Tips And Tricks: A Guide To Improve The Adwords Conversion Rate


Tips And Tricks: A Guide To Improve The Adwords Conversion Rate

The ad campaigns are meant bring to clients closer to the business but is it performing the way it should?

The adword conversion means attracting people to click at your ads and follow the call to action such as making purchase decision. According to research conducted by ppc management companies, the average conversion rate of adwords is just 2.35% approximately. Looking at this metric, the performance of adwords comes under question. However, there are marketers who does not have any idea about the performance of their ads. There are also people who have the idea for decreasing results from the ad campaigns yet they don’t know the way to improve the conversion rate.

This post is dedicated to outline some really important and easy ways by which the conversion rate of your ad campaign can be increased.

Let us begin:

  • Analyse which conversion you are tracking

The first metrics for maintaining and improving the conversion rate is dependent on how the campaign is performing. The easiest way is to keep conversion tracking to track the ad performance. Seo and ppc management experts believe that analysing the performance of the ad and your campaign helps in managing the conversion rate. It helps in finding the ROI of the investment, it also makes it easier to find the exact number of conversion.

If you intend to track the conversion, you need to establish which outcome you want to achieve with PPC campaign. You should consider tracking:

  • New subscription to email newsletter
  • The number of download of an ebook or white paper
  • The new product demo request

These metrics may not show revenue directly but definitely aims to increase the engagement and awareness which is vital for conversion goals.

  • Improve your quality score

Improving the quality score can significantly improve the conversion rate in two ways, the first one is by lowering the cost per click of the campaign to make it ad in front of wide audience for the same budget. The second one is serving the metrics of how good your ads’ experience is for consumers.

The best way to improve it:

  • Focus on quality and relevance of ads for targeted audience
  • Organize your ad group
  • Pay attention to the copy of your ad
  • Keep the adword profile organized
  • Focusing on right keyword
  • Improve the landing page experience

Improving the wider experience of adwords campaigns will improve quality score and increases the chance for higher number of clicks and conversion. The quality score is google’s attempt to reward quality and relevant ads and focus on improving lead for successful adword campaign.

  • Optimizing the landing page

The design of the landing page is a key factor for better conversion. A good ad campaign can attract people to your landing page but if not optimized properly, the potential customers can leave before doing any action of conversion. A good converging landing page should be appealing, relevant, easy to navigate. The placement of the various elements in the landing page such as the CTA button, the colour of the button, it’s placement position etc, 

Carrying out the A/B testing is also a good way to minimize the risk of waste of your budget. The act of optimizing the landing page is meant to provide proper facility to customers coming on it. Designers should design the landing page depending upon the need of the customers and the potential problem that they may face.

  • Appealing and targeted copy: In order to create a great landing page, make sure to create an appealing ad copy which should be interesting for targeted customers.
  • Visual content: Image and videos can easily grab the attention of the customers and facilitate conversion. The type, quality and design of the image has huge impact in the conversion level.
  • Tested CTA::Test your CTA before finalizing it on the landing page. The colour, design, texture of the CTA has defining role in making the people take the intended action.
  • Good user experience: user experience has a major role in bringing conversion. Your landing page should have lowest loading time, properly navigated in order to make it easier for users to understand and take necessary action. A good user experience is the key for better conversion.
  • Adjust the keyword matching type

Keywords used in adwords are broad match, phrase match, exact match. A broad match keyword shows ad to anyone for selecting keywords. A phrase keyword shows ads to anyone searching specific phrase or part of a sentence such as how to find golden iphone price. This ad filters specific audience still maintaining significant reach. An exact match keyword display ads to anyone searching for exact keyword you input. If you ad will have exact keyword, it will show up easily.

The exact match keyword is expected to have higher conversion as they attract smaller and highly targeted audience. In case of narrowing down the audience, this is the most useful option to look for. In case marketers wants to expand a wide net of consumers from various areas a phrase or broad match keyword is ideal.


Conversion is the key metrics for effective ad campaign. The higher is the conversion rate, the better is chance of getting ROI. In short, it is important for improving the conversion.

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