6 Quick Methods to Rank 1st on Google SERP


6 Quick Methods to Rank 1st on Google SERP

Ranking on the top of the Google results is one of the major motive of any brand. The website is designed in such a way that it showcases better analysis and balance between what it wants to deliver to the target audience. In order to achieve a high ranking in search engine results, the website should be examined properly with expert SEO executives from the best SEO company in USA. The blog will help you to understand the analysis of how to get quick ranking in search engine ranking pages with the true approach. 

So let’s get started. 

6 Quickly performed methods to achieve 1st ranking in Google SERP

Right Keyword Placement

Content is the king of marketing and ranking of a page on the top of the search engine. The content writing is not enough for the performance of the pages. The pages should be ideally ranked at the top of the Google search engine to catch the audience's attention. 

Ranking of the pages is important once the website is active or live. It is possible with the usage of the right amount of keywords inside the content which is relative to what the audience is expecting. 

Organic traffic is always important for any website to place it ahead of the rest of the competition. Organic traffic can be achieved when the audience visits the website for a longer time, with a lower bounce rate. Placement of primary and secondary keywords helps to rank the pages. The keyword that contains the audience’s query can achieve quick results compared to the other keywords. Check the volume and competition of the individual keyword before using it inside the pages. There are plenty of keyword forms that should be used for page ranking. Use the long-tail keywords and phrases which is used by the audience to get better chances of results.

Optimize Landing Pages

When your website pages are planned strategically and behave according to the audience's interest, then there is no doubt will gradually achieve the ranking easily. Check out a few things before the placement of content to get a valuable hit by the potential audience and top rankings. 

Prepare the detailed strategy of the competitor’s analysis to get the insightful value of their presence in the market. The content format would be prepared with the ideal strategy that can have a perfect structure. Such as the top SEO companies perform higher in the search due to optimized landing pages. 

Snippet Feature 

The snippet feature is the authentic source that allows the webpage to rank at the top, better than the rest of the web pages. Your website contains the query answered by the user. When the query is satisfied with what the audience asking, then it will rank your webpage higher. 

Prepare the FAQ markup schema, table of contents, and content structure, and define SEO meta tags and titles, headers, and appropriate media with content. 

Content Strategy

To build the reputed presence of your website, you need to promote and play with content strategy. The content presence is everywhere on the search engines which should be properly strategized to achieve great results. 

Social media is the top platform that drives the attention of audiences to the brand. On the top social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram, brands get full insight into their brand’s performance with the metrics. 

Google search engine is so powerful, that allows a platform to rank using different mediums like Google search profile listing. This platform allows different brands to display their brand history and other details, and get a survey, updates, feedback, polls, and everything. This increases the brand's authenticity and presence on the platform. 

Some other ways to increase content originality and gain top performance on Google pages are possible with collaboration with a brand, relevant ideas, topics discussion, EAT Google, etc. 

Search Engine Optimization

Technically SEO can be increased by improving the section of content, and its visibility. SEO provides the ranking and indexing on search engines with crawling. It improves the authenticity, site responsiveness, and mobile usability of the platforms. 

To improve the SEO ranking, your webpage should meet the auditing process. If there is any error or ambiguity on the web pages, then it should be clearly examined. Check whether there are any 404 errors or confused URLs then you should remove them or forward them. 


Backlinks are the part of SEO that helps in building the reputation of a website on the search engine. It brings the relationship of the website to the audience on the third-party website. There are two types of backlinks, external and internal backlinks. Make sure that the backlinks are properly placed on the content with anchor text, target keywords, etc. The backlinks help to improve the credibility of the website (DA: domain authority). Such a tactic can be achieved with the help of the Best SEO Company and services.

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, the brands must take care of other factors as well. Including the organic traffic, bounce rates, click-through rate, and SEO score. 


Website ranking is the demand of every business. The above tactics help to rank your pages at the top of the search engines. For better results, you can always connect with the 10SEOS.com which is a Top SEO company in the USA to optimize your website according to Google’s algorithm. Get your listing on the platform today, to get prioritize your presence. 

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