With changing technologies and updates from google and other search engines, the prominence of keywords on seo has come under the debate. Google has started learning natural languages and in a way that now it can identify similar terms used in search queries and thus the importance of editing smaller words in the content to get exact keyword phrase is decreasing.

 Some of the seo vendors argues that it is important to see the concept intercepted by google and not the exact words. While this logic makes some sense but still importance of keywords and phrases cannot be denied.

Earlier seo was a profitable money making business, it use to find the keyword from the desired neech for the company and then plan the website accordingly to get the desired traffic but with update in  2011 Google panda the concept changed. The update has made search engine to be more friendly. It can now understand the meaning of the question asked by the customers in the search bar. It uses the knowledge to show website on the top for which you must have not at all used the exact keywords at all, just the similar phrase.


The concept of seo cannot be considered dead but with updates from google ,it has changed significantly. Earlier seo was one of the most important factor for ranking the website at the top of the search engines but now it is among the other 100s of factors that google consider while ranking a website. Factors such as content quality,outbound link, inbound links, social media share,easy to share etc are the factors that now play a significant role in analysing the website and ranking it accordingly.

It is the placement of the keyword that is important and not the frequency. It is still important to place long tail keywords and short tail keywords in the url, page heading, meta description, image description etc. but the frequency of the keywords is not the concern anymore. The trend of using keywords again again in the content is now back dated rather repetition of keywords may degrade the interest quotient of the content. 

 Earlier long tail keywords were considered more effective than short tail keywords but with google hummingbird the concept has changed. Google uses semantic search to filter meaning behind the searches.

For example, you have a pastry shop in chicago that is famous for its fresh and low priced confectionaries. By any reason you have not used the “low priced and fresh” words in your content . You have mentioned a menu card in your website that tells about the prices and the quality. Assuming that you have good monthly reviews, if any customers type fresh and low priced confectionary shop in chicago, your website would pop up among the top searches because google has determined by itself that the searched question fits to the criteria offered by the website.


Professionals in Seo company reviews that keywords will remain a factor influencing seo but the forms will vary according to the changing updates in search engines.

Relevance of keyword

With every update google has readjusted its norms for keywords. Google has removed keywords from it organic search data within google analytics and websites are punished for using repetitive keywords in anchor text while building links.  It has punished websites that uses keywords within the domain but the fact being that keywords does affect seo, cannot be discarded. For example people search black shoes and not i want to buy black shoes, the usage of keyword is still prominent than sentence or paragraphs. This itself signifies the importance of keywords in seo.

Using appropriate keywords

It is important to use right keywords to boost seo. There are tools that can determine this but apart from them, there are other means to discover the valuable keywords for seo strategy. There are places that can be found while searching for particular industries like if we liked a car page in Facebook , other related pages of car will be shown. If we search for top technology giant companies like infosys, it will show name of other companies that people have viewed in this category.

While it is not mandatory to have similar result but they are most of the time similar. This is a good way to see competitors skill of using keywords in their website that are attracting traffic by going through the content and other relevant informations. This will help to find the relevant keywords from the industry itself.

Listening the visitors

Potential customers are valuable for any business. It is important to notice the keywords used by the customers while talking about your business. Words used in information forms or in emails like “i want to find..” or i would love to get..” or “can you help me with..” etc are in phrases that are likely to be used by the customers. These can the keywords that is used by them while searching for the company


It has to be kept in mind that keywords are not just helpful for seo but also for social media profiles and off site content. It is true that keywords are still important but the usage has changed. Consultants from top local seo company in chicago has suggested that google has changed its algorithms to serve more quality data and rank the website which has high quality, unique and relevant content with the balanced usage of targeted keywords. It has also recommended that the content of the website should be optimized according to users and not just according to keywords.

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