Importance of influencer marketing in digital platform


Importance of influencer marketing in digital platform

If i tell you to watch a particular movie like “la la land” for its directorial content, will you be interested to go ahead and watch? Well i have my doubts. Think of Tim Burton or James Cameron suggesting to watch “La la land”, you will definitely be thinking at least twice.

The phenomenon behind this is simple , Tim Burton or James Cameron are experts in this field and you have gain trust on their work and expertise.Hence these people are influencers.

Influencer marketing is a marketing tool we use to target key personalities rather target market as a marketing strategy.

Trusted influencers brings lot of difference in the brand awareness and positioning of the product and services in the market as compared to the traditional methods.

Influencer marketing is used to get visible results much faster. Good influencer can bring a heavy inflow of potential customers and provides high return for the digital marketing strategies taken by the company.

A strong influencer related to your sector will expose the product or the service to apt consumers. People who are already interested in your niche gives greater attention in the likelihood of purchasing the product or the service. 

Best seo company reviews another very important aspect of using influencer marketing i.e influencers are always backed by their dedicated followers, when a brand is endorsed by a particular influencer the results are more faster and visible in terms of company’s presence. Followers always follow the path of the influencer and thus the product gets instant attention from the consumers. It takes months of efforts to show result by organic seo but this way is lot more quick.

Finding Influencers related to the industry

Influencers are good source of attracting the attention of the customers but selection of influencers involve their relevance from the industry the product is belonging to.Best seo company in boston suggests that influencers should incorporate their branding strategies in a way that the brand seems to be part of their life story,this will definitely cast positive result on the seo. It should be unique or else the audience may divert.

While choosing influencer, it is important to keep these three factors in mind i.e context, reach, actionability.

 For example, what happens when world famous cricketer like Brian Lara is endorsing a utensil brand? Will it be successful?

 Although they are related to each other but the context and the customers are entirely different and hence it will not generate the result as expected.

An influencer should always have a valid and loyal audience reach. Before finalizing influencers the authenticity of the reach should be checked because nowadays people can buy 1000 followers on social media.

Along with reach, actionability is also very important an influencer is of no use  if they have thousand followers and they does not have any interaction with them. The whole process of influencer marketing becomes a failure

Social media and bloggers

To get influencer marketing starts with better results it's suggested to target social media influencers, who enjoys maximum followers. Choosing social media influencers would require to target a particular channel that give maximum exposure to the brand awareness. For example if you want to promote your brand by video engagement then youtube is the best platform or if you are from fashion realm then instagram can be a good platform to showcase the product and create massive reach. Social media platforms like twitter, facebook etc has created an interesting possibilities in the field of influencer marketing.

 Similarly blogger enjoy high inflow of audience. Credible bloggers have maximum followers attention in their related fields.

 Influencer marketing strategy does involve a cost factor but not always. Some time the personalities may charge certain compensation for giving their loyal audience and sometime may be not.

Whatever may be the case, the cost should be considered as an investment because the return on investment are quick and productive. Influencer marketing increase the brand loyalty and cast lasting impression in the mind of its customers.

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