Online marketing is focused on seo and seo revolves around keywords and phrases. Along with keywords the website structure also matter a lot in terms of the strength of seo. There are very minute structural errors that can affect seo of the company.

By structure of the website we do not focus on the physical look of it but actually the website design. The website design should be made as such that it links its pages with each other in  a way that  helps the users to navigate easily and also allow google crawlers to move between the website.

Having optimized website design is a prerequisite for an effective seo. As reviewed by new york seo company consultants, a strong website design would give positive result to the ongoing seo efforts. Seo cannot work best on the websites that structurally do not compliment the norms stated by the search engines.

 There are certain factors that affect seo. Let's have a look on the factors:

  • Website crawlability:

Site crawlability refers to search engine's ability to crawl among the text content of the website in order to understand the content and what exactly is the website is all about. The process also involves the search engine crawlers to go through individual subpages of the website and the different topics it has to offer. A website has to link itself in a way that can lead its user and the crawler to connect within different pages of website for getting appropriate crawlability.

An important aspect in the crawlability lies in the fact that, website should not have a dead end while the crawler is moving within it. So what can be done to improve the crawlability?

The easiest way is to have internal links inside the pages of the website, to link the pages within  each other. If a search engine crawler sites a dead end in the website, efforts for seo will be wasted.

  • Creating internal links

The best way of perfect navigation inside the website lies in the fact that it should take minimal efforts for the user to move from one subpage to the other.  Experts from Seo company in usa advises that if the website has many subpages then it should structures the website in way that enables the users to reach to desired information within two to three clicks.

Links should be organized in a way that  does not hamper the website design. Internal linking works on the principle of connecting keywords within the content to another page with relevant information within the website.

Apart from these, internal linking has many merits such as

  • It gives users a better experience by allowing them to access relevant contents easily.

  • Search engine gives importance of internal linking and enhances the ranking of the website on the search engine results pages(SERP)s.

  • Internal linking decreases the depth of the website making it simpler.

  • Internal linking helps the search engines to find relevant content through keyword rich anchors.

  • Users experience:

Users experience is the factor that search engines gives lot of priority. A poorly built website that is cumbersome and poorly informative will never get users to login in it. People accessing internet has less time to invest and that time they do not want to waste on sites that does not give information it is meant to. They quickly switch to other relevant site. 

Seo consultants stress on the fact that, to have positive seo results the content of the website should be highly informative and creative as well. Bad user experience on the website means that search engine may not rank the website in the top searches. Search engines monitor the click through rate, time spent on the site, bounce rate etc to analyse the website’s potential. Positive results in these factors validates search engine about the website and its content while a negative result would give the intention that the website are not delivering the answers of the queries and thus its ranking will be done accordingly.

  • Duplication of content

Duplicate content in the website is a strict no no for the seo as the search engines considers it to be spam. A higher rank on SERP is dependent on the better seo performance which can only be obtained through a high quality, unique content.

  • Structure of the URL:

One of the basic explanation of how website structure affects seo comes to halt in terms of the structure of URL used

Extraneous characters

It is highly suggested that special characters should not be used in URLs. Website containing lot of special characters makes difficult for the crawler to move inside the website. For better results underscores and dash can be used to define words among the keyword phrases. While dash will separate the words and underscore will combine the two words into one. Unnecessary words are to be eliminated to focus on the keyword in the url. The key is the simpler the url structure the better.

Before conceptualizing the website it is important to keep in mind the kind of content the website would have and then structure the website. Website with quality content would lead to better seo and hence it is the structure of the website that has significant importance on the performance of seo.

So the next time you are about to conceptualize your website, don’t just go around only keywords!.

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