5 Best Social Media Trends You Should Know About In 2023


5 Best Social Media Trends You Should Know About In 2023

If you can get surety in this fast-changing world is “change”. Yes, you read it right. Only change is constant and when it comes to trends they are meant to be changed. Trends are all over the internet but they are most popular on social media platforms.

In 2022, relatability became important like never before. This is because people of the present generation like to keep it real and say it as it is instead of overusing filters. This means in 2023 the focus shifted even more on originality and community-led content. This is why you have to be updated with social media trends in 2023. 

If you decide to hire the best SEO company in USA, then it will also suggest showcasing as it is instead of copying what others are doing. In this blog, we will know more about social media trends from YouTube Shorts to more AI content creation conversions, so let us find out.

Top 5 Social Media Trends of 2023

#1 Say No, to Copy & Paste

If you talk about last year, then hopping from one trend to another was the best strategy to grow on many social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc. But not in 2023.

2023, social media strategy should not be solely dedicated to hopping on trends or copying & pasting. You need to add originality to your content to stand out. Also, it is important to understand creators that social media content is already shifting towards the casualty. So, no matter whether you generate long vlogs, scripted acts, or no-frills conversations on niche topics, keep it casual and real. In short, even if it is scripted it should not look like one, go for spontaneous storytelling. 

At present video editing is all about storytelling where creators use several apps to create clever shots and mix them with trending audio. This is also a key technique to outshine the sea of copycats. You can easily give your touch to a trend by adding creativity and mixing it up with trending audio. So many creators have already taken Instagram through their transition and funny videos.

#2 Spotlight on UGC

Firstly, UGC (User Generated Content) is created organically by the consumers or followers of a brand that is shared by the brand on its official social media accounts. So, basically, in this process, there is zero exchange of money maybe it is the reason why this is the most trusted and genuine way of promotion. They are honest and recommendations are shared. Creators generally, post their pictures with the product or post a reel about reviewing the product on Instagram or TikTok.

UGC is very popular among brands according to the latest studies. Almost 80% of users get impacted through UGC before making a purchasing decision.

However, not every company can afford to have an in-house team to create user-generated content that looks organic. This is where UGC content creators come into the picture.

Initially, the brand-related content used to be created by creators, now they also freelance content creation. In upcoming years you will see more nano-creators who do not even post content on their account. This will monetize your creators on social media platforms.

#3 It’s Time to YouTube Shorts

No matter whether you as a business handle your social media account on your own or get them managed by a top SEO company in USA. In both situations, you must go with trends.

Based on the report of Business Insider, The generated revenue from YouTube Shorts was around 50B+ views per day which is up from 30 billion for the year.

YouTube shorts serve two features, one provides creators the opportunity to get the attention of viewers through short content and the second is taking them to see your long videos as well.

One thing you should remember is to keep your subscribers engaged by doing the latest updates, trends, and current news.

#4 AI is Mainstream

If you are wondering Why? Then you probably need to update your knowledge because artificial intelligence is everywhere. Do you know, there are so many cool filters on social media platforms especially the ones that can turn you into your favorite fictional character? How cool is that? Right? We had a great time switching our faces to our favorite characters. 

This was only one example of AI capabilities. You can also gracefully draft your ideas into words. Although AI cannot replace originality, creativity, human strategies, and leadership, we will be going to see many AI applications in the future. 

#5 LinkedIn Creators in the Game

Do you know LinkedIn is older than Meta? Well, now you know. But the point is, if this platform is this old, how is it made to the list of 2023 trends? We can say only one phrase, actually two words, ‘Organic Engagement’. 

This happens because ach LinkedIn creator tries to get their personalities in their posts and knowledge regarding their respective fields. LinkedIn’s power of users has also increased in past years They hire ghostwriters to produce great and engaging content for their loyal followers.

So, by any chance you passed through LinkedIn, then it is definitely the time to reconsider. You can also take advantage of its ‘Later’ feature to schedule your posts and strategize your content.

Summing Up

At Last, we can say that if you take care of the above-mentioned trends then you can easily excel in social media marketing. It is suggested to go for the best SEO firm in USA to make impactful strategies for digital marketing including social media and SEO. At 10SEOs you can find top SEO companies in the USA which you can consult according to your marketing needs. To know more please visit the website today.

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