The Past,Present & Future Of Meta Description: How Would It Affects The Marketers?


The Past,Present & Future Of Meta Description: How Would It Affects The Marketers?

Meta descriptions as known by most of us is a HTML attributes that make Google understand the webpage’s content with the help of a short summary. Till 2017, this short summary was of 160 character maximum to make Google produce it below the link of the site in the SERPs. 

In the other way round, Google generates its own ideal description in place.

The second scenario is very frequently observed. This usually happens when Google finds that the page’s metadata is somewhat misleading or badly done which cannot explain exactly the reflection of the page content to the users. Google still shorten up the meta description which are given really long and substitutes it with something which is more specific for a webpage. 

However, Google has announced the expansion of meta description upto 320 character to facilitate users with more valuable informations.

The Present State Of Meta Description

According to experts from Miami SEO agencies, Google is making frequent changes in meta description in order to offer the best of information to users on SERPs. This way users will be able to easily understand the content. This kind of illustration clearly depicts the importance of meta description and the unlikelihood of going extinct easily.

Meta description from its inception in 2009 has never been a direct ranking signal. However, meta description holds the ability to significantly improve webpage performance. These are incredibly important and should be treated as an important factor by webmasters. Meta description should be a well crafted content piece which is meant to educate users as well as improve the page performance, its visibility and also influences click through rate by its positive impact.

Is There Any Chance Of Meta Description Going Extinct?

Why would you think that meta description may go extinct?

Well, the biggest reason is the spammy practices which has been continuously done in metadata as it is users controlled and they continue to modulate them based on their target to achieve.

It is a general fact which is known my most of the people using meta keywords does not create any effect on the webpage performance or visibility in any ways. However, the most uninformed webmaster tends to stuff keywords for getting better ranking signals from Google.

Google completely ignores the usage of meta keywords which lead to people think that the similar thing happens in meta description as well but eventually it doesn’t!

Google provides a strong emphasis on meta description. It wants that the meta description should adequately represent the content of page, be unique for each page of a site and fit within a limited character range. 

Meta description is regarded important as:

  •  its main goal is to supply users with information which they are looking in a much faster and convenient format.

  • It is one of those few elements of SEO which are governed by site marketers and this is the reason it holds so much importance.

If a meta description given access to directly affect ranking, it would had created a havoc as similar to meta keyword stuffed. On the contrary, if it is removed Google will face problem in providing information to users searching for certain content type.

What Holds In Future For Meta Description?

In the future of meta description as suggest by local SEO company experts, there would be no less value for meta description. It will be equally valued like today because they have the work of summarizing the site content for the user and also serves as a most important part of the changing landscape of SERPs.

In order to eradicate meta description, it is important to have an even better substitute for it which isn’t available!

The idea of Google generating appropriate meta description for websites who’s meta description is not appropriate is also not a futuristic idea as it creates even more load for the search engine.

Also in Google is trying to keep the webmaster much informed and equipped for the right kind of content thus, generating meta by search engine would hinder this purpose of the search engine.

It is quite likely that Google would continue to use meta description as part of SERPs and with extension of meta description length, Google has made it even more important for consideration.

Make sure marketers put strong emphasis on meta description as stated by Google. Creating unique and useful content can create a sure short success for the website and make it stand ahead of competition.

How Does Marketers Gets Affected?

Like always, SEO professionals and marketers should remain giving importance to meta description along with website meta data and on page element with a more consistent and thoughtful approach.

The metadata of a websites is more like a backbone of website in the organic searches. Also meta description is the only element which is controlled by web publishers not within website but also in SERPs. To understand in the most easiest way, meta description is like free advertisement in Google for each page of a website and who does not want to gain a presence on SERPs just for free?

Having said that meta description is like free advertising, the optimization of them just don’t include keywords and proper number of character to get reflected ideally but it should also aim to provide specific intent.

While marketers targets informational keywords with information on page content marketers should use information wordings that ideally suit the purpose of users and content. Marketers should always prefer using meta description as a tool to communicate with searchers who are looking for answer. At the same time, when the page content becomes transactional, marketers should consider using more actionable and purchase driven language to get users click on the page and get converted easily.

 In general a well constructed, labelled meta description can help websites standout and get more traffic and clicks but it also perform better by producing quality traffic.


It is very important on the part of the marketers to produce high quality meta description as well as title tags,header tags and image attribute to see positive effect by the way of improving organic search traffic and performance. This way website can get benefitted for a long time, as meta description will continue to be the unseen future of search.

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