Google SERP Ranking: Featured Snippets and Its Importance


Google SERP Ranking: Featured Snippets and Its Importance

Positioning your content at the top of the Google ranking is every website's dream. And it becomes possible with the advanced Google algorithms and updates. Modern algorithms and tools allow websites to rank themselves at the top. 

Only tools and web presence are not enough to rank at the top of the Google SERP. SME businesses need to care about content quality and relevancy of it. The content available on the platform must match in a good manner with what the user is asking. Google algorithms believe to harness only the appropriate results for any user query than the rest of others. 

Featured Snippets are the technique/method that displays relevant results/answers for a user's query. The special thing about the featured snippet is that it only displays the results that have a maximum probability of matching the query asked by the user. 

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Types of Featured Snippets

The featured snippet is divided into 4 crucial types. 

  • Paragraphs: Paragraphs are the easiest way to feature snippets, containing the content in the form of an answer that the user is actually asking for. The content in the paragraph form is very crisp and relevant. Google allows the content in the form of answers that match the top relevancy of the user's query. 
  • Table: A tabular form of the snippet is available in the Google SERP at the top, which contains the bullet points as an answer form for the user's query. 
  • List: The list is another form of snippet that is featured at the top of Google, containing the list of faq that is most relevant to the user’s query. 
  • Videos: Videos are the widest way for users to search. The video snippet content is displayed on Google in the form of the most appropriate content. It is the easiest way through which the user understands the query and its answer. 

The featured snippet shows exactly what the user is asking. The keyword overview tool can help to predict the user’s query in an easier way to understand and retrieve the best result for it. 

Benefits of Featured Snippets

  1. Engaging quick answers for the query 

Suppose the user asks for ‘how to write content?’. Then in the SERP the list of answers/links display which is highly relevant to it. The content chosen as the most appropriate answer is displayed as featured content at position 0 on Google. The content belongs to the webpage which satisfies the complete query form ‘keyword’. 

  1. Click-through rate CTR increases with featured content 

The featured snippet content is available at the top of SERP on Google. The user gets the answer in the snippet form of answer. However, if the user wishes to view the content in detail, then he can click on the link to the web page. This will improve the click-through rate or CTR of the website and webpage. 

  1. Credible content 

The credible content allows the website and its web pages to rank at the top against the rest of the competitive websites. It increases the credibility of the webpage and its domain authority. Overall the performance of the website increases which can be achieved by performance marketing. 

A featured snippet is the most credible content display, retrieved by the Google algorithm. For credible content, meet with an SEO Company in Sydney and ask your query. 

  1. Performs well on voice searches

Mobile devices hugely rely on the voice searches by the users. Today 70% of the users are allowed to do voice searches using their mobile devices. Featured snippets are the easiest form to display quickly just with the shot of a click. 

  1. Search what is valuable only

Featured snippets improve the credibility of the authentic content over the Google SERP. 

This avoids users for any meaningless content or no-click content. When the user knows what his question is, then only he will click on the link. For appropriate ranking, ask for an SEO Company in Sydney and rank your content in Google SERP. 


The competitive marketing strategy planned to rank websites and address them at the top of the search engines, Google is the best in them. A featured snippet is the most effective form which allows the websites to rank in a short time. In the whole process of content ranking content marketing is an essential thing required. Content marketing can be performed with the help of experts from the Best SEO company in Australia. You can connect with for a better listing of the websites and to improve your digital significance.

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