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Our services are completely free for the users looking for SEO services as they can easily access the portal without any registration. The registration over the website is for the SEO companies that want to avail many benefits with majorly landing some primary clients from our dedicated portal. Here are the following benefits of registering your company on 10SEOS jkasdfjhsgdj

List your business at 10seos.com:

  • Perfect for digital marketing companies that deals in SEO/PPC/SMO and other online marketing services.
  • Cater to your old and new clients by updating your profile with your recent awards, accolades, line of services, locations you serve and contact details
  • Request your clients to review your business from your panel to 10SEOs itself
  • Get to publish your favourite blogs with backlink to your website and increase the traffic on your site
  • Earn badges and showcase as your achievements to the prospects clients
  • Get the opportunity to many content marketing opportunities at 10SEOs
  • Gain global exposure through our global platform
  • Best of all improve your website ranking

10Seos are gradually updating our database of global marketing companies. We love to list companies that can offer better services as some acclaimed names are already there in the industry and in our database. So, your company name may already be there in our portal. All you need to do is to simply search your company's name in the search bar and if you  found your company listed already then click on it to go to the profile page where you will find the button ‘Claim Listing’.

Once you click on that button, the system will ask for verification code that will be mailed to your registered email ID. And if you do not find your company in the search result then you have the easy option to click on the button on your website that says 'Register Your Business' which will lead you towards the easy process of listing yourself on our platform.

There are two methods to verify your company as you need to start the process by clicking on the menu from the options, then click on the verify now and follow the below mentioned methods to verify your company ownership.

Method 1

You can verify the ownership of your company using a verification code and to get the code follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Get Code and you will receive a unique code on your registered Email ID.
  • Second enter the code in the verification code field, click on verify and then your company membership as it will be verified.

Method 2

However, you can also verify your company ownership by following the below steps as well.

  • Download Verification File: You have to click on the Download Verification file, and then a file will be downloaded.
  • Upload the file: Once the file is downloaded, upload this file to the root folder of your website.
  • Verify Now: Once you are done with all the above steps, then click on verify.

If your company is already verified then kindly, login with your registered credentials.

We understand you want to list your best SEO services on our platform but for some reason if you are unable to verify your company then we request you to kindly contact our technical support team at info@10seos.com.

Good questions required good answers. After registering your company over 10seos, you will get a confirmation mail and when you confirm the mail, your profile will be activated and you will be redirected to the portal.

To unsubscribe any of the paid plans that you have taken you can unsubscribe in the email reminders of payments or directly write to us on info@10seos.com right before your renewal date. And your request will be addressed in 48 hours maximum.

There are a numerous benefits of requesting a Quote:

  • Listing on 10seos means an opportunity to connect with the top rated SEO companies globally, nationally and locally.
  • You can also request a quote from multiple companies at once and that too without visiting their website or checking much information.
  • You get to choose from hundreds of vendors offering SEO services and can get access to their performance reviews which will help you select the best vendor for your needs.

Just like any other game show, our ask an expert services answers all your queries regarding 10seos. You can also ask queries related to digital marketing as our experts will answer you in a dedicated time period.

Probably the most important question in this section and the answer is YES. At 10seos we follow a rigorous process to examine companies taking many factors into action. A customer should apply its own rational approach for selecting any vendor and info of 10seos to be considered as a consideration only. In any case of poor quality of services received from any of these vendors will no way be the responsibility of 10seos.com

We are a proud team that doesn't fabricate its data or any stuff on our portal with excessive advertisements, but we do offer a decent advertising opportunity for vendors on our portal. For further information we request you to contact us at info@10seos.com for any of your advertising related queries.

We do publish a lot of informative and news related articles on our blogs frequently. You can subscribe to our newsletter list from the bottom right corner of our website.

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