It is quite often when people talk about their website design and how its is near perfect. But when asked about the parameters for it, there is absolute silence.

A website that looks good may not have an effective website design. A successful website is considered only when it is made against a strategy in the mind, it has perfect usability in terms of its visitors, has style that appears soothing to eye of the users, optimized according to search engines and has content that is relevant and informative to offer the visitors.

Here in this article we will focus on some of the key points that can be used to measure the quality of the website design

  • Strategy

Quality of the website depend upon the strategy that a company sets to target behind having a website. An attractive website cannot rank higher on the quality parameters if it does not fulfill the needs of the company. Questions like these mentioned below can let the people evaluate the design.

  • what is the purpose of the business and is it getting reflected on the website? 

  • The purpose of the website and the design are in sink or not? 

  • What is the target audience and the design is adapted to target them?

  •  What the audience should do and is the design leading them towards the answer?

Answering the question above will give a clear insight for the kind of design that is needed for the website. Seo companies in salt lake city has recognised that a website that is made on a defined strategy have the likeness to be successful.

  • Usability

Usability is an important factor for consideration in terms of website. Factors like loading speed, easy navigation, security , sitemap etc cast a significant effect on the website. For example, If some person is trying to find something on a website and is barded by bad navigation system, then definitely visitor will avoid the website or if a page takes lot of time to load than in that case also the visitor is gone forever.

The best way to check the usability of the website is to convert yourself as a visitor and then analyse the flaws.

  • Content and readability

The most important factor of a website is content and readability. It is needless to say that content of the website should be creative and engaging because this is fact that is obvious. Factor that has to be given consideration is that the content should be a readable preposition. If the font size is too small, or the colour of the text is not soothing to the eyes of the visitor than the purpose of the content remains unfulfilled.

  • Aesthetics

There are certain aesthetics that we follow in everything that we do. In website designing also the sense of aesthetics plays a vital role. Seo companies list criteria such as the website should look clean, the design of the website will be aligned to the  brand logo, creating positive impression on the visitors etc can create a huge difference for the website. The aesthetics of the website should be aligned with the goal of the company and should not confuse the visitors at all.

  • SEO

There are lot of ways when a website design can affect SEO. For example if the website has lot of images, it will affect seo as search engines cannot identify images without ALT tags.Usage of proper keywords on title tags, heading tags and meta description tags etc can also affect the seo of the website in many way.

Now that readers you have the parameters with you, than what are you waiting for?

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