Guide To Optimize For The Voice Search


Guide To Optimize For The Voice Search

Things are changing at the fast pace with technology at the helm. Internet has been the big-time game changer and this related to it have changed to a lot bigger extent. One of the biggest changes is the way people are now searching on the search engines. The gradually increasing use of voice search is the new thing and if you have not done anything yet to optimize your website for the voice search then you have a lot of ground to cover. Moreover, if now you will let the time emanate, that could be the beginning of the demise of your business on the internet. 

The use of voice search on smartphones, tablets, and voice assistants like Siri for IOS, Alexa for Amazon Echo, Cortana of Microsoft, and Google Assistant for the Google-powered devices.

Stats say that almost 60% of the searches are now completed from smartphones. Majority of these searches are voice searches to find local restaurant, order products, get directions, weather, and what not. If projected the rise, the year 2020 will see almost 50% of the searches will be voice searches. And you need to plan for it and prepare for it, because when you say 50% of the searches will be through the voice that changes a lot and you can expect almost all the website owners getting their websites optimized for voice search, same ol’ competition. The best thing as a marketer you can do is to get your website optimized for the voice search straight away, as per the top seo consultant, few things you can do on your own to get your website ready for the voice search. 

Voice Search

Voice search does not coincide with the text search which we have been doing from a long time. Before we start everything, it is important to understand what voice search is exactly and how you can make the most of it. The very first thing to understand about voice search is that it is much more natural than any other search type, as it consists the voice, hence, it is much more natural and happens in conversational tone. Second thing about voice search is that it is mostly done on the mobile phones to find out the local spots or can be said that voice search is mostly used to get the information about locality. 

Now that you have an idea about the voice search, let's get on with the things that can be done to get the most of it:- 

Scannable Content

The process of getting the most of the voice search starts from getting rid of all the things that can hinder the approach of searcher from the content and you would need to make the content scannable. You have to make sure that your content is readable, scannable, and does not have any kind of pop-ups. Your content will come up only if it is readable. Using simple sentences, paragraphs that are short, and headers to break your content as much as possible to make it discreet and easily understandable. 

‘My Business’ Listing On Google

If you are due with your Google My Business listing then this is probably the best time to claim it. Because Google My Business is probably the best way to get transmit the details of your business to the Google. All the things like address, phone numbers, emails, about the business, working hours, and what not will be received by the Google and that will provide much more help to your business because this way your business will have higher chances to get the good rankings on Google. 

User Guides

Reading the official user guide will be of utmost importance. The tendency of ignoring the user guides is well-known but treating the user guides of voice assistants like you have purchased iPhone for the first time will have an educative and informative impact on you which will certainly help you in setting up the optimization for voice search. The information mentioned in the user guides may sound basic to you but you cannot forget that many of your users will be using the voice search for the first time and if you fail to deliver the experience in the first time, that will be a blow to them and also for your business. 

Long-tail Keywords

For getting in the echelon of voice search you will have to leave the strategies that were getting you through on the text search. The first of them is how you frame your keywords. As mentioned earlier that voice search is much more natural and conversational, hence, targeting long tail keywords would be instrumental for your websites and for the voice search on it. The best way to hunt the right long-term keywords is to ask yourself the question how you will search this particular thing. Asking yourself the question like, how will you reach any particular place? Where can you get the particular stuff? Questioning yourself the way people question each other is one technique to identify the long-term keywords. However, the focus should be also on the tone of asking questions. Focusing on the words like: with, without, is, can, for, near, to, and find are the basic words that must be used in the keywords and if you will dig more, you will find more. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Pages

Creating FAQ pages will be another thing from which you can benefit. You must have accumulated data to understand what are the questions you would need to mention and explain on the FAQ pages. That way you will also have some assistance to get the right long-term keywords. Grouping common question and answering them in the most natural way possible will be your priority because that way your website will have the trust of search engines and it will also be easy for customers to navigate on the questions they need the answers of. The best way is to anticipate the long-term keywords so that when Google lists the search result you should come at the top. With all things in coherence, you should try to fulfill the requirement of Google’s Rich Snippet. That could be too much to ask for but given that you are already trying to provide all the answers in the most informative way missing out on this thing will be a defeat in itself. 


Keeping you microdata intact will facilitate the crawlers of Google and other search engines to look for what they want and understand what your business is all about which will, in fact, increase the chances of getting in the top results. To complete this process you will have to submit things while claiming Google My Business listing. You would need to include the sitemap along with information like directions, prices, opening hours, address, phone numbers, and emails. Moreover, use your microdata to things obvious for Google so that your data and information can be shown on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

Voice Search Is A Play For People

People are tended to play with the things that are new even if they are of some use. And nothing can cast away people from getting the fun out of voice search. There are ways people have been using the voice search to entertain themselves and rightly so. Because when they are alone, imbibed, or high you cannot expect much from them. You can quirk those humorous and playful questions from your website as well. Most of the things could be useless for your business but that will provide you some insight how people play with technology. 

Your future, my future could be uncertain, but the foreseeable future of search is voice search and if you would not approach it then it will your loss and someone else’s gain. Marketers and top atlanta seo, have already instigated on the voice search, you have no reason to instigate voice search on your website but to wait!

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