How to pursue Keyword research for SEO


How to pursue Keyword research for SEO

Keywords are the connecting blocks between your content and the users. They are the phrases which the user types into the Google search engine box. So, if those phrases(keywords)  are present in your content then the user will reach out to you easily. Hence, the keywords work as the backbone of Search Engine Optimization. In fact, the real talent is discovering trending keywords and get rank for it.  Therefore, if you are an existing SEO firm who wants to provide best rated SEO services to the clients or if you are looking for a SEO firm for assistance then you need to know all about the owth of using keywords in SEO. 

To help you out, we are sharing a perfect guide to keyword research for SEO. 

So let’s begin:

What type of Keywords to pursue?

Basically there are two types of keywords that you can think of considering while doing the keyword research

  • The ones which can bring you money (commercial keywords).

  • The ones which can bring you traffic and links (informative keywords). 

It depends on your needs to select the type of keywords you want to involve in your content. Generally, the website holders aim at earning more money so they tend to look for more commercial keywords. While looking for keywords you must always keep in mind the point of view of your potential client. You must look for those keywords which your potential client might search on the Search Engines. These kind of keywords generally include descriptive keywords like buy, cheap, economical, affordable etc. They help the users to get the pinpoint information about the product they are looking for.

But here is a catch, as the keywords become more commercially oriented, they become more common and competitive. So, now days if you focus on keywords having words like “buy”, “cheap” etc. you won’t get good ranks for them so easily.

However, you must also give importance to the informative keywords too. Now you might think, why would you do that? The role of informative keywords in your keyword search is quite easy to understand. If you have a large amount of money to invest in Pay-per-click plans then you might not feel the need to use these informative keywords, but usually startups do not have that much of financial backup, so for them using informative keywords is the best solution. For reaching to a point where you can attract more people, you need to write such content which will excite more people. For example, if you are selling bikes then your first article must be about types of bikes, this way you can build a bridge between the potential user and your product.

But, using the second set of keywords has a disadvantage thai it won't be making any profits to your websites. However, there will be an increase in the traffic on your site but that traffic will have a minimal conversion rate. 

Therefore, after reading the above article you must have got the idea about your keyword research. According to the best SEO providers, the keyword research must be done carefully to get the best results. 

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