How to Master Advanced SEO Process and Double Your Traffic?


How to Master Advanced SEO Process and Double Your Traffic?

If you are like most SEOs, you will definitely invest most of your time in reading more SEO hacks which could kickstart your Google rankings. In fact, I also spend the bunch of hours in reading more strategies and finally realized that none of those tactics helped me in delivering the results that I was intended to! 

Well, the SEO blueprint is an ongoing and massive and results can't be achieved overnight. That's why I plan to simplify the process that helps even the newbie to gain the higher ranking of their website among Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Advanced SEO process believes that user has the basic knowledge of SEO. if not, you can go through our beginners guide to SEO.

Basically, advanced SEO require paying attention to 4 major area. This include:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Content creation
  3. On-page optimization techniques
  4. Link building

Enough talkings for now. Let's dig it out deeply!


#1. Everyone works harder, now it's time to work smarter

Keyword research could take more time or less, it could be simple or hard but make sure the process you follow must be fun! Follow the best way to conduct best keyword research, just the right way.

Check out what are the common mistakes that people usually make while conducting the keyword research:

  • Picking too broad keyword
  • A Keyword which has the highest competition
  • Keywords that don't attract clicks
  • Keywords that don't bring conversions
  • Underestimating the role of keyword density

In fact, many people fail in SEO because they try to put in efforts and try to achieve higher ranking for the single keyword! It is rather, easier to achieve top position by targeting 100s of keyword and using focusing on long-tail keywords that people actually look for!

#2. Focus on Multiple themed keywords

Using the keyword themes is a perfect solution for many problems. Why focus on a sing keyword when you can achieve better ranking by focusing on many keywords? It offers even more breathtaking results.

You know what products or services you are offering to your customer and which keyword they can target to get the desired results. Analyze whether you need to attract more traffic or bring more conversions or achieve both altogether. Define a theme! The more precisely you define it, the easier it will become to rank!

Don't target a single keyword, rather widen your target. 

#3. Add specificity to keywords

Focus on targeting qualifiers that define your intent. You can also consider using Date; time; price; quality; intent; physical location as your qualifiers that add more specificity to your keywords. Know the need of your audience and choose the one that meets their needs. There are ways to untap keyword ideas and tools make the process actually easy!

#4. Know the competitive level and formulate the strategy

Once you gather the set of keywords, you need to analyze if those keywords could help you in achieving the higher ranking. Rank your competition. This can be done either by using tools to analyze the difficulty level or by monitoring the Search Engine Result Pages.

Determine the difficulty level for every keyword phrase. track the popular search result and ask yourself:

  • Are the first 10 results showing the keywords that you are trying to target?
  • Does title include the keyword, URL or in the content?
  • What is the inbound anchor text of the ranking websites?
  • Is it easy to provide high-quality resources?


#1. Create Value for your customers

Don't focus on including more words on your page that separate the values from the content differently. Though it is great to create a content that fits for all occasions but if your content is not offering value to your customers, all your efforts will go vain. 

Your content is of no use if it isn't providing the readers with something valuable. Sometimes, writing 100 words could help in meeting the results that even 10 words could do. 

Granted, generating words is 10 times easier than generating values but the reward that value offers is unmeasurable. Target the emotional response and perception of your viewers.

#2. Choose the right format

Do you know which structure could bring more traffic to your website? Well, there are tons of format available apart from textual content that could help in acquiring traffic the right way. Choose the appropriate format which delivers the value that you are intent. A few among those includes:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Interviews
  • FAQs
  • Webinar
  • Case studies
  • Guides

And of course, a combination of all!

The more formats you include in your content the more channel you can cover to get more traffics. 

#3. Title Description

Invest exactly the same amount of time you take while creating content. Sounds ridiculous? Well, this is the key to attract more clicks on your blog post. Write more than two titles for your post and choose the best one among them. 

#4. Content Quality

Don't focus on word count. Focus on creating the quality content that adds value to the content and offers the depth knowledge to your readers. Though Google has never revealed its ranking algorithm that it took into consideration while offering rankings to the website but it definitely reveals it distinguish the good content and bad content by using the defined guidelines. 

Analyze the quality of your content and you’ll observe that your long-form content might not rank but high-quality content definitely does!


#1. Learn the fundamentals

Before you plan to create content, website or attract traffic, make sure you learn the unnoticed On-Page ranking factors. Know how you can fix all the elements on your website and attain the attention of your audience. Whether it is about the keyword themes, image alt text, meta tags, internal linking or others, on-page optimization plays a key role when it comes to achieving the higher ranking of the website on search engine result pages. 

#2. Title Tags

Well, we assume you know the ranking techniques by creating a compelling title. In fact, Google accepted the fact that using the keywords in title tags have the great impact on the position of your website. But it strictly avoids ranking the over-optimized title tags. So, make sure you avoid unnecessary repetition of the keyword in title tags.

#3. Structured data and web pages

This is the simplest yet most effective rule of acquiring the higher ranking. Mark structured data on every aspect of the web page. Though, it did not affect the ranking of the website but helps a lot in the rich snippet and social media sharing. The takeaway here is, if you are not creating your web page with structured data, you will definitely lose a large chance of achieving ranking.


Well, most of the SEOs follow the 90-10 rule of link building and this act as the best way to achieve the higher ranking of the website. This rule of building links says that you must put your efforts 90% on creating quality content and 10% to link building. And if you aren't receiving desired results, it is because you are putting your efforts the wrong way. 

Creating a great content attracts helps in:

  • Great content makes it easier to attract more links
  • Gain more quality in a quick span of time
  • Links generate on the website automatically, without many efforts.

Don't let your content distract your links. A valuable content is a key to attract more traffic on the website and hence, provide better rankings among Search Engine Result Pages.

So, let's get started…!

Your website is the most powerful tool for your branding! In fact, your website is an essential source that helps in gaining trust. So make sure to provide the customers with the accurate information. 84% of your traffic comes after going through the information you provide them. 

SEO success is all about putting the right efforts in the right direction. 

Have you ever tried any of these advanced SEO techniques before? Which of them offers the best result to you? How much time did it take to deliver better results?

Share your thoughts, views and queries in our comment section below!

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