Why is PPC so popular?



Why is PPC so popular?

There are several reasons as to why everyone talks about Pay-per-Click and not any other online advertisment methods, which are also availabe in every shape and form by SEO services Nashville. Let’s see a couple of reasons for this popularity:

  • It’s easy:  in fact today it’s the easiest way to self-advertise, especially on Google where it’s the most worth doing so. All you need is a Google account, connect to AdWords and you will be guided step by step as to what to do.

  • It’s the default: all applications point towards this choice and there is just physically no way you get more help and assistance than setting this up, backed by Analytics it’s almost the total package.

  • It’s the most econonical: all in all it’s cheap. And as an extra you manage it’s settings. If you only want to pay USD 10 for the whole thing as an experiment you can do it. See how it goes and then decide if you want to continue or not. The service automatically stops the campaign as soon as the setup budget is done.

  • It’s DIY: ever wanted an ad service which you can manage all by yourself? You don’t need to pay anyone anything to have it done, it can be done as an all in one busines. All you need is a website and some SEO and analytics study where internet is your friend and you can do it all.

  • It’s the only paid option for 1st SERP: do you want the quickest way to be featured on the first page of a search engine? Now you got it. If it’s done well, the conversion rates will be great and you can establish your customer base with its help.

  • It’s a great way for local businesses to advertise themselves with My Business plus appearing both in Search Results and on Google Maps results.

  • It’s trendy: everyone is doing it which definitely gives it the peer pressure effect and gives many more the motivation to go for it.

  • It’s offering fast results: unlike the raw organic optimization a PPC campaign is very fast. The best thing about it is, that optimizing can and should be processed in the meantime, which prepares the website for a much better future organic ranking.

  • It helps optimization in many ways: help with determining the most successful keywords and this way a long-term strategy when it comes to reaching a good SERP.

  • Last but not least: it’s all automated. True, you will need some thinking in terms of the keywords and the wording of the ad but other than that, the wizard will guide you through everything. All you need to do is to do as prompted.

These are all the advantages of this marketing service and that’s exactly why it’s so popular. However, if  you are doing it for a while and still don’t experience any change then ask around and look around, find a real, informed and referenced SEO services Nashville expert who can actually tell you and show you how pros do it.

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