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Want to find the best SEO service company in France? Well, you have reached the right destination. Here, you are going to learn about the top 15 professional SEO agencies in France.

Search Engine Optimization helps businesses target audiences, achieve organic traffic without investing money, increase brand awareness, reputation, and track performance online. It, therefore, plays a significant role in the business’s success.

Clients in France look online for intelligent strategists who can boost their business’s visibility and rank in the digital market. These strategists are known as SEO companies. And to make it easy for you, we have made a list of the top SEO service companies in France.

Learn all about the business profile, location, services, industry rating, and client reviews of the companies in the following best SEO company primelist.

Best Performers in France for Best SEO Company in 2024


Mars Rouge est une agence de communication spécialisée en design de marques et d'identités visuelles et en création de sites internet. L'agence Mars Rouge est à votre disposition pour tout projet de stratégie de marque, de naming, de création de logo et d’identité visuelle, de communication digitale et de création de sites internet, référencement compris. Depuis 2012, à Mulhouse en Alsace, nos graphistes et développeurs issus de formations effervescentes, de parcours professionnels divergents et d’une passion commune pour l’image, vous accompagnent dans la création de stratégies et de design de marques. Le site internet est la vitrine de votre entreprise en ligne. Afin que celle-ci reste toujours à jour, moderne et aux dernières technologies demandées par les moteurs de recherche, notre agence web créée pour vous des sites SEO-Friendly et en responsive web design, selon votre charte graphique. Vous êtes entièrement propriétaires de votre site, et apprendrez à le modifier vous-même pour les mises à jour. La visibilité de votre site sur Google est vitale. Au sein de l’agence Mars Rouge, notre équipe met en place une stratégie de référencement propre et de qualité pour la visibilité de votre site internet. Notre agence SEO optimise les performances techniques de votre site, sa structure, son contenu ainsi que son profil de liens entrants.

  • Rank

    2nd France

  • Contact

    (+) 17-082-3264

  • Location

    71, boulevard National, 92250 La Garenne Colombes


Silver Touch was founded in 1992 with the mission of endowing our clients with optimum IT solutions, including software development, maintenance, support, testing, and re-engineering.

For over 20 years, Silver Touch has worked with small and medium size companies, helping them withoptimized IT solutions. We work to understand requirements, create solutions, and providethe best quality services delivered in a rapid timeframe.


Netref is a digital agency based in Dijon (21000) in Burgundy and specialized in professional internet marketing: website creation and SEO on search engines. Netref is provider of internet visibility for companies in Greater Dijon (Longvic, Chenove, Saint Apollinaire, Talant, Quetigny, Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur, ...); Côte d'Or (city of Dijon, Beaune, ...) and Bourgogne Franche Comté (Chalon-sur-Saône, Mâcon, Auxerre, Nevers, Besançon, ...).

  • Rank

    4th France

  • Contact

    (+) 46-702-4879

  • Location

    4 Rue des Tresoriers de France, Montpellier 34000, France


Indigoextra is an SEO company that help clients by providing a range of services including: - Detailed website analysis - Keyword research - Writing engaging content and designing dynamic images - SEO Translations from English to French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch - Link building via guest posting and infographics on high authority sites - Social media management on Facebook, Twitter, etc. We specialise in multilingual and international SEO consultation.

  • Rank

    5th France

  • Contact

    (+) 96-708-9054

  • Location

    55 rue de la Villette, 69003 - Lyon, france


DOZ Marketing Software helps you create an organic marketing campaign and to launch a customized timeline of tasks needed to achieve your marketing goals. DOZ has vetted marketing professionals from around the world. DOZ automatically assigns the right experts to every task on your custom, marketing campaign. With DOZ Marketing Software, monitor the performance of your campaign, task by task. See progress, track your traffic sources and view your keyword rankings 24/7.

  • Rank

    6th France

  • Contact

    (+) 56-296-4915

  • Location

    28 Route Lahitte, 65700 Sombrun, France


Your local English IT and Computer Specialist in the South West of France since 2004, SITEWEB65 is located at the crossroads between the Hautes Pyrenées, Gers, Landes et Pyrenées Atlantique. Offering on-site IT services to clients in the areas of Tarbes, Madiran, Aire sur l'Adour, Mirande, Marciac, Vic En Bigorre, Miélan, Plaisance, Riscle, Lembeye & Rabastens de Bigorre. We pride ourselves on our client retention rate, over 80% of our business sector clients stay with us for 5 or more years, with our IT and Internet Services becoming an internal part of their business model. Our client base of private individuals also call on us again and again for their computing requirements.

  • Rank

    7th France

  • Contact

    (+) 16-921-2196

  • Location

    71 avenue of the court of France, 91260 Juvisy-sur-Orge


Our specialists have advanced skills in web site development, which allows us to easily communicate with the person in charge of the administration of your website.

Our team is composed of multiple and varied profiles ensuring a privileged interlocutor and involved in your project throughout our collaboration.

  • Rank

    8th France

  • Contact

    (+33) 98-300-7844

  • Location

    15 route des Vernes - 74370 Argonay France 74370


Walt is a French digital agency providing webmarketing services to its clients in France, Switzerland and United States of America.

  • Rank

    9th France

  • Contact

    (+33) 49-294-4200

  • Location

    650, Route des Lucioles, Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne, FRANCE 06560


ETSI provides members with an open and inclusive environment to support the timely development, ratification and testing of globally applicable standards for ICT-enabled systems, applications and services across all sectors of industry and society.

  • Rank

    10th France

  • Contact

    (+33) 14-040-2700

  • Location

    4 – 6 passage Louis-Philippe, 75011 Paris, France


We enable our clients to create, change and expand their business thanks to individual digital strategies matching their consumer, business, staff and product needs. NetBooster operates 25+ Offices in Europe and beyond, handling blue chip clients from around the world deploying digital campaigns and strategies with 850+ employees in more than 70 markets around the globe.

  • Rank

    11th France

  • Contact

    (+33) 14-367-5633

  • Location



Aryvart is a Software Development company mainly focused on just a one thing of Software Development. We are experience in 14+ years in business & 70+ expert developers. Aryvart will work with start-up software development companies, we are highly professional and well skilled experts who are best in the offering of Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis, Mobility Solutions, Digital Marketing and CRM Solutions. Aryvart is partnered with the hundreds of organisations and delivered to the top-class business solutions for the complex business challenges.


The ranking of your website on the first page of Google is one of the first marketing levers to gain visibility. Google's algorithm is based on your legitimacy to appear in the first positions during a search for an Internet user. SEO is an important marketing lever that will allow you to durably increase the visibility of a website. Thanks to Jérémie Politi, Google SEO expert and founder of the SEO agency SmartWeb Group, we will see together the few steps to best reference your website. Google uses complex algorithms to filter its search results, so it is important to ensure that each ranking factor is correctly optimised. Our french SEO agency helps you to optimise these ranking factors so that you are visible in the best possible way on the main search engines. In addition, it is also important to ensure that your writings are perceived as reliable sources of information for search engines. Here again, our SEO agency can help you by providing you with the best practices for a successful SEO strategy. In order to design a successful website, three professions must be brought together: the graphic designer who will take care of the visual part, the developer for the functional part and the SEO expert for the Google optimisation part. Concretely, SEO indicates all the actions that allow to improve the position of a website during a search engine. The objective of SEO is to make your website as visible as possible on a selection of strategic keywords. The notion of SEO must be taken into account from the creation of the website by optimising the structure and writing Google-optimised content.

  • Rank

    14th France

  • Contact

    (+33) 98-124-9163

  • Location

    58 rue greneta Paris France 75002


Nos experts en référencement seront vous mettre en 1ère page sur les mots clés tapés par vos clients. Comment ? - En optimisant votre site web. Nous utilisons de nombreux outils et l'expérience pratique de notre équipe marketing pour effectuer un audit SEO approfondi qui découvrira tous les problèmes de votre site Web et vous aidera à les résoudre. Si vous n'avez pas d'équipe de développement Web, n'ayez crainte, nous en avons! Nous pouvons tout coder et le rendre convivial pour le référencement. - En rédigeant du contenu de qualité à travers des pages conquêtes. Nos rédacteurs seront rédigés un contenu répondant aux intentions de recherche de vos cibles. Votre contenu sera examiné pour s'assurer qu'il est bien rédigé et qu'il obtient des scores de qualité élevés pour les mots clés que nous ciblons. Nous recommanderons tout changement de contenu en fonction de ce que font vos concurrents. Il est possible de classer sans avoir à écrire des milliers de mots sur vos pages. Certains de nos clients n'ont presque pas de contenu sur leurs pages, mais se classent bien. C'est parce que nous savons comment prendre en charge ces pages SEO. - En créant un cocon sémantique pour améliorer le maillage interne. - En donnant du poids au contenu par une stratégie de netlinking. Les sources des liens seront variées et de qualités. Le référencement naturel prend du temps, alors nous travaillerons ensemble pendant 1 an et vous commencerez à obtenir des premiers résultats à partir du 3 ème mois. Un rapport de positionnement de vos mots clés sera envoyé tous les mois ainsi qu'une analyse de votre trafic organique. Les équipes collaborent pour résoudre les défis et atteindre les objectifs. Nous pensons que la collaboration et l'esprit d'innovation peuvent aller de pair. Nous réunissons des concepteurs, des spécialistes du marketing, des rédacteurs, des ingénieurs et des responsables de compte pour élaborer des approches de mise sur le marché agiles. Notre équipe est composée d'individus qui aiment créer, construire, apprendre et penser. Nous nous engageons à résoudre les défis de croissance liés au parcours de l'acheteur. Notre travail est à la croisée de la stratégie créative et de la prise de décision basée sur les données. Alors contactez nous pour échanger sur vos projets web !

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Companies in France

10seos is a leading company that brings forth the list of best SEO companies in France. The listed top 10 SEO agencies use the advanced tools and latest technologies to get your business on the top of search engine result pages.

10seos have always been known for offering the most genuine ranking to their users, by analyzing a variety of factors, including quality of services, client’s feedback, customer satisfaction, ratings, reviews and many other essential grounds.

Our professional marketers, researchers and analysts make sure to conduct the in-depth evaluation to determine only the best SEO firms. Grow your online organization by choosing the best Search Engine Optimization company that delivers the result-oriented SEO services at competitive price.

Best SEO Companies in France: Frequently Asked Questions

We learned above that Search engine optimization services help businesses stand out from their competitors and bring in more potential customers. However, how they do it, is a million-dollar question asked by a number of businesses. What you need is a profound understanding of SEO, and the following frequently asked questions will help you achieve that.

SEO, in simple words, refers to improving your website performance to increase its position on search engine result pages. However, the answer to What is SEO marketing is much more than that. It not only tells you what you can do better but also lets you establish a connection with your consumers. It makes the website’s components like H1 tags, meta title, meta description, content, keyword density, backlinks, permalinks better and as per the search engine's requirements. This eventually boosts your ranking and results in online success.

More than 90% of people never get past the first page of their Google search. While 75% of Google traffic goes to the first ten search results, and merely 4.25% goes to the second page.

Now find your business rank. To do this, search for the products/services you offer on Google. Then, count the number of results pages you clicked through to see your online business’s name. If you are on the 2nd or 3rd page, you are definitely lagging behind your competitors. Hence, this calls for hiring the best search engine optimization firm in France.

Such a firm will formulate an effective strategy boosting your online visibility and rank on SERPs. It will also make you understand what your audience is searching for and what satisfies their needs. Once you find the answers, you can match your content with the customers’ language and optimize your site for search engines.

The top digital marketing companies in France offer a comprehensive range of SEO services to help your business rank high in SERPs. These include:

  • Keyword Research

SEO highly relies on keywords. Keyword research includes Identifying the most searched terms/keywords used to locate a specific service or product you offer to customers.

  • Local SEO

Brand awareness and business reach start when you have a strong grip over your local audience and that's why local SEO marketing is important. It helps you optimize the brand for local searches and improve your local rankings thoroughly.

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO consists of every action that helps search engines crawl to visit your website and enhance the user experience. Proper technical aspects like website speed, mobile-friendliness, site structure, etc. will prevent crawlers from facing issues while visiting your website.

  • Website Audits

Website Audit analyzes your site's ability to rank on SERPs organically and tells you about the practices to make your website more SEO-friendly.

  • SEO Consulting

Consultancy from an organic SEO consultant will help you know which services would be perfect for your website and help you rank with time.

  • Link Reclamation

Link reclamation refers to redirecting old URLs to the new page while updating the new pages on the website. These redirects are essential for preserving the link juice.

  • Conversion Optimization

Businesses aim at conversion the most while hiring an SEO specialist. Conversion optimization aims to increase the conversion rate by optimizing your website as per customer needs.

Let’s have a look at the 4 types of SEO that an SEO business company provides:

  • On-Page SEO

On-page SEO services include optimizing the content of your website along with tweaking with the factors like meta titles, meta description, keywords, headers, optimized images, and much more.

  • Off-Page SEO

Off-Page deals with elements outside your website, and focuses on features like pitching articles, competitor research, etc. An SEO business agency uses Off-Page SEO to create exposure and trust in your business. This results in greater potential customers and better sales. It also involves link building which refers to getting other reputable websites to link back to your site.

Everything in this world has a white side and a dark side. So is the case with SEO. Let us explore.

  • White Hat SEO

It is an ethical technique focussing on delivering results using the right methods. It follows established search engine guidelines so your audience knows you organically and SEO rank improves constantly. A white label SEO company follows these white hat methods to deliver results and gives Google no chance to penalize your website.

  • Black Hat SEO

It refers to the unlawful methods and strategies to get higher search engine rankings. It focuses on bots instead of audiences. Such practices are harmful to your website and are banned by Google. Keyword stuffing, hidden texts, plagiarized content, misleading redirects, and other unethical methods are examples of Black Hat SEO.

Following are the reasons why businesses must collaborate with SEO agencies for website search engine optimization:

  • Driving High-Quality Organic Traffic and Boosting Organic Discovery

SEO is hyper-targeted and customer-centric. It boosts organic visibility, and hence site traffic. Organic traffic is more likely to convert as potential customers visit websites to use your services. An SEO provider uses effective strategies for directing relevant audiences to your website via search queries.

  • Offers Impressive ROI

SEO results take time however an effective strategy eventually delivers impressive ROI. It helps you convert your organic traffic using highly effective SEO methods. If ROI is one of the most significant factors for your business at present then hiring the best SEO company near you in France would be your best decision.

  • Improves Credibility Among The Consumers

Ranking on Google's first page creates a better image of your business for potential customers. Google ranks websites based on dozens of on-page and off-page signals, such as created content, website speed, mobile usability, etc. Moreover, by using high-quality products or services, trust and credibility can be developed on search engine authority. One can improve all of this gradually with effective SEO methods.

  • Help Business Reach Its Target Audience

SEO marketing is for both organizations, single target, and multi-target audience. Since it uses intent-driven keyword research to reach a specific audience it allows it to be more versatile with its intent. Reach both audiences, by creating separate service pages, one targeting a particular set of keywords while the other targeting another set.

  • Optimizes User Experience

Google's Algorithm can interpret a favorable or unfavorable user experience. SEO optimizes the user experience on websites resulting in its success on SERPs. It also prevents bounce rates on the website. In case of a higher bounce rate, Google will devalue your web page resulting in lower rankings on SERPs.

SEO is a slow process. Perhaps, it is impossible to state a figure that applies to a particular website. An SEO service provider cannot come up with the best-guess estimate based on analyzing a website's current performance and the proposed strategy. All you need is the best strategy customized for your business and website. Plus, 6-12 months is enough time to be able to see the impact of SEO efforts and to be able to justify ongoing investment into growth.

Setting your online marketing budget can be difficult when you are looking for a website SEO company. Whether you go for a consultant from another county or France, you will find different types of pricing models.

  • SEO Pricing Stats

    • SEO costs range from $2000 - $8000 per month in France and the US.
    • As per Ahrefs, the average SEO plan costs $2819 per month.
    • If you are looking to hire an SEO agency near you on an hourly basis then it can cost you anything between $100-$250 for France.
    • SEO pricing is usually lower for local campaigns.
    • Professional SEO agencies can charge for extra content on the site
    • SEO costs are typically higher for eCommerce websites.
  • SEO Monthly Plan Pricing

Most SEO experts in France offer monthly contracts. Here, you can always opt-out anytime if you do not like their services. Prefer customized monthly packages, so you can add and remove services as per your needs.

  • SEO Hourly Plan Pricing

SEO rates by freelancers are usually between $50-$250 per hour. However, freelancers only work in the decided time. You can hire experts separately for specific needs and pay them separately. For instance, content writer for content, PPC expert for paid campaigns, and SEO consulting company for handling other services, etc.

The following are aspects you need to consider before finalizing the best SEO company.

  • Location

Location matters when you are looking for SEO services near you. Having a company in the same city as yours makes it easy to connect with the experts or meet them to explain your requirements.

  • Experience and Specialization in SEO

Check for proven results in different industries, while outsourcing SEO service. Know if the company has previous experience in your industry too. It will give you an edge over your competitors as you have experts that understand how the industry works and what will work in your favor. Besides, the selected SEO professional must have experience in the local SEP, web page optimization, keyword analysis, link building, etc.

  • Best Practices

Try not to end up with a company that uses black hat techniques to deliver quick results. Learn about their practices and always keep in mind that SEO is a slow process and takes time to give results.

  • Services

You may have some specified services in your mind for the desired results. Make sure to inquire about the services and tools offered by the SEO company near you.

  • Technical Skills

He/she must also possess technical skills as it is crucial to solving obstacles in the programming division that can hinder your SEO campaign.

  • Critical Reasoning and Decision Making

The agency to be hired must also be able to make decisions quickly by analyzing the situation, so you get better results.

  • Budget

SEO providers offer a combination of different services as per your needs and requirements that perfectly fit your company's budget. Go for the mid-range service and later change the budget accordingly if you start seeing results.

10SEOS is among the rapidly expanding companies that list the best SEO companies in France. Ours is a team of qualified professionals, analysts, researchers, and strategists. We analyze numerous essential statistics, including ratings, reviews, customer satisfaction, quality of work, etc. to bring to you the best SEO agencies in France.

All these SEO firms are renowned for offering the highest quality solutions to businesses. 10seos, as a platform, aims to enhance the visibility of these SEO consultants in France before the user and bridge the gap between them. This makes it easy for businesses to opt for world-class SEO services and stand distinctively from their competitors.

Let’s have a look at some major trends followed by a professional search engine optimization company in France.

  • Voice Search

Optimizing for voice search makes searching easy for users. Since most users use voice-enabled devices, voice-optimized content can definitely give you results with time.

  • Longer Content

Google chooses to rank pages containing higher and in-depth content. Hiring the top SEO companies will help keep up the quality and quantity of the content and earn better ranks.

  • Mobile Flexible Websites

Due to the increase in smartphone users, it is important to have a mobile-friendly website. Websites should have a simple navigation process irrespective of the devices used by the users.

  • Customer Analytics

Customer analytics helps you understand what your customer needs. This makes things easier for your user when they browse your website for any services.

  • Retention Methods

It is costlier to bring a new customer to your business than retain an old one. By aiming at retention methods using SEO you can earn revenue in the future.

Professional SEO firms understand and use some valuable tools to attract high-quality traffic, track steps taken and results received in numbers. These include:

  • SEMrush

SEMrush helps businesses improve online visibility, track the data of your SEO, PPC, SMM, competitive research, keyword research, and other marketing insights.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another popular tool for backlinks and SEO analysis. Its site audit tool helps analyze your website's common optimization issues and also monitors your SEO health over time.

  • Search Engine Ranking

SE Ranking is an accurate keyword rank tracking software. It helps with real-time ranking positions of your website's keywords across major search engines.

  • Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner helps SEO experts research the keywords for your search campaigns. It will find your business-related keywords, see estimates of the searches they receive and the cost to target them.

  • SEO Panel

SEO panel is open-source software that helps in website optimization. It also provides a Keyword position checker, webmaster tools, site auditor, page speed insights, backlinks checker, etc.

  • Moz Pro

Moz Pro allows you to gather data on your site's rankings, page optimization, site crawl, and link metrics. It also lets you determine your site errors which are affecting your visitors' experience.

KPIs stand for Key Performance Indicators. These help you keep track of your campaign performance and indicate the success of your campaign.

  • Organic Traffic

The most valuable KPI of SEO is that it increases your organic traffic and is important to be tracked continuously. The more organic traffic you have, the better the click-through rate your website will have.

  • Keyword Ranking

Keywords ranking is the sole reason for many businesses to connect with top SEO companies in France. If your business keyword is on the 2nd or 3rd page then you must track if its position is improving or not.

  • Page Load Time

The page load time of your website is also an important KPI. You can lose a lot of customers if your site is taking a long time to load.

  • Bounce Rate

Bounce rate determines the rate of sessions where the user does not perform any action and leaves immediately after the site loads. Bounce rate increases when your web pages seem irrelevant. Keeping your bounce rate under 40 is a good practice for great results.

  • Conversions

Conversion is the most obvious SEO KPI. Keep track of every conversion if your site does not generate leads or convert sales inquiries. Focus on conversion rate optimization while offering an exceptional user experience and then see the results.

With the ever-changing Google algorithm, you need to update your SEO tactics constantly to get results. By hiring the best services in France you can stay away from mistakes while performing SEO.

  • Plagiarized Content

On sensing any duplicate content, Google penalizes the website. Hence while outsourcing SEO service, make sure it commits to developing authentic, relevant, and quality content that also offers uniqueness.

  • Broken Links

Links on your website leading nowhere is another mistake to avoid. While broken links degrade the user experience on the website, search engines refrain from promoting such business.

  • User-Generated Spam

Low-quality website content decreases your rankings on SERPs. Buy SEO services for guidance on using quality content and removing spam or promotional content from your website.

  • Hidden Texts

Hidden text is a common sneaky method to hide keywords using white text on a white background. Remember that crawlers easily spot such tactics, resulting in penalizing your website.

  • Wrong Redirects

Wrong redirects mean there is a difference between the page description and where it redirects the user. This results in a bad reputation on SERPs and hence low ranking. Moreover, Google also bans websites for certain periods when it detects unnatural links on sites. Buy SEO services from professional companies to avoid such mistakes.

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