If you consider website a body then content is a soul of it.

 Eating pasta is always fun but eating pasta without salt or with too much salt is punishing. Consider the importance of salt in pasta equivalent to content in the website. 

A well strategized content will lead the website to be popular and low quality content can actually reverse it. There can be various views regarding the importance of content as a sole factor in generating traffic for website but the importance cannot completely denied.

Performing content audit for website is not that hard yet it is not easy as well. It is quite a time taking affair and it needs certain amount of planning as well. Content audit is must for a strong seo because high quality, creative content has a power to attract the attention of the potential customers.

Content audit is a process of analyzing the content of the whole website and then finding out the relevance and success. The data gathered from individual contents from the website will than become the deciding factor for analysing which content should be promoted, or which one to be updated and which one should be completely deleted. There are some advantages that are incurred for using content audit

  • If the seo audit is already done, content audit will give you another fresh insight.

  • If you do not have a content strategy yet, content audit will help you to start it.

  • Content audit will let you look in the analytics of the website that can further help to discover the latest trend in the industry.

A very crucial point that has to be remembered is, content audit is not meant for looking into blogs and website articles only. It also means going through every page of the website including homepage, contact page etc.


 Experts from Best seo company in denver explains that, the main motive behind content audit is to form a comprehensive list of the type of content used in the website, using spreadsheets or software tools. Content audit helps to strategize the content in a way that boost maximum conversion.

 The purpose of content audit is many like ,if you are planning to rebuild the infrastructure of the website, content audit will help you to remember the contents of different page used earlier. Content audit can be helpful in communicating with the content developers regarding rewriting or managing the content and comparing with the previous ones.

A successful content audit demands answers for these questions that are listed below for each piece of content that are about to be coming under the scrutiny.

  1. What is this content all about?

  2. Is this content updated?

  3. Does the content solve the purpose of users and the goals of the company?

  4. Can the content is easily locatable by the user?

  5. Is the content organized in a logical way?

  6. Does it contain basic seo elements?

  7. Does the content has consistent voice?

 The answers to these question will help to analyze the quality of the content that was used in the website.


  • Who will complete the audit?

Auditing the content of the website is quite a time taking and elaborate process, hence it is to be done by a team of at least two to three people. Depending on the size of the website the responsibilities should be divided to different individuals on the basis of by web page and by tasks. Dividing by web page means that each individual will be given a webpage to analyse the content and report back. In by task each person is given individual task like one person can see the analytics, another can focus on links etc.

  • Using content tool or spreadsheet

Spreadsheet are to be used to save the data coming from the audit. This data is beneficial for the future audits as well. Few things that should be recorded in spreadsheet are:

  • Date of the audit

  • Title of content

  • Keyword and audience

  • Traffic

  • Social popularity

  • Author

  • Page name

  • Navigation title


Content audit helps to boost seo by identifying the weakest points of website’s seo by word counts, meta descriptions, various tags that are related to each piece of content used in website. Search engines are continuously updating their algorithms which has lead to changes in the trend of keyword stuffing in the contents of the website for generating traffic.  Experts in Seo services from San Diego indicates that content audits helps to analyse which content is generating maximum traffic and of course what it is the pertinent reason behind it.

Seo elements like meta description, heading, title tags, keywords, image used etc are collected in content inventory. Optimizing content of the website needs analysing these variables and their performances.

 Discussion done above clearly portrays the importance of content audit.Content is the backbone of seo and to boost the seo it is vital to have content evaluation to gauge its performance on search engines.

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