Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Important Terms of SEO


Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Important Terms of SEO

In this era of technology where there’s no shortage of businesses running online, the struggle for appearing on the top searches and driving traffic to the website has become the need of the hour. SEO makes it possible for those companies who’re looking for business growth by getting repetitive visitors. If you’ve heard enough of this term, then you must be aware of the fact that Search Engine Optimization is as vast as the ocean. As it cannot be understood overnight, we have come up with this write-up that will help you gain a fair understanding of this word; the entire digital world is going crazy over.

The professionals working in the top 10 SEO companies in Atlanta believe that to get started with the SEO, it’s essential to know about its terms that make an SEO work in the way it is supposed to. Let’s comprehend the most significant terms it holds one by one:

Market Research

SEO practices are applied with the intent to boost the online presence of any kind of business. It works to get the businesses to appear in front of thousands of people who can be the frequent buyers or visitors of the website. But to get this thing done rightfully, it’s essential to create an effective SEO strategy which cannot be formulated without conducting proper market research.

It will help you gain an insight on the needs of your customers, what exactly your target audience is looking for, what are the most relevant keywords and phrases they use, and keywords your direct competitors are ranking well for. By getting enough of this information, you can construct an SEO strategy so when your customers search, they find you, not your competitors.

Competitive Analysis

It is one of the vital steps that you can’t afford to miss out on. If you’re wondering why it is so critical, then here are the reasons for the same:

1.     To find what kind of tactics they’re following

2.     To get the link opportunities

3.     To know the keywords they’re ranking for

4.     To analyze their offline strategies

5.   To have a bigger picture of the social media campaign they’re running

6.     To examine their website design, whether it is mobile friendly or not.

7.   To do content analysis as it’s rightly said that the websites with unique content rank high.

In order to understand your business rivals, competitive analysis is what you can always vouch for. Now you know how to beat those who are throwing a challenge on you, isn’t it?

Keyword Research

It is all about identifying the key phrases that are mostly used by people on search engines to seek relevant information. If you’ve known about the actual search terms, then you can build a keyword strategy that helps you get found whenever someone looks for the services or products you specifically offer.

According to the professionals serving in the best SEO company in Atlanta, keyword research is the most important element for Search Engine Optimization as it provides the roadmap for creating quality content. When doing keyword research, first focus on the mission of your business. Ask yourself- who are you? What do you offer to customers? What makes you stand out from the crowd? Take your time to answer them precisely. Once you are done with this step, jump to the next one and create a list of the keywords you want to be searched for. You can use several tools for keyword research that are available on the internet. The next step is to make a list of the long-tail keywords which are more specific. And in the end, you can create landing pages. Once you know the keywords, start with writing unique content on each one of them.

URL Structure

URL is the Uniform Resource Locator that specifies the location of a resource on the internet. As it is read by both humans and search engines, it should make sense and has to be comprehensible. URL is the most basic SEO technique as it helps the website rank better than the sites with incorrect suboptimal URLs. It consists of some important elements, such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the file name of the requested source, the domain name of the website, and the subdirectory of the file.

Meta Tags

They are the invisible tags that describe a page’s content and make it easy for search engines and website visitors to know what your content is all about. There are six Meta Tags to enhance the optimization of your website.

1.     Title Tag: For improved results, the title must have the right keyword. It should not be more than 55 characters and has to be descriptive as it offers a preview of your content.

2.     Meta Description: It summarizes the web page and can be shown below the title tag in search results. As it appears at the top of the search result, it must contain an accurate description of the content used in your page.

3.     Robots Meta Tag: It helps the search engines to inform which pages of the site you want to get indexed. It instructs the search engine crawler not to index a section of the site.

4.     Header Tags (h1, h2, h3): These are used when you structure your content and add headings that highlight the importance of each section clearly. Remember that quality matters over the quantity. So, no don’t run after the overuse of headlines in the content, rather focus on breaking the contact and introducing the main point of each section tactfully.

5. Alt TagIt is added to the image so that the search engines can read it. But before creating the alt tags for images, it is important to have informative file names. Moreover, the image should be original and the text is written has to be succinct up to 50-55 characters.

6.  Canonical Tag: If you have identical pages on your website, then it’s important to make the search engines aware of which one to prioritize. So, instead of putting Google in a big-time confusion and losing your rankings on the SERPs, use the canonical tag and let the right URL identified. 

7. Social Media Meta Tags Open GraphThese are designed to promote the website URLs on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They help you control the content of the page when you share it on any of these platforms.

Content Optimization

The content written for your webpage should consist of the relevant keywords, title tags, Meta tags, broken links, etc. so that it seems attractive to search engines. Top 10 SEO companies in Austin swear by this term when it comes to winning the credibility of the site in front of the visitors. Furthermore, SEO experts suggest that content should be written in such a way that it makes sense to the readers, attracts & engages them.

Duplicate Content

Is your website’s content offering a fresh piece of information to the readers? If not, then it is a duplicate content which is referred to as a written material that is present on multiple pages and adding no value to the visitors. Having a copied content in your site can adversely affect the SEO performance. Thus, the SEO experts serving in Austin SEO companies suggest that it is preferable to use unique and high-quality content in the web pages.

Internal Linking

As its name suggests, internal linking is all about linking two different pages of a website so that visitors can be redirected from one page to another if they want to seek more information from a site. Therefore, it provides the readers with more options to read about a service/product. On top of it, it improves the ranking for certain keywords and helps Google index pages more effectively.

External Linking

When your website links to another website, it is referred to as external linking. To boost your position on the search engine result page, external links are used. They provide additional information to the readers and uplift the ranking of the site. There are two types of external links: incoming external links and outgoing external links.

Google Analytics

To analyze the website traffic and assess the success rate of the site, it is a free web analytics tool which is offered by Google. It contains a tracking code which helps to record the activities of the visitors along with their essential attributes, such as age, gender, demographics, and interests. Then, it sends all the information to the Google Analytics server the moment user exits the website. It is extremely helpful in analyzing the performance of the website as believed by the professionals of the top 10 SEO companies in Miami.

Google Webmaster

Out of many tools, you will find this tool the best as it helps you monitor your site’s execution, expel the content sections you don’t want Google to index, and identify issues. You can easily alter the way Google examines your site by adjusting the crawl rate, checking the keywords typed, reviewing the search queries inserted by users, monitoring the configuration of the site whether or not it is in accordance with the search engines. 

Aforementioned were the terms that make an SEO so powerful that can change the destiny of an online business. We hope that this article was a worthy read for you. So if you too want your business to thrive month after month, then swing on by the SEO techniques and ideas to experience a humongous growth like you must have not experienced before!

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