Voice Search Replacing the Keyword Based SEO


Voice Search Replacing the Keyword Based SEO

Voice search on mobiles like Siri, Cortana have become the best friends of today’s generation. Typing is a pain, and voice search is so much cooler.  Still majority of people are not using the voice search simply because the automated voice translation can be erroneous, but it is highly popular among teenagers. The percentage of people using it, is no less significant. And the more significant thing to notice is that- voice searches will soon replace the keyword targeting as used by many marketers today. With the advancing times, keywords have already lost their position, once they had in SEO plannings. Those who are still stuffing keywords, do not know that this is the reason why they are not getting success. Those who are focusing on providing their visitors quality content are truly getting the high rankings in the search engine results page.

Text based Search Vs Voice Search

  • There is a basic difference between conventional search on google and voice based search. The text search is short and broad sense. Like ‘cleaning canvas shoes’. You will get results about- how to clean(info blogs) and what to clean with(e commerce sites). While in voice based search you ask ‘how to clean canvas shoes’ and the answer would be exactly how and not anything else.

  • While text searching, when we write something, google completes it based on the trend and our history of searches. Thus the result is somehow what we want. But in voice search we need to be specific about what we want. It would not complete the search for us. Yes, it tracks our activities and optimize the search for us, sometimes like while driving, leaving the office, it may give us correct traffic status. Or we can easily find the best restaurant near our current position, and book a reservation, but the text search is something else.

  • Voice searches are actually longer. Obviously, all the searches are in the question form. Thus the words per search is more than the text search. So only keywords that can be focused are long tail keywords.

The Present Scenario

Voice search is less like a query and more like a conversation. It is completely opposite to the keyword search where what we want, we type. It is more detailed and more targeted towards the problem. Voice searches now have more evolved and the accuracy of voice to search conversion has improved. The reason for popularity of this voice search is that it focuses on the intend or behavior of users and not the words spoken. It anticipates the needs of the users. When you opt for voice search, your activity is tracked and you get results which are more accurate answer to your query. Not to mention it is the best way to navigate hands free. And above all, you just have to ask and the result will be told to you. No hassle of using the correct word.

Probable Changes In Future In Search trend

Since now, not many websites optimize themselves to rank better in the voice search results, a lot need to be changed in the coming years. Voice search is completely gonna change the way we search and the way we rank for organic search. 

  • The search is going to be more like conversation, so the answers will also be direct and in the natural way.

  • The keywords will lose their importance, still if anyone want their site to optimize for keyword, they should target long tail keywords- that are pretty descriptive and exclusive.

  • The word search will be replaced by the intention search. As such will increase the need of image and video optimization.

  • The Web based traffic will decrease. Users are getting answers to their questions without visiting the websites. This may decrease the traffic to your website but it is all ok as far as people are getting information about your business.

  • Search results will favour local businesses, as the voice search is like solution ‘on-the-go’. Small and local businesses will gain the most by optimizing for voice searches.

How you can Change Yourself

Now your old approach of developing content will not work. Your content may be relevant to voice search but it is not in the same format. We are not talking about the same keywords, but the style in which it is written. You can now adopt these style of content development.

  • Develop your content like answering a question. You may be providing an information. But present it in the form that it is a solution to a query like- ‘how to fix a broken mug’ or ‘what is the reason behind the popularity of voice search’. Write about how, when, what, who, where, why.

  • Content should be based on current problems of your customers. It may not contain your targeted keyword, but should contain the information they want the most. The language of the content should be naturalistic same as user will use to search the content.

  • Be updated. It is very essential that your website, social media profile and google page is up to date and the content is easy to find. Thus voice based search engine can spot you more accurately and for correct reasons.

  • Start a discussion forum. Here people will discuss various problems; again, in the question answer from. Thus will increase your value in semantic search.


Voice search is really the future. Because of its ease and quick result, it is growing by the day. It is no more limited to the mobiles and has made a way to the computers. Now the voice search is not only for finding the best route while driving, or finding the best place to hangout near you, instead it has become an easy way to do the regular computer chores..yes Chores like ‘Play the latest episode of The Flash’ or ‘Play my favourite song’. What are you favouring right now? And will you switch to the other in the coming years. As per seo company denver, voice search would play an important role in shaping the future of SEO.

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