Meta Tags Impact SEO, But How? – Let’s Check!


Meta Tags Impact SEO, But How? – Let’s Check!

Before moving towards the Meta tags impact on SEO, let’s touch the basics and find the answer of some essential questions like what is Meta Tag? 

What is Meta Tag?

Meta tag is the brief extract of a web page’s entire content, which is not the part of web page, but holds their place in the source code file. If we are the part of blog culture, then we are familiar with tags, and Meta tags are more or less comprises same attributes. In plain words, it can be defined as a short description providing an exposure to a web page for search engine result pages (SERP). Being a part of your HTML page, the Meta tags are added to the <head> section.

What Meta Tags do in SEO?

Meta tags help a web page to get represented in a more suitable form which is more likely to the search engines. It means they make their contribution in SEO, but not all the time and not all tags. SEO-wise, Meta tags help a web page to increase their rankings in the search results if used appropriately; otherwise, search engine algorithm spams the web page. 

In this article, we are going to dig deeper about which Meta Tags will be useful and which have become outdated.

You can find the Meta tag of a page, by right-clicking and selecting the page source.


This is how Meta tags look like:


Do Meta Tags impact search engine results page (SERP)?

In some scenarios, Meta tags do impact the search engine result page, but it has a dependency on various aspects. The search engines like Google select and display its own extract for a web page, by considering all the influencing factors available on the web page. This statement indicates that Google itself evaluates the page’s extracts to be showed for the search results.

What are the types of Meta Tags?

Meta Tags comprises four major types, for which we are going to discuss in detail later in this composition. Among four Meta tags, some of them help a web page by giving an appropriate description to Google about the page, but some are not very useful to be used on regular basis.

Meta Description – This tag holds a brief description about the web page.

Meta Keywords – This tag holds a set of keywords that shows their relevancy with the page.

Title Tag – This holds the text for the top of the browser. Google and other search engines treat this text as the title of a web page.

Meta Robots – This tag provides a signal to the search engine crawlers that how they should treat the page.

Details about Meta Description tags

Meta Description tags do not hold importance for the page rankings, but these tags are very essential to get maximum clicks from SERPs. With this description, the web page finds a platform for promoting the page content for users and enables them to know briefly about what entire page says.

Being an important factor, the Meta description tags should be embedded with proficient keywords intelligently, while enabling the user to click. Relevancy with the page and unique description is considered as a key if you want to maximize the number of clicks. An optimal Meta description should hold characters in between 150-160.


SEO Best Practices for Meta Description

As we already mentioned, Meta description tag is still important from both perspective – the searcher and the search engines.


The best practices of Meta description for SEO can be understood with some scenarios. If your page comprises informational content, then you can easily generate the Meta description by the query being answered through your content or with a phrase which eventually describes your page. Following, we have outlined the consideration points for effectual meta description.

·         Meta description for a page should be unique.

·         Do not stuff your description with keywords.

·         Include keywords wisely into the Meta description.

·         Meta description should not be more than 160 characters.

·         It should be plain and easy-to-understand for a user so that he could figure out the crux of a web page.

Does every page require Meta description tag?

The answer is yes! Google states that each and every page of a website should have Meta description. An intelligent description reflects a quality page and holds prominence to increase the page rankings. In addition, top SEO agencies also focus on building effective Meta description for good results.


Meta keywords tags – In Detail

For today’s SEO mechanism, using Meta keywords does not make any sense. Previously, they were considered beneficial for page rankings, but now they are not. Especially, Google has stamped out the Meta Keywords tags, but other search engines still consider these tags for search page results.

Moving back, some marketers used to include irrelevant keywords into the page’s code, in order to get pirate traffic from other famed pages. This practice by marketers is known as keyword stuffing. But now, Google is acting wise and it has stopped considering Meta keywords for page ranking algorithm.


Title Tag – In Detail

However, not at all like Meta keywords, Title tags are considered as the most important meta tag. The title plays a major role in making an impact on search rankings. These tags can be found at the top of the browser, alongside this tag also helps in organic searches.

For SEO purpose, the title text should be simple and understandable for a user, who will get a brief idea about the entire page.



Meta Robots – In Detail

The Meta Robots tag tells the search engines how to treat the page. It encloses two mechanisms such as:

Index or No Index – While using Meta robots tags, the marketer is asking the search engines to index the page or not. In other words, the search engine should display the page at search results or not.

Follow or no Follow – The meta robots tags indicates the search engines, that whether the available links on the page will be followed or not.

Implementing Meta Tags for SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

It is very easy to implement Meta tags for search engine marketing. You do not need a technical resource for such task, the all you need is some familiarity with HTML and you’ll be able to include these tags by yourself.

If you are willing to get better understanding on different Meta tags, then you can search for best local SEO services over the internet or connect with friends to the lead.

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