Do Not Forget About Visual Content Marketing


Do Not Forget About Visual Content Marketing

Visual Content marketing is as the name suggests more and more videos, graphics and images on your website. Not only this, a well optimized, quality oriented visual content is more applicable. Why?

Let us go through some of the latest stats many seo like orlando seo services have brought forward :

  • Studies show that visitors are more attracted towards coloured visuals and increases the curiosity of the reader up to 80%.

  • Any information read by the reader is retained till 3 days but only 10% of it while if that content is accompanied by images then that news is retained up to 65% three days later also.

  • 46% of marketers consider photography as their greatest asset.

  • Content accompanied with relevant pictures and videos attains 94% more attention.

  • Video word if used in title of any email will boost open rates till 19% and click through rates by 65%.

So what did you understand by these stats and illustrations? There is some power in these visual contents whether it is a video, an image or any graphics. 

Let us see what phoenix seo has to say a good content should first of all focus on the purpose because if there is no well defined purpose then there is no specific path to move forward. Create a quality content and decorate it with good videos and images. 

Have glance on how effective these social media  contents are :

  • Video 69%

  • Infographic 50%

  • Blog post 35%

  • Article 31%

  • Case Studie 29%

  • Report 25%

  • White Paper 14%

  • Podcast 6%

Looking at this list one thing is confirmed that visual content is the key for marketing. No more white papers and articles are the king, now visual is becoming the ultimate rule. 

Types of Visual Content you can apply :

  • Infographics : Use a little infographic and pin it to pinterest and then later direct the visitor on the larger infographic on your site.

  • Videos : You all know very well how to use them. A good quality video both in content and resolution is desired.

  • ebooks : They can be related to the infographics you created.

  • Slide deck : Create one to keep a backup of any presentation from any team meeting.

  • Motion graphics : They are similar to moving pictures and create an effect on the reader. So try to create some of your own motion graphics related to the content.

How to monetize your visual content :

  • Instagram Channel : There are two ways to monetize one is to sell actual prints from your followers and it is quite effective also and the second way is to sell the digital rights but this will go a little tricky. Both these methods have always proved out to be beneficial in the long run.

  • Ad Revenue : You can get a good amount by placing images in ads. If you do not want to monetize your images then too you do not have to worry. You can use the gallery of the pre available photos to place your ads.

  • You tube : Many famous names have gained their fame from YouTube. How? Just post your video there and if it is relevant and according to the demand you will earn a lot. From ad revenue to lead generation there are many opportunities with YouTube.

  • Convert your visual content into real time products : Turn your talent into actual product and this is the best way to monetize. You can turn your visuals into holiday cards or posters. 

All you need is to monitor your social media, be active and engaged there. Do not forget to comment and show your active participation and develop your visual content based on some purpose.

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