How to Increase More Followers on Twitter?


How to Increase More Followers on Twitter?

Social media marketing is the ultimate solution that marketers are targeting to promote their brands. There are many social media platforms available but here we will focus on Twitter.

Twitter is a powerful tool to use for business purpose. It helps to generate lead, strengthen the brand and also build a connection with the potential customers.

Around 36% of the marketers believes that twitter has helped them to gain a customer's. Today having huge number of followers is just not a matter of pride but it is also a variable to promote business. Earning followers organically is a tough task and needs very concentrated efforts especially when there is a high level of competition and low attention span.

 Experts from St. louis seo agency illustrates that regardless of the challenges, loyal followers can be gained. By using unique engaging content and putting in front of the right target audience can make a difference.  


Twitter has grown exponentially in the last five years and it is expected to reach to approximately 300 million and above people by 2020. A platform which has the presence of such a huge customer base should always be a one stop destination for marketers, suggests consultants in  seo companies Orlando. But having an account will not be a criteria to incur benefit from twitter, a loyal customers base helps the brand to promote authority and increase its reach to its customers.

Increase in followers means more number of people would like and share the post which will increase the reach of the brand to its potential customers.

To excel in twitter the simple mantra to keep in your head is to be absolutely genuine and do not spam. With the right kind of content and giving personal attention twitter can prove magical for the business. 

So dear readers, if you haven’t taken your twitter account followers too seriously then pull up your socks and get down to work!


  1. Targeting tweeter phrases:

Keywords used for search engines are widely different from the keywords used in social media platforms.  Experts from California seo company agrees to the fact that the focus of the marketers should be on tweetable phrases and not the phrases that are widely used on search engines. These tweetable phrase would help to increase the targeted followers.

2.  Using automation

Automation is like a blessing for the marketers present on social media. They can automate likes, shares, follow and direct messages but improper usage can give an impression of robot to the followers, this can also decrease the interest of the followers significantly. Tools like socedo and tribeboost can be used to control the automation process and make appear very natural.

3. Promoting the tweet multiple time

Considering the fact that tweets gets lost very soon among the feed, it is recommended to reuse the tweet post. By reposting it can reach to multiple followers who have by any way lost the information earlier.

The trick here is to use different language for posting things that are related to the same topic so that it may grab attention and does not seen to be repetitive.

4. Posting new content

Posting a fresh, unique content at the right place and right time always attract the vision of the people. Do not forget to use very engaging post for that can only be a medium to break the competition and earn!

5. Writing post that can be useful for the reader

The post should always concentrate on the usefulness of the readers. It should always be on the question that why anybody would read your post?what benefit they can get?

By posting in this way the material becomes meaningful for the people.

6. Personal interaction

Social media is the place to establish bond with people. It is usually seen that customers tend to buy products that do not use a promotional campaign to catch their attention. Personal interactions with the brand on twitter can creates a authority and trust in the mind of the customers as compared to the simple sales driven advertisements.

7. Story telling

Using headlines are too common will not going to tap the interest quotient of the followers. Storytelling format should be used to direct the followers to go through the post. Here the point to remember is, stories helps to connect the people on personal level and hence it can be used to attract the attention. 

8. Use visual graphics

 Visually attractive content are bound to catch the attention of the followers. Using graphics that are unique and engaging can prove to be a plus point.

9. Using relevant hashtags

Hashtag represents the topic on which the post is. Using proper hashtag can bring the content in front of millions of twitter users that are trying to get information on the particular topic. For example, if i am writing on social media then my twitter post will have #social media. Anybody who is searching for social media related content can come across my post. This exposure helps to increase the reach of the brand.

10. Retweeting

Retweeting means that when you like somebodies post and you share that with your followers. Retweeting gives a feeling of appreciation to the follower. If you retweet somebodies post it quite obvious that he will return on to retweet your post sometime later. This gives an exposure to the brand to million of people without any significant effort.

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