Every marketer who is trying their hands in marketing would want to incur highest return on investment. Emerging platforms always have lower charges in their initial phase as compared to the popular ones. A business minded marketer would definitely take this opportunity to market itself in such platforms.

Today snapchat is also in its initial stages of popularity but it already has millions of followers and is still growing. These followers can be a huge bunch of potential customers that marketers are looking for. Some of the marketers have the view that snapchat is just a private messaging app that does not have much to do with marketing the brand. However there are brands and content curators that are using snapchat to generate unique and engaging daily stories for the platform. Daily stories in snapchat last for 24 hours after the posting. Boston seo company suggest that snapchat can be used by marketers to post stream of pictures, videos, running commentary that can hold the attention of the followers and wow them to the point that they get converted for purchasing the product.

Since snapchat has not become as popular as Facebook and twitter, marketers are scared to try this platform because they don’t know how this platform would fit into their marketing mix. A typical marketing steps include awareness than interest for the product and finally evaluation.

Snapchat works best at the interest phase wherein snapchat can be used to deliver content that are unique and different from the other platforms.

Lets focus on some of the points that can help marketers to use snapchat effectively for the growth of their brand.

  • Providing access to live events:

Snapchat is the best place to serve real time social media experience to the followers. In snapchat followers can access the live videos. Brands can use live videos like product launch, trade shows etc to grab the attention of the followers. Seo service in dallas advocates that snapchat helps the brand to prove their trustworthiness and authenticity by connecting followers live in the events.

  • Delivers private content

Snapchat allows the brand to put something different in front of the followers that they have never seen in other platforms. For example, fashion brands like Rebecca Minkoff and Michael Kors has debuted their collection on snapchat before launching their collection on the runway.

By doing this followers feel that they have become part of the brand that they are following.

  • Offering discounts

Everybody loves to earn free goodies and discounts. So the brands have to come up with strategy that can help the followers to come back to them as often as possible. For example. Promo codes or discount can be offered to those who completely watches the story of the brand. Brands can even ask followers to take pictures of themselves and post while they are reading snapchat story to win hamper.

These strategies helps to connect the brand and establish a two way communication channel along with earning their loyalty and engaging the followers with something that is fun for them.

  • Stories behind the curtain

Something which is different and beyond the conventional way always attracts the attention. Companies can use their behind the scene moments on snapchat. Portray to followers that your company is not among the conventional business units. For example, birthday parties celebrated in the office or the rush behind the curtain before a product launch etc. can create a image that is quite different. By sharing the lighter moments of the company,followers feel more connected on emotional basis rather than just a group member.

  • Partnering influencers

Importance of influencers is everywhere regardless of the difference in social media platforms. snapchat influencer also enjoy strong followers base and using one of them is always beneficilly to spread the brand presence. By partnering with influencers helps to connect with those demographics that are difficult to reach.

Snapchat is still a growing platform and hence the engagement level is higher in the people. For marketers this can be a right time to invest in the platform because as soon as it becomes crowded, the competition level would also increase.

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