Learn about Effective Digital Marketing Strategies before 2017


Learn about Effective Digital Marketing Strategies before 2017

‘Do you want to achieve Success?’

Yes, Of course!

What a silly question it is? Isn’t it? 

Undoubtedly, every one of us are running business to achieve success. To achieve definite remarkable success in an online business, the most important thing you should consider is a solid digital marketing strategy which not only boost traffic to your website but also, enhance the quality of the content. But the most important question arises here is how we can create an effective as well as efficient digital marketing strategy in 2017

A lot of business holders are empty handed to search for the accurate answer to  this question. A survey have been done recently, in the year 2016, and according to the report of that survey, more than 47% of businesses, companies and firms did not have a set a perfect plan or strategy yet, for achieving success in their digital marketing efforts and this is the only reason that they usually get really a low ROI rate. Therefore, today we are here to provide you with deep insights on how you can create an efficient digital marketing strategy. In this article, we will basically focus on the areas which you should keep in mind and that should be taken care of while deciding a perfect market strategy for your business. But before jumping directly to the strategies let us look deeply about what Digital Marketing Strategy actually means? And how the best SEO firms have created successful digital marketing strategies for themselves to achieve their objectives. 

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

We all are very well aware of it that for building a safe, strong and secure house you always need to have a strong foundation, similarly, for having a successful business journey and enjoying it over the internet you need to have a high-quality digital marketing strategies. No doubt that the thought of creating a strategy for business from the scratch could be scary, rather,it is simpler than how it seems in fact . 

In a much simpler words, a digital marketing strategies help you to plan your next steps even more efficiently than before. Moreover, instead of observing it as a big, and more than big a terrifying process, you must observe it as a series of actions to be implemented that will bring you close to your set aim. Therefore, if a business initialize its planning for an efficient digital marketing strategies it simply means it is already on it way to achieve its objectives and  to get better results in the future. 

Here we have provides you with some of the ways through which you could create effective digital marketing strategies. 

1. Define:

The first and the foremost step in planning for a strategy is to clearly define what you actually want to achieve. You should set your objectives and aims in such a manner through which you can get the idea to make you aware about the next steps you need to achieve. 

  • What is the main objective of your business to be achieved?

  • In which areas you are required to work the most?

  • What are the ways in which you can turn you plan into action?

Ask these three questions to yourself which will lead you to the correct answers and also it will provides help you in better analysing of your needs effectively. Hence, defining your business goals will helps you to make better understand how a digital marketing strategies can be prove as helpful in your long run.

2. Analyse:

While planning for a perfect digital marketing strategies, you have to analyse yourself on different factors such as

  • Current Assets

  • Objectives

  • Business

  • Customers/Audience

You can start doing your analysis simply by creating buyers personas that is, a sample of the audience you are trying to target upon. Making personas will assist you to analyse what they actually need, what is the area of interest of your customers, expectations of your audience and after that all this analysis will help you to reach out to them more effectively as well as efficiently.

You must also do the analysis of your current assets, since it will provide you with the accurate idea of what you need, what you have and how it can be improved. You can divide your assets into three broad categories:

  • Owned Media: Owned media will includes almost all the digital assets that you already have with you or you own. It might also include your website, your social media profiles, your forums or blogs and everything else which belongs to you that you had already owned.
  • Earned Media: This type of media consis all those assets that you have gained from the others. It might also include links, reviews, shared posts, PR coverage or guest posts and everything else which you had gained from some other business.
  • Paid Media: Paid media includes all those stuff which you have acquainted during the paid promotions of your business, products or services. This usually includes Google AdWords, paid social posts or native advertising and everything else for which you ,might have invested some amount of money in order to get effective and better results for your company.

The analysis of these three different types of assets will help you to analyze where you have to focus more in the future and what the aspects you need to have in your business. 

3. Planning:

The two steps which have discussed were deciding the objectives as well as helps you to analyze your assets, the proper documentation about these two steps will leads to actual planning  and making regulation of your digital marketing strategy. For perfect planning, you need to have a digital marketing calendar as that calendar will help you to keep track of your efforts and also it will let you know about the next step you have to focus up on. However, while planning for a marketing strategies, following questions might help to you in a better way:

  • What channels you should use?

  • How many members you are required in your digital campaign?

  • What are the ways to describe your short term as well as long term goals?

Moreover, there are many other different plans which you can use to develop your digital marketing strategies such as :

  • Maintaining weekly as well as daily operational plans

  • Making Campaign plans

  • Making Annual plans

  • Building Long-term vision

Each of these plans will somehow contribute you to meet your goals  and objectives of your business in one way or the other. Every plan has a its own approach for its implementation but the end result will always provide you with the same outcome. It depends up on your understanding that which plan you want to choose and implement for yourself or for your business.

4. Execute:

This is the point where you need to turn your planning into actions. This stage will let you know about how effective and efficient your planning is. If you have commit a lot of detailings in your planning section then you will enjoy a great time whiles it is being executed and also you will face very less or no problems at all. However, if your planning is not solid then you will not be provided with the desired outcome in this stage. 

Whenever you plan to execute your digital marketing strategy, be ensure that you always have left with the room or space for creativity, experimentation or last minute adjustments, if required. Always remember the fact that during the launching period of your plans into actions, your whole team should have been collaborate and work together as a whole unit. All the members should be flexible to work under any circumstances for completing the goals and objectives you want to achieve. 

5. Measure:

This is though the last stage of making strategies but this one of the most significant stage while making your digital marketing strategy. It is really essential to evaluate your performance in each of the above levels. This evaluation will help you to measure your performance, it will let you know about the positive and negative aspects of your plan and what are the constant improvements you require to do in your work, also about the regions or points which you can ignore in the future.


So, Here are the few steps that which could definitely assist you to achieve you business goals and objectives while making your digital marketing strategy. By following these steps and dedicating you appropriate time and budget will definitely lead you to significant results and helps you in achieving the success. Even the best local SEO firms make use of  these steps to make remarkable growth in their business. 

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