3 Recipes to Create a Perfect Content for All the Occasions


3 Recipes to Create a Perfect Content for All the Occasions

Perfect content! Well, there cannot be one perfect content to serve all your needs. Sometimes, gaining audiences is important while other times, getting conversions is primary. Sometimes, you just have to get the attention of social influencers. So, without wasting your time in general introduction, let us start giving the actual recipes suggest by good SEO Agencies.

Recipe #1.

Best for: Getting links


  1. Visuals: A picture is worth a thousand words and when it is accompanied with them, it becomes priceless. Try different visuals; doodles, infographics, videos, animation etc.

  2. Quality: Websites and blogs would like to link to you only when they see a utility in your content. On the internet, there is no scarcity of ideas but if you can show the clear utility, the chance of getting links increases.

  3. A captivating title: The journey to getting links starts from an interesting title and relevant too. If you draft your titles in an amazing way such that it can gain the interest of web owners, inbound links are sure.

  4. Strong background story: Every content should have an aim, a reason for which it is created. If you create content for the sake of continuity, it is pretty much useless. Start your content with a nice story, a story which interests everyone. Storytelling is the most powerful tool to attract the audience.

  5. Belonging element: Only when your content has something with which people can relate themselves, they can see that this thing can be beneficial for them or they have the same issues which you are demonstrating, then the likelihood of getting links increases. Targeting demographics is one thing, targeting heart is another.

  6. Timeless subjects: Sometimes, we write about trending topics but after some time, traffic is reduced on such posts. If you want to get constant traffic, try to write on subjects which are evergreen. You can also update such posts to gain more audiences.


Take a timeless subject in a bowl and add quality and some visuals to it. Add a strong background story and a belonging element. Garnish the dish with a captivating title.

Tip: Use popular subjects which have gained popularity in the past too. The chances are fair that they are liked again.

How to serve:

You can serve this dish by two methods. Firstly, you can  publish it on your social media such that a large number of people can view it. Among these people, some will be web owners and influential people in your niche who can potentially link. Another method is you can email that content to some influencers with whom you want to associate. When you give such a preferential treatment to them, they will most likely link to you.

Recipe #2. 

Best for: Getting Conversions


  1. Empathy: People will buy from you only when you tell them that you understand their problem. Maybe you can start by saying that you have suffered the same issue and then you got the idea to create this solution. Try to aim their heart rather than the brain.

  2. Solution: After building up the problem, provide a solution. This solution should be authentic and not just for some group of audiences. The solution should deliver what is promised.

  3. Answers (that no one provides): Many people provide solutions, but they are not ready to provide their deepest darkest secrets. When there is a veil in between, people cannot trust you and forget about conversions. Answer what others hesitate to.

  4. Proof for being best: Now, prove your readers that your solution is the best. You should not write that your competitor is all bad, you should provide a competitive analysis so that they can decide on their own, which one to select.


The order of adding ingredients is important for this dish. If you add No. 4 before No. 2, all your efforts would go vain. People would  not like your product and you will face a failure. However, when you add all the ingredients in the order they are mentioned, the finished product would be a huge success. Not only you will get audiences, they would convert too.

Tip: Draft your content from audience’s point-of-view. After writing, check again and put yourself in the place of audiences to find out whether or not, your content is actually useful.

How to serve:

Include important keywords in your content to get audiences from organic results. Serve the dish on social media to get redirects. You can also email to the subscribers who want to get associated but waiting for a particular instance. You can also email it to the customers who have converted in the past.

Recipe #3

Best for: Getting Links


  1. Ingredients from recipe No.1: Of course, in order to gain audiences, you have to create quality content with nice visuals and strong background story with which audiences can relate to.

  2. Interactive element: Now, reading a post is not sufficient, when audiences find that the article is interactive, they come to a step closer to you. They not only show more interest, there is a chance that they hit the like and subscribe button.

  3. Facts and Truth: The sure way to gain audience’s trust is if you are truthful with them. No matter how painful a truth may be, there is always a correct method to present it. When you are completely transparent with them, they surely subscribe.

  4. Insights (from industry experts): There are some important things that only an expert can teach you. While we all create a content, a comprehensive content with the deep knowledge of everything that is needed is always appreciated. Interview industry experts and add their insightful thoughts to the content.


Mix all the ingredients together and cook to make a viral content.

Tip: Read Q&A forums online and find out the common questions that people usually ask about the subject. When you create what they want, you get subscribers for sure.

How to serve: 

You can serve this dish in various ways, in fact, use all the ways at once. Post the content on social media, which is a must. Post it on your blog to get audiences and links as well. Ask your influencers to post it in their blog or link to their YouTube channel or talk about it on their social media handle.

Make your content according to these recipes for the different occasions to get most of appreciations and success. As best SEO  Companies has told us that there is no one strategy for all your needs, you have to mix, match, try, and learn.

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