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We are a reviewing agency striving hard to find the best SEO firms in the World, in a country and in every locality. Started our journey in 2015 and since then, we have been successfully reviewing many SEO marketers & their performances. We are associated with Virtuous Reviews LLP which is one of the renowned corporate reviewing segments in the world. We work with a big team of marketers, analysts, researchers, reviewers and PR specialists who help us to get the most genuine rankings for the internet marketers.


We work hard and follow a rigorous process to examine companies on the basis of many factors like quality of services, years of experience, client’s feedback; pricing and many other relevant grounds. Increasing competition has made the game even tougher, despite of it, we are proud to help the buyers and guide them to pick from the best SEO marketers before they finalize with an average SEO practitioners.


The main objectives of 10SEOS.com are to help SEO Vendors and Users as well, which are illustrated below:

Services for SEO Vendors:

  • Listing their company in the best SEO Companies directory.
  • Creating unique Company profile page of every vendor.
  • Facilitating them to Apply for their ranking.
  • Helping  them to improve their Company ranking

Services for our Users:

  • Regularly updating them for the best SEO Company in city, state, country and worldwide.
  • Assisting them for the audit report for their website.
  • Facilitating them for making direct enquiries with the top SEO firms.
  • Providing Subscription for the daily newsletters.

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Why registration is required?

Registration over the website will facilitate you in following ways:

For SEO users

  • Direct communication with the best SEO companies.
  • Select best SEO company globally, nationally or locally.
  • Get regular updates from best SEO companies across the globe.

List company over the website

  • For SEO companies.
  • Apply for website ranking.
  • Improve the website ranking.

Direct link for the registration:  http://www.10seos.com/

How to list a company over the website?

Firstly, Please search your company name and if your company exists in our directory then all the related information of your company will be automatically appeared within 5 seconds in every required field, and if your company do not found, then you can follow below steps to list your company:

  • Login to website
  • Go to Add Company
  • Follow all the 3 steps which are shown there.


How can I verify my company?

To verify your company, Please click on Menu from the options, then click on the Verify Now and follow the methods below to verify your company ownership:

There are two methods for it:

Method 1

You can verify your company ownership by using a verification code. In order to get the code, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Get Code and you will receive a unique code on your registered Email Id.
  • Enter the code in the Verification Code field, click on verify and then your company membership will be verified.

Method 2

You can also verify your company ownership manually by doing some steps, which are shown below

  • Download Verification File: You have to click on the Download Verification file, and then a file will be downloaded.
  • Upload the file: Once the file is downloaded, upload this file at the root folder of your website.
  • Verify Now: Once, you are done with all the above steps, then click on verify.

If your company is already verified then kindly, login with your registered credentials.

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