3 SEO ranking techniques to master in 2017.


3 SEO ranking techniques to master in 2017.

In today’s era keeping the visitor on your page has become one of the biggest challenge. The average time spent by the visitor on your post plays an important role in deciding the worth of your website. The best SEO companies make sure that they include every factor to keep the visitor busy on their client’s website. Even though backlinks continue to be the cornerstone of Google’s algorithm, it’s clear that user experience signals influence search engine rankings today. Moreover, Google’s top third ranking factor “RankBrain” itself makes use of these user experience signals. These signals basically tells about the interaction of user with the website.

On a very basic level Google could see how satisfied the users are and basically there are two major factors to decide the happiness levels. They are:

  •  Long Clicks - These long clicks send a very strong message to Google stating that the users are happy to use your site and are spending more time on your website. This eventually increase your rankings in search results.

  • Short Clicks (Pogo Sticking) -  The short clicks are an indication that your site is not of much worth for the users and they do not like to use it often. So, these short signals will in turn decrease the rankings of your site.

However, there are 3 very insanely effective techniques that you must use to  keep the visitor busy on your site. What is the real deal? How can we use them? Let’s have a look at 3 very practical techniques to learn in 2017.

  1. Bucket Brigades -  Bucket Brigades are words or phrases that help to keep people stuck on your page for long, using bucket brigades will increase the average time on your page. Although, nowadays it has become difficult to keep people engaged in reading long content on the page. No wonder you might use images, videos and story telling but maintaining the interest of the visitor is not an easy task. However, using Bucket Brigades like “Look”, “Bottom line”, “ I can’t explain enough” etc. opens a little information gap on their mind and they can’t help but read the next line in excitement.

In a nutshell, it can be said that whenever you have a place on your content where people might get bored and hit their “back” button add a bucket brigade. Some more examples are: “here is the deal”, “but there is a catch”, “what’s the real story?”, ”How can you actually use this?”, “why does this matter?” and many more. Since, now we have learned about these Bucket Brigades then why not use them and make readers stuck up with our pages.

    2. Benefit driven sub headings -   In a page full with content the one thing which can help a lot in keeping the visitor busy are the sub headings. The sub headings will break the content in suitable parts that can be referred by the user easily. However, using random sub headings won't help much but rather we should focus on using benefit driven sub headings. These subheadings are just different  from random sub headings, they create such an impact on the visitor that he is lurked towards the content hidden  in the paragraph followed by the subheading. So, next time while breaking the page into subheadings make sure you don’t do it by using random words, in fact use benefit driven

Subheadings which will show the worth of your content to the visitor.

    3. The APP Formula - When someone visits your page through Google, you have only 2 seconds to convince them to stick on to your page. Yes, not 10, not 5, but only 2 secs. However, if the visitor leaves your page in 2 secs then it is a different story, but if you hit your visitor off with something amazing right of the back there are much more chances that the visitor will stick around. An we have learned so far, this boosting time of visitor on a page can be very important for our page rankings.

The final technique is the App Formula, this formula is a proven content introduction framework, designed to keep google visitor on your page. In the formula,

  •   “A” stands for AGREE it  means the reader has to agree to what you are saying. It is done by using relevant keywords that the visitor is looking on the internet. So, the keywords used in your content must be able to make a relation with the user.

  • “P” stands for PROMISE it means that you should show the user what do you have in stock for him. You should be able to solve the problem he is looking for, to the point at once. Moreover, make sure to do it in such a way that the visitor should return to your page if next time he faces the same problem.

  • “P” stands for PREVIEW it means that you should show the visitor how you solved the problem or the steps you took to solve that problem there and then. This can be done by showing quick previews on your site. The previews have a great impact on the visitors and they tend to incline towards the site lending more previews to them.

    So, these were the 3 important techniques that must be used by every SEO company to be amongst the best SEO companies in the world in 2017.

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