Title tags are a crucial element of SEO. Title tags are regarded important in terms of Search engine ranking and also for search engines as well. These are actually the clickable links that appear in search engine result.

What is Title Tag?

The title tag is HTML title element that is used for describing the topic or theme of an online document precisely. The title tags are displayed in two places:

  1. Internet browser

The text displayed in the top bar of the browser

 2. Search result page

Search engine results show the title tags of the document along with meta description tag.


The elements in the Title tag are:

  • Define a title in the browser toolbar

  • Provide the title for the page when it is added to favorites.

  • Displays the title for the page in the search engine results.

If you go through the SEO Title tag best practice, web pages then a title tag should be such that communicate the topic web pages clearly to the search bot and also to the visitors. You have only 70 characters in Title tag to make people understand the nature of the website.

An importance of title tag?

The title tag is regarded as an important component of on-page SEO element that can affect the search engine ranking significantly. There are different signals that a title tag can send the search engines. For example, a title tag should contain keywords that the website is targeting.

How should title tag be written?

While structuring the title tag there are some best practices that should be followed:

  1. Lead with the most important keyword phrase.

  2. Make the title easy and understandable for users

  3. Don’t stuff the title tag with the bunch of keywords because that can lead to confusion.

  4. Every title tag should be unique in itself.

It is not a bad idea to frame a Title tag writing formula that you can use throughout the site

This may look like

{main keyword phrase}: {secondary keyword phrase}- {company name}

The important point to note that the company name should be kept at the last. This is because the main target is to get better rank in search results. We see this mistake being committed frequently by companies. You should not join the league.


The importance of title tag in SEO is quite evident. Hence it is better to frame the title tag nicely to rank better in SERPs.

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