How To Optimize Mobile SEO?


How To Optimize Mobile SEO?

Mobile seo is the process to make sure that the visitors login through mobiles and other devices should get an  optimized experience of the website.

Today people are more prone to using mobile as a device to get themselves online as compared to the computers or laptops that were used earlier. Since the time are changing the desktop version of the websites should be optimized in terms of mobiles as well. People have lack of time  and thus giving them mobile friendly usage is the need of the hour.

 Since the number of mobile users are increasing dramatically, the need for an optimized mobile version of the websites has surge. There are certain website that still lack in having a design for different screen size and loading times. Mobile optimizer make efforts to look at the site design, its structure, page speed etc to ensure that the potential clients do not run away.

Things to remember for Mobile Seo

  • Page speed

Page speed is a crucial factor for the mobile users who are actually in a need to have quick answers. Page speed in wi fi network is relatively faster than in mobile data network. Insurgence of 3G and 4G has solved this problem to a level. Google has given tools like page speed insights that helps the website analyse the average time taken by the page to open. Faster page speed would lead to better experience of the user.  

  • Site designed for mobile

Webmasters are designing website according to the need of the mobile and adapting it in a way that requires minimum zooming and scrolling by the users

  • Using popups

Popups can create a sense of irritation in the mobile users. It is suggested by consultants from seo services company to use minimalistic popups for the mobile version as it can be frustrating and can lead to high bounce back rate.

  • Optimizing meta description and titles.

It is to be kept in mind that the user is using lesser screen space in mobile device thus the meta description and the title should be concise yet not sacrificing the important information.

If the brand targets local business as well, it is prerequisite to have mobile optimized for local searches also. These may include standardizing the name, address, contact number, city’s name and state name etc.

  • Mobile friendly approach

The most important factor is to provide a mobile friendly approach to the users. This can be done by three ways:

  1. Responsive web design: Responsive web design means a web design that response and resizes itself according to the users device.

  2. Dynamic design: it is a type of mobile configuration that uses same website URL for different HTML content when accessed from mobile device.

  3. Separate URL: This is a type of mobile configuration that ensure different mobile version and desktop version of the same website.

Although google supports all the three version yet the responsive design is the most widely used and recommended by google.

The technology for mobiles are changing rapidly and so the expectation of the users. More than ever the need for mobile seo has increased due to the constant presence of the users in this domain. This trend has definitely brought some challenges with it but the key principle that should be kept in mind is to provide best user experience and allow greater crawl ability of the search engine.

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How To Optimize Mobile SEO?

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