Digital marketing brought social media marketing with it. Earlier social media marketing was easy as there were less number of social media platforms and people had lesser knowledge about it. But now the scenario has completely changed. Social media has reached to the people beyond geographical, physical and social boundaries and the credit goes to none other than technological innovations.

Increase in the number of users in social media has made the platforms as the most competitive marketing zones. Today every marketer targets social media to promote its brand but just having a social media marketing strategy will not be sufficient. Brands will have to make efforts to deliver consistent message to the customers to gain a loyal customer base. An effective  communication benefits the marketer to communicate the philosophy of the company to its customers. This effort can change the overall response pattern of the customers towards the brand. Having a good structured communication plan gives following benefits:

  • An effective communication strategy will give a unique personality to the brand that the customers will be able to relate too.

  • Customers can differentiate the brand among the bunch of others already existing

  • Image of the brand will be more prominent in the mind of the customer

  • Brand authority will get boosted.

  • Customers engagement and loyalty towards the brand would increase significantly.

Social media marketing can only be successful, when the brand’s presence in social media platforms is strong. Chicago seo services advocates that effective social media presence can help to increase the conversion rate of potential customers. Let us focus on some of the factors that can help a brand to maintain a consistent presence.

  1. Design and Graphics:

The look of the brand is determined by the layout, colour, pattern of logo and other design elements. The visual identity of the brand is affected by doing significant changes in these elements. While using facebook, twitter etc there are multiple tools that can be used to bring out an attractive brand personality and convey the message of the brand but along with being creative following things should be kept in mind:

  • The layout, colour scheme and logo of the brand should always be same regardless of the different platforms.

  • Similar tone and language should be used.

  • Email cards, newsletters and the official website should have similar design.

  • Keep a strong eye on the graphic element used across the platforms.

2. Brand voice:

Social media platforms is best used for informal communication with the customers to build a strong bond. Brands voice should be conveyed across the social media platforms to communicate what exactly the business deals about and what the customers should expect the brand to deliver. This type of communication can built a strong emotional bond between the customers and the brands.

3. Consistent content message:

It is important to use content that are consistent across the social media handles. Using varied type of content can confuse the customers and effect the conversion level ,says best seo service company in Kansas. Customers do not like to be bombarded with advertising stuff and social media is not just a platform for promotion. It is much more advanced and has several benefits that brands can incur.

4. Sharing curated content related to brand theme:

A common mistake that marketers often do is promoting their own products on the social media. The trick is not in promotion but to consistently hold the loyal customers base. Seo company rankings indicates the importance of carefully curated content used for social media.

Sharing interesting, informative or funny curated content can hold the customers attention but it is to be strongly kept in mind that the content should be related to the company’s business.

 For example, if you have a business of sports gear then you may update customers about latest development in sports field or an interview of a player etc.

5. Responding to the followers:

While answering on the comment or question of the followers on the social media platforms, it is to be kept in mind that tone of the answering should be same. Everyone has different preference of social media handles, some may have two accounts in two different handles or some may have only one. Despite of communicating in different handles, the customers should always feel that they are communicating with a single person.


 Anything that wants consistency needs to be backed by a full proof planning, commitment and experimentation. While maintaining the social media marketing campaign of a brand, efforts should be done to align the campaign with the business identity of the brand. When a brand becomes consistent, customers starts feeling loyal towards them and develop trust that further helps them to buy product from the company.

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