What is Google Penalty Recovery and How to recover from it?


What is Google Penalty Recovery and How to recover from it?

In today’s time, technology is an important part of everyone’s life. Thus, for most of the businesses, search engine services are the priority. These search engine services work to provide organic traffic to the companies which result in a higher ranking in the search engine sites and quality targeted audiences. But achieving the top ranking in the search engine is not as easy as it seems. It requires constant promotions and organic trafficking for reaching the top search in the search engine. But most of the SEO and marketing experts seek out for the shortcut and make the uninvited moves like unmatched links, copied content, etc. Which take their clients’ website under the google algorithm or the manual penalty. 

According to the report of Matt Cutts, it was almost 400,000 manual actions initiated by Google every month and several websites are being penalized by google algorithmic issues like- Panda, Pigeon, Penguin, etc. Surprisingly, almost about 20,000 webmasters submit their reconsideration requests every month. Out of this, the remaining are trying to recover their rankings. 

So, why does this all happen? What is the google penalty? what makes webmasters recover from the Google penalty? How you can find whether your website is penalized or not and if yes, then how can you recover from it? To find the answer to all these questions just be with us. 

In our article, we are explaining all about the google penalty and penalty recovery. Let’s first start with- what is google penalty?

What is a Google Penalty?

Taking about the “google penalties”  it is not anymore a new thing in the world of website development. The experienced SEO developers are well acquainted with the word Google penalty and why not it is the only thing that can pull down the top ranking site to the low site ranking. This happens because of the google algorithms or the Google Webmaster Guidelines. 

Google makes every time a change in its google algorithm which is responsible for making any website winner or the loser. This means some websites get positively affected because of the higher organic search ranking and some others are negatively affected because of the lower ranking and loses quality audience traffic on their website.

 The major reason behind this is that sometimes for taking their clients’ company at the top search, many marketing and SEO experts push the link building parameters to the limit. And as a result, several websites get penalized for violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines. To recover from this the webmasters run towards the penalty recovery option. So, what is penalty recovery? Let’s find out...

What is Penalty Recovery?

If we talk about the “Google services” Google works to crack down spammers in addition to improving the user experience. Google also checks down the algorithmic updates and websites manual penalties to target and demote manipulative sites who can harm the search engines. And as a result, so many legitimate businesses get ranked down because of hiring wrong SEO companies who use clever tactics for website development.

This takes them towards Google penalty recovery services. These recovery services are designed to find out what went wrong with the website. They help the website to recover and update it constantly so that the company would not face any threat in the future again. 

Types of Google Penalties

There are majorly two types of Google penalties that any website faces. These are as follows:

  1. The Algorithmic Penalties - Basically algorithmic penalty is an automated penalty which is harder to determine. These types of algorithmic penalties require a constant look and analysis to identify the fault. Also, one must have to match the day when the website lost its ranking and the change that happened in the Google algorithm. 

  1. The Manual Penalties - The manual penalties are those penalties that are sent by Google’s spam team. These types of penalties are easy to find. All you need to do is go through the google webmaster tools for your site and then check if you receive any notification about or the penalty notification about unnatural links etc. 

How to know if your website is penalized or not?

If we say that the google penalty is the only reason which influences the website ranking then no. There are a lot more things that are responsible for influencing the website ranking. To find these let’s take a look over these things :

  • Login your account and then open webmaster tools. Press the “search traffic button’. You will see the manual action option where you can see whether you have received any penalties or not. 

  • Type the domain query into the search line. There you will see the listing if you find your search line is shown in the top ten results then you are not penalized. If not, then there may be the possibility that your website is penalized. 

  • Constantly look up if you face the loss in the traffic that took place or not during the launched update or not.

  • Type the domain name and the main keyword in the search bar if some of the [ages showed up then everything is right but if it doesn’t show up then it might be possible that you are under the penalty line. 

  • Weekly or in 3 days check the visitor’s ratio and page rank to identify if there is a sudden decrease in the ranking.

Reasons for having a Google Penalty

As we have discussed above what is the Google penalty and what makes the difference or how you can justify whether your site is penalized or not. At this point, we will discuss the reasons for having the Google penalty. So, let’s find out the possible reasons…

  • Adding the duplicate content - 

It is the thumb rule for any successful SEO that - publish only those content which is unique and useful. Adding duplicate content i.e. copied content from another website comes under the google penalty. As google works for providing the quality product to its users thus, it will not allow duplicate content. 

  • Adding too many correlative links -

Well, as a great marketing tactic “swapping” links with other websites can be the best and the fastest result-oriented marketing tactics. But abusing the swapping links can charge you the google penalty. Adding irrelevant links to the website is not a smart move for any SEO expert as Google is smart enough to identify it!

  • Adding too many keywords in a content -

It is well said that adding keywords can bring a hike of the quality audiences to your site. But adding too many keywords can give your site a red flag from Google. It is essential to look over the keyword density. As it can rate down your ranking and also takes you under the google penalty. And makes you run for having the Google penalty recovery services. 

  • Adding unknown/ broken external links -

Whether you have a good website or you are getting good traffic on your site adding the external broken link on your site can be a bad idea as it will praise you with the Google penalty. Also adding the unknown site links or the hidden links can rank down your site. 

  • When your site speed is too slow -

When your site loading speed is to show you it is common that your site visitor will get bored and your site will face lower traffic. On the other hand, Google knows everything Google constantly does the metric measures and due to slow speed, you can face the Google penalty.

  • Having too many 404 error codes -

Having too many missing pages can be harmful to you as you have to face the penalty from Google. As google is made to provide a smooth and great experience to the users. The best thing you can do is constantly check and fix the error codes on your site.

  • When you overdo SEO -

Posting the natural content can lead to any website on the search engine. Its the basic rule that SEO experts should follow. 

  • Having Robots.txt errors -

The Robot.txt errors tell about the excluded pages from the website that any SEO expert doesn’t want to index. The excessive blocking of the pages can lead you towards the Google penalty. So it is better to do the constant check on the webpages. 

  • When you have Bad site map data-

The site mapping is the major part of the website which delivers a fluent and better experience to the user. Google works on the XML sitemap and understands the architecture of your website. A bad site map data can lead your website to face the penalty form Google. So, it is better to do a good site map. 

How to recover from Google Penalty?

Well if you are thinking that there is no way to overcome the Google penalty then you are wrong. There are many other ways to overcome the Google penalty. It is the consistent Google mission to providing the best user experience to its user. And if you feel that Google will not forgive you for your mistake then be calm Google will. There are many ways to overcome Google Penalty. So, let’s take a look…

  • Exclude the job posting structured data from the webpage. 

  • Adding a “no index” meta tag to the page.

  • Remove the page entirely so that you will not face the 301 code in the future.

  • Find the backlinks and remove them permanently.

If you still face the Google penalty issue then you can ask the experts to take your website out from that issue. There are many Google penalty recovery service providers who work to do the google penalty recovery for their client’s site. These google penalty recovery service providers unroot the hidden issues and make your website free form all the penalties and make sure that your site will not face the same issue again.

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