Video SEO 101: Everything A Beginner Needs to Know


Video SEO 101: Everything A Beginner Needs to Know

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what is changing and making the world of the internet around us. The world of the Internet is getting more complex with every innovation, and so thus SEO. SEO alone can be divided into so many things different types. Mid-Level Business Organizations were getting ready for Image SEO, Mobile SEO, Content SEO, and Technical SEO, and suddenly, Video SEO became so much more important. A Top SEO Company in UK understands the importance of Video SEO.

Don’t believe me Look at yourself. Open Instagram. It is the video content that you want to watch over photos. In fact, 82% of Global Internet Traffic in 2022 came from videos. Let’s dig more.

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is not Rocket Science and follows the basic purpose of SEO. In Video SEO, technical and creative adjustments are made in the video distribution channels to increase traffic. The basic idea of Video SEO is not different from Image SEO or Blog SEO. If you consult the Best SEO Company in UK for Video SEO Services, you will be able to relate their procedures with that of SEO procedures that are done for blogs.

Every organization must optimize its video content or start making them if they wish to get the attention of people. Video content is what people want to see the most because they can relate to it. According to Growthoid, users spend 80% more time watching Instagram videos today than they did in 2017. Even the memes that we see on Instagram today are video memes mostly. 

Essential Steps in Video SEO

Those who know, know. We are living in an era where people are more interested in becoming influencers than in actual learning. That’s what separates a Top SEO Company in UK from a company that claims to provide all types of SEO Services. In simple words. It is professionalism. When you hire professionals, you see results. That’s because they know and understand all the processes of Video SEO. Let’s look at some of the most essential steps in Video SEO. 

Step 1: Get Your Videos Indexed

It is not possible yet for Search Engines to find and understand embedded videos on websites. That’s why consulting the right video agency is very important. They know how to provide relevant video information to Search Engine Crawlers. A Search Engine Crawler must be able to understand the following details:

  • The Title of The Video

  • A Description of The Video

  • The Length of The Video

  • The Upload Date for The Video

  • The Location of The Video File or Embeddable Player

  • A Thumbnail Image for The Video

Step 2: Improve Your Video Ranking

The indexing of your video is not the end of Video SEO. Like web results, it is ranking on the web, and channels like YouTube matter a lot. For that, there are several other things that Internet Marketers need to consider.

  • Video Title

One of the most important video optimizations to improve the ranking of the video is to make its title interesting. The better the title, the more the views.

  • Video Thumbnail

The thumbnail appears alongside the search result and it plays a vital role in deciding for others how much interesting your video is.

  • The Video Description

A good video description can increase traffic effortlessly.

  • The Video Length

If your video is a review, make sure it is not longer than 5 minutes. The ideal length of educational content for podcats is 20 minutes.

  • The Upload Date

Posting videos daily can increase the rank of your website easily.

Step 3: Measure Traffic to Your Videos from Search

Measuring progress is a very important step in understanding what’s lacking. As a brand or website, the establishment is necessary only then results are achieved effortlessly. For that, various tools are used by Internet Marketers. The most common one is Google Search Console. On that understanding, you can make various assumptions and implement different changes. After all, that’s what optimization means.


Video SEO is the future of Digital Marketing because it can be added to almost every digital entity. Most importantly, it is what has made social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram the biggest revenue generator companies. Consult the Best SEO Company in UK to understand the whole game. 

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