Digital marketing landscape is competitive and complicated. The whole process of marketing revolves around the need of the targeted audience and the expectation of the market. However the advent of technology has decreased the difficulty upto certain extent. There are certain factors like the amount of customer visit on the website, there conversion rate etc are factors that are a matter of scrutiny and are complicated in manual process.

But thanks to technology, there are platforms and tools that are available that can track the conversion rate and monitor the visitors behaviour on the website. These two factors are regarded important because of their influence on business. The activity of the customers determine their conversion rate and conversion rate is the motto of all businesses. These two are the factor that all our marketing strategies are upon. But to analyse the best platform or SEO tracking tool is a difficult task to achieve. 

That is the reason 10seos.com is here with the list of eight platforms and conversion SEO tracker tool that can ease your work and does not even make a hole in your pocket.

  • Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer is a free tool that identifies the relatively weak and strong links in the website. This tool include backlinks from other website,links to internal pages of the site and hyperlinks as well. This tool can be regarded as an effective tool for conversion because it works behind increasing the visitor count on the website by linking with other business and increasing the customer base.

  • Google Insights

Google insights is the latest feather on the cap of Google. Google insights is absolutely free. This tool helps to track what people are searching on internet. For example, what are the trends in the market, what kind of blog post can attract visitors.

This tool tells us about what kind of content is needed to attract traffic. Apart from that you can see the trend in your website that reflect major trend in market. But accessing this tool, you should have Google My Business page.

  • Google Analytics

This tools takes us a step further to allow us to install tracking code within the website. The tool is absolutely free. The best part of using Google analytics is the ability to be used in any hosting provider. There are certain drawbacks that come with this tool but the facilities overshadow them.

One of the best feature of the tool is, it can point the origin of the customer and the place where the interest was lost in your website.

  • Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is the combination of both analytical platform as well as movement tracking tool. In short it helps the marketers know where their customers spend maximum time in the website through heat map. Meanwhile “confetti” feature tell us about where every person is clicking on the website.

  • Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is concerned with individual visitors on the website. In this tool you can find where the customers are coming from,which demographics they represent and how much time they spent on your website.however like Crazy Egg, kissmetrics does provide raw data to make it easy to analyse and correct the faulty areas. 

  • Facebook Insight

Facebook insight tool is a very handy tool for analysing who visit your business page at Facebook. The tool is easily available by going on your Facebook page and clicking at the insight at the top of the screen. You can also access the page views,make adjustments into automated Facebook ads within this tool. In short this tool tells about the customers behaviour on your Facebook business page which in return drive conversion.

  • Moz content

Moz content platform is build with the intention of page auditing as well as for tracking conversion for small businesses. The plan starts with $59 per month and you can audit 2500 pages per month. However this plan cannot be linked with Google analytics in the smallest plan. In the next level of subscription which allows auditing 5000 pages per month, can be linked with Google analytics account. The combination of these two can create a powerhouse of conversion data.

  • Clickinc.com

The subscription for this platform starts with $25 per month and consist of all the benefits of tracking system. Clickinc.com helps to monitor the activity of the customers in the affiliate website, set dates for expiration of collected cookie data and much more. You can also track conversion of the coupon that are issued online which further promote the brand across internet.

If you create HTML based email as part of your marketing strategy, then clickInc.com can provide you with other editors and you can import your landing page HTML directly in email. Doing this ensure that the landing page and email looks similar which in turn increases the continuity and conversion rate.

How to begin?

You can easily access any of these platforms or tools. Visit any of them and sign up. Each platform has videos and how tos tutorials to help you start the tool and easily install the tool code in the website.

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