Boosting SEO by Social Media marketing


Boosting SEO by Social Media marketing

Social media marketing and SEO is like sisters from different mothers. Both are inbound and organic strategies that helps to build a charming identity that can attract traffic. Social media works on the base of a strong quality content, with a solid brand presence. Hence a stronger SEO means better social media presence of the customers. Since social media is the most attractive part of the digital space, higher presence in social media would lead to better search ranking.

Website ranking companies also recognises the relation that social media marketing and seo has. In this article we will go through certain strategies that can help to boost SEO by the means of social media marketing strategies.

Increasing the followers:

A company which has thousands of followers will always have a reach lesser than the company that has crores of followers. The logic remains very simple, more the follower better the search ranking of the company. Building followers is a time taking affair but with consistent performance it can be achieved. Generating unique content, discussion on general items, enquiries of the product, directly communicating with the people,providing consistent valuable information through post can earn a good amount of followers. Communication with the followers makes a bond between the organization and the people, that help to retain the brand presence in the mind of the customers.

 Accelerating potential inbound links

Social media platforms gives the privilege to add external sites to your content to verify the usefulness of the content. The more amount of external links the better in the eyes of google but the content used should be interesting and informative otherwise external link will not work.

 Social media acts as a broadcasting channel , thus it becomes important to highlight the content by hashtags to increase visibility.

Increase sharing of the post:

Sharing of the post means validating the content posted. More number of share, likes, tweets the merrier. Sharing increases the brand authority like external links. To encourage the sharing process direct appeals is the best option. For example by offering certain discounts on a product, followers can be requested to share or like the post or by sharing views on a  burning topic and asking people to share or like , if they agree to it. These strategies helps to gain many likes and shares that in return increases the reach of the company to its potential customers.

Locally  optimized post

According to local seo services, social media gives the privilege to include the local community specific post that can connect people directly. Posting photos, videos of the events where company participate in a local fairs or exhibitions of the community should be highlighted and followers should be encouraged to comment or like on them. This action would lead to stronger visibility in local searches

Brand awareness

It is a prerequisite for boosting SEO to have engaging and high quality content. This will initiate a strong brand presence in social media which in turn means that people would recognize the brand more. This recognition would lead to better ranking. 

Social media is a vast ocean of opportunity. It gives the privilege to interact with people directly and understand their needs. To increase the ranking in google it important to give satisfaction to the customer base and that can be done only by giving the best that the company can offer. Remember a satisfied existing customer is a door to many potential customers. 

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