce rate determines the rate of sessions where the user does not perform any action and leaves immediately after the site loads. Bounce rate increases when your web pages seem irrelevant. Keeping your bounce rate under 40 is a good practice for great results.

  • Conversions

Conversion is the most obvious SEO KPI. Keep track of every conversion if your site does not generate leads or convert sales inquiries. Focus on conversion rate optimization while offering an exceptional user experience and then see the results.

With the ever-changing Google algorithm, you need to update your SEO tactics constantly to get results. By hiring the best services in South Africa you can stay away from mistakes while performing SEO.

  • Plagiarized Content

On sensing any duplicate content, Google penalizes the website. Hence while outsourcing SEO service, make sure it commits to developing authentic, relevant, and quality content that also offers uniqueness.

  • Broken Links

Links on your website leading nowhere is another mistake to avoid. While broken links degrade the user experience on the website, search engines refrain from promoting such business.

  • User-Generated Spam

Low-quality website content decreases your rankings on SERPs. Buy SEO services for guidance on using quality content and removing spam or promotional content from your website.

  • Hidden Texts

Hidden text is a common sneaky method to hide keywords using white text on a white background. Remember that crawlers easily spot such tactics, resulting in penalizing your website.

  • Wrong Redirects

Wrong redirects mean there is a difference between the page description and where it redirects the user. This results in a bad reputation on SERPs and hence low ranking. Moreover, Google also bans websites for certain periods when it detects unnatural links on sites. Buy SEO services from professional companies to avoid such mistakes.

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