Content Spam: Why content audit is necessary to avoid content spam on a website?


Content Spam: Why content audit is necessary to avoid content spam on a website?

Brands are worried a lot about the digital presence and its significance. Brands understand that it takes a lot of time to make an iconic presence in the market. And to defame it hardly takes a few minutes!

Top companies practice a cliche strategy to build their reputation in the market, but hackers (phishing brands/websites) capture their ideal tactics to downgrade their presence. Many small unethical companies, use anonymous ways in the form of content misplacement, to exploit brand status and rankings and finally the vision. 

Dealing with such companies and their websites would be a nightmare for big companies. In fact, most businesses and brands aren’t aware of this. But in the backyard, content spammers hack or steal authentic and original content and place it on their websites. 

The top factor for a website downgrade and performance issues happens due to ‘Content Spamming’. 

However, smart performance marketing tools, allow brands to handle spamming attacks smartly. The brands are moving towards smart marketing strategies like performance marketing which allows brands to improve their overall presence.  The Top SEO company in India recognizes the adversaries of content spamming and how to deal with it. 

What is meant by Content Spamming?

The term ‘Content Spamming’ is widely observed on search engines which comes under the negative SEO. It means the websites downgrade the performance and ranking of top established brands and harm their digital presence. To avoid content spamming, the brands should have analytical tools to measure content spamming if any exist on their website. 

Content spamming is not only used for large content on websites but content spamming is used for snippets as well. The featured snippets quickly rank on Google and draw users’ attention; while improving the ranking of your webpage. 

How to avoid content spamming?

Most of the brands do not rectify the poor performance of their website till they lose enough time. The SME brands except big brands, do not have any premium and trustworthy tools to safeguard their efforts and their digital presence. 

How to use content audit for the checking of content spam on the website? 

Let’s discuss some of the itineraries and vital tactics that help in handling content spamming. 

  1. Check content ranking on tools 

Content ranking tools are a must-have for examining the overall performance of the website. It allows your website to audit where it lacks. Along with it, the content ranking tool checks the position of your content and compares it with other competitors as well. 

  1. Check the ranking of your top pages 

The content ranking tools allow your website performance and compared with competitive websites. It helps to predict the content spamming for your website. The ranking of your website pages may be downgraded or upgraded depending on the content misplacement of your website to some unethical domain. 

Semrush is most ideal platform/tool to measure the organic SEO of your website. There are other tools as well. 

  1. Keyword stuffing analysis

Most of the websites are harmful with keyword stuffing and stolen issues by the most unethical websites. When cheap and small businesses, who have no ideal option to degrade big brand ranking and spot their presence at the top, place 20% or more keyword stuffing in their content. This somehow, ranks their position on Google. 

  1. Work on the symptoms

Backlink analytics, site audit, backlink audit, position tracking, etc. are the symptoms affected by the time when the website is degraded in its performance. However, most tools can’t recognize the bad areas and performance of websites. So it is a must for the brands to connect with the Best SEO company in India, for their SEO examination. 

  1. Hijacked search console via sitemap

Google is the top search engine, where almost every audience searches for their query. Hackers know very well that ranking on Google can attract potential audiences to their platform. As a bonus, they want to downgrade the ranking of top-performing websites, which could be possible with spamming techniques. 

Sitemap crawling vs. hijacking is one technique to rank fast over other websites. This challenge could be resolved with the Content Audit method. 


Content spamming is a really big challenge that caught most companies, so badly, such that they won’t even understand. For wise practice, the brands should examine their website from one of the top SEO companies that have ideal tools and performance measures to resolve the challenges of your website. You can connect with for a better listing of the websites and to improve your digital significance.

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