10 Common SEO Mistakes should be Avoided Strictly


10 Common SEO Mistakes should be Avoided Strictly

Ranking for search engines seems a complicated task, but do think its right? Before saying anything about the SEO campaign and best SEO global services, do you make sure that you are not doing anything wrong? If NO, then do it right now! But before that, do you know what aspects you need to check? This post will tell you all the things.

If you are struggling hard to get exposure by the search engines, then you should identify the reasons. Where are you falling short? What more need to be done? Are you making any mistake or not?

Find the answers to all above questions, and you’ll get to know about your blockade. Some people forget important aspects in SEO, some don’t take SEO seriously and many of them make common mistakes. So here we are pointing top 10 common SEO mistakes that possibly you can make or maybe these are the only reasons for your SEO failure.

Therefore, scroll down and recognize your mistakes, so that you start improving your SEO efforts.

Copied Content

Do you remember the school days when teachers caught you copying with your friend? It was considered as the sin, and somehow it's still.

While working on SEO, creating unique and engaging content is believed to be the great move. But copying other websites content is completely illegal, and if you do so, Google will put your site far from the search engine results page.

Copied Content.jpg

Duplicate Content

Here the content is not copied from other sites but within your own website. The duplicate content on your website can occur in two different forms:

1. Duplicate text within your web pages: Example – E-commerce websites comprising listing of same products more than one time.

2. Duplicate text in your tags and Meta descriptions: Example – Comprising same title tag and Meta description text for different web pages.

Duplicate Content.jpg

Hence, try to provide unique content in each of your web pages.

Keyword Stuffing

In SEO industry, keyword stuffing is designated as the idiotic tactic. If you think that you have infused keywords in your web page and you’ll be rank high in search results, then let me take you to the real world.

keyword stuffing.jpg

Repeating a word or phrase intentionally will never help you in your SEO efforts. For sure, Google will be attracted towards you, but not for providing higher ranking, but to kick your site downwards.

Non-unique Title Tags

How will you feel if you see two different movies with the same title? It will make you confuse, right? The same things happen with your users and search engine bots when they see two different web pages with same title tag. On the other hand, if you are automating the process of title tags, then it should be the first thing you need to avoid.

Links from non-credible sites

The embedded links at your site act like votes of confidence, it actually a sort of compliment for your website, and you should focus on links quality. Although, it is pretty difficult to get links from quality sites but not impossible. Even, you can’t substitute quantity for quality. If you embed a link from an authoritative blog then it will definitely maximize the rankings and traffic for your website as compared to those hundreds of links that are from low-quality websites.


Poor Quality Content

We all better understand, that content is king, but still some people avoid this phrase and risk their ranking just because of bad quality content. Writing poor quality content, not only disappoints the users but also impacts your SEO rankings directly.

Broken Links

The broken link is referred to those links which are not pointing out any intended destination. You have integrated some links in between your post, and the user who is reading your post click to the link, and what he sees – 404 not found error page, isn’t it seems disappointing?

broken link.jpg

You need to keep in mind that the bad links earn bad reputation and Google doesn’t like those websites that are having bad reputation in digital market. Thus, try to implement regular housekeeping to your site.

No Right Optimization for Keywords

You are done with building your website, now its time to populate it. But it doesn’t mean you are crowding the website with inappropriate words. The text available on your webpages should reflect what you are selling and what people are actually typing into the search box. Right keywords on your web page can reap immense rewards.

Not Focusing on Analytics

After you have made your SEO efforts, may be bad ones, then why you don’t focus on the analysis. On a serious note, if you are not monitoring the website’s data then all the hard work you have done, don’t make any sense.

While using the analytics, you’ll get all required information about your site’s performance. In addition, analytics also provides the details about those segments where you are falling short. So, don’t avoid, it caters as an asset!

Ignoring ALT Tags

Yeah, we agree that Google doesn’t emphasis on the use of ALT tags, but the secret is, these tags are important for building a successful website. To be more forthright, the image is of no use in SEO if its not optimized with suitable keyword.

However, the solution for this mistake is to use an ALT tag whenever you insert an image into your webpage, you’ll definitely see better results.

Carry on the good work….

So you are done with checking? If you are not making any of the above mistakes, then you are doing an excellent job!

On the other hand, if you are making some, then try to improve them. Alongside, for future create unique and interesting content for your users, monitor broken links at your website, access analytics and more. It’s not complicated to apply proper SEO mechanism, you just need to employ it astutely. As everyone wants rewards for their efforts!

If you have something interesting about SEO mistakes, then please use the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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