5 ways of optimizing hotel listing by SEO


5 ways of optimizing hotel listing by SEO

Travel and tourism industry is the most competitive industry among all. It requires to modify its offerings in the form of services in every possible interval and prove to be unique among its competitor. Uniqueness offered, individual attention and quality service can only bring its customers back to it. 

Today going out on tours are hassle free. We sit in front of our gadgets and within few clicks the hotel arrangements are done. But out of so many options for hotels available on search engines, we select only among the top results seen. Consultants from local seo company suggest that to grab attention of the customer's, hotels should also have a proper SEO. A strong SEO can only improve hotel ranking on the search engines and earn customer inflow by displaying the website higher in SERP.

According to the statistics given by chitika, 92% of the traffic goes to the sites listed on the first page of the search engine.

       Benefits of hotel seo are immense:

  • It keeps your hotel ahead of the competitors

  • Credibility of the hotel increases

  • Increases profitability

  • Enhances brand awareness

  • Definitely increases the customer inflow ratio.

To incur these benefit listed above, certain strategies can be followed. These strategies will help to improve the ranking of your hotel website.

1. Buying hotel price ads.

Purchasing hotel price ads helps google and google maps to showcase your hotel location, direction, prices offered across laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc.These ads will help travelers to find out your hotel easily along with the directions and other relevant detail. Hotel price ads also help in comparing the tariffs charged by different hotels and travel agents. It provides detail and relevant information to the tourist.

The ROI in hotel price ads are pretty high than other mediums and additionally it helps to let the visitors book the hotels directly and not via any travel agents.

2. Optimizing PPC ads

Best seo companies predicts that optimizing PPC will yield better results.it helps to reach the hotel website to its customers.  Over the years SERP have altered certain norms and are now giving importance to PPC ads.Hence optimizing PPC ads would mean a better ranking in the SERP and greater visibility to the potential customers.

3. Embracing own google+ page

It is important to mark presence in social media as well. Studies suggest that 70% of the Americans are driven to purchase hotel bookings by social media. Since google is widely popular in search engines, it would be a mistake to ignore the importance of google+ as social tool for the promotion of the hotel.

4. Using rich snippets

Rich snippets are valuable to improve the label of hotel website's HTML code and make Google,Yahoo and bing understand the content of the website well. These snippet would make the websites more attractive on SERP and increase the clickthroughrate. Some of the snippets are:



Star review ratings




5. Listing hotel on travel directories

Listing hotel in the top travel directories such as tripadvisor, Google My Business etc would increase the metrics of the business. These directories have a strong reach that can be useful to get identified among the potential clients.Listing of the hotel in these would also mean to be named in the top travel websites as well.

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