Top 8 Techniques To Get Customer Reviews For Local Businesses


Top 8 Techniques To Get Customer Reviews For Local Businesses

As we all know customer reviews are the social proof that can help you build brand trust, establish your expertise, and improve your product/service quality. Although hiring a professional SEO firm might help you as a local business to grow better. Still, as a local business, you must be aware of how customer reviews can help support your business and what you can do to get them more. So, without any more preface, let us dig into that. Here we go.

Techniques to Get More Customer Reviews

  1. The first thing you can do is quite common these days and you might have also noticed businesses doing so. This is asking for the customer’s email address or phone number during billing. Most people are okay with giving their phone numbers but if some people are not then email addresses are the best alternative to that. By doing it you can easily get reviews o testimonials after the customer visits your store.

  2. The second way is to use placards in your store to encourage more customer reviews. For example, you run a salon and you need your customers to review your service more instantly. You can easily include the review at the end of your bill, banner, holding, or poster. Also, in recent times everyone started keeping QR codes that a customer can scan and review easily.

  3. Verbal mentions of how much genuine feedback is appreciated can work impactfully. Now, if you are thinking that you should give an employee this permanent duty to say this to every customer when you have peak hours then it will not work. Trust us, just imagine, you went to a store waiting for your billing and a person on the billing counter is continuously saying “Please review us” to every person before you in that line. By the time you are there, you already know what is coming. It is not even considerable. You must look for a chance where you think a customer is looking satisfied with your services. At this point, a friendly employee of yours can say to the customer that we would really appreciate your genuine review about the “business name”. This would be more convincing. Hiring a top SEO company in UK might help you understand this better.

  4. This one technique works with almost every type of business no matter whether you offer a product or service or both. If you promise your customers some discount, or incentive, or give them free coupons then there are 80% chance that customers will definitely come back or send someone else with those coupons. In both ways, it’s a win-win for you.

  5. If you have a website then do not forget to review reminders on your website that help impressively to increase your review count. Just like cab companies do they remind you to review their drivers every time you open the app.

  6. Social Media leverage is the biggest one in recent times. You can give your followers the power to review you as they like. Also, you can ask your customers’ opinions about your menus. Like there is a dist that was best-selling in your old menu but you changed your menu and you ask your customers through a poll whether they miss it or want it back on the menu.

  7. You must answer all your customer reviews very carefully. It is easy to rely on good ones but it is the bad ones you have to tackle smartly so the person does not feel insulted and you can also be justified on your end.

  8. Lastly, you need to serve each customer at your best. Your best service/product is the most essential key to a happy customer.


These are some ways you can increase your number of customer reviews. But if you looking for the best SEO company in UK then you should check out 10SEOs for the most professional SEO companies in almost every country.

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