In today's era maximum google searches are now done from mobile rather than desktop. There is absolutely no confusion in understanding the importance of mobile optimization and the extensive usage of mobile apps in SEO.

10seos.com suggests to you,list of 25 best android apps for boosting SEO and online marketing of your organization. This list is not categorised in terms of usability, credibility or importance.

  1. Online marketing by Alex Genadinik:  This application is an easy tool to understand the concepts of online marketing. It also provides convenient software tools for planning the online marketing strategy and one can have a live chat with the expert regarding any query. The cost of the application is $0.99.

  2. Evernote: Evernote is free cross platform for android and also for IOS devices, designed for note taking and archiving.

  3. Documents to go 3.0 Main app: This app is a free cross platform office suite that can be downloaded from Google play store. This app facilitates in accessing any microsoft office document anywhere.

  4. Trello: Trello surpasses many list making app available in the market. Marketers running business have several activities happening simultaneously in their life. Here’s where trello is needed. Trello gives a comprehensive list of all the activities that are taken out by the marketer at different zones. The application can be downloaded for free!

  5. Hootsuite : This app is concentrated for making single interface for marketers running multiple social media platforms. Hootsuite version is supported by all kinds of devices. Hootsuite has now become a popular social media marketing app. And the best part is, it is free!.

  6. SEO SERP App:  This app tracks three keywords and multiple website at a time to determine the SERP position. SEO SERP App is a free app and consist of data within small packages.

  7. Eventbrite: eventbrite is a free app that is established for planning and coordination purpose. Webinars and other event for inbound marketing requires many steps which include managing registration. Maintaining backend report etc. eventbrite app takes care of all the details of the event inclusive of registration, attendees, report making etc.

  8. Statigram:  This is a social analytical tool for instagram to provide users better experience of using the platform. It get integrated with Hootsuite and is available for free.

  9. Foursquare: Foursquare is a free platform that is supported by all the operating systems like IOS, Android phones etc. The purpose of this app is to discover and share information related to business and attractions around you. This app is best to create a buzz for the business.

  10. Marketing Forecast by Adology:  If you want to be updated regarding all the trending news for advertising and marketing industry then Marketing Forecast app is a one stop destination for it. This is a free tool that is available for all devices. It includes U.S economic trends, trending topic in Google, and also include Twitter streams that has aggravated the tweets about marketing and advertising.

  11. SEO Automatic:  This app helps to generate SEO metrics of any webpage by evaluating the title tag, description,keyword tags, header tags etc. This app is also a free app for android based mobile phones.

  12. Spring pad: Springpad acts as a personal assistant and helps to store and organize any idea or data that can be referred later for any other purpose. This organizes all the ideas, articles, informations that are encounter throughout the day and come up with a comprehensive logical framework.

  13. Google Analytics: Google analytics app is an essential tool of SEO. This app provides all the details of the number of users for the app, their characteristics and also from where they come from. This free app helps to manage the site performance from anywhere across the globe.

  14. Google Drive: Google drive can help to store large chunks of data. It also facilitates in accessing the documents of the drive,edit the documents and directly insync it the desktop.

  15. Feedly: Feedly allows to access various content from the mobile device including tumbr blog, RSS feeds,youtube channel and many other such sites. This is another popular free tool.

  16. Adsense dashboard: Google adsense can be monitored by adsense dashboard available for free in android devices. It provides critical performance metrics and many other important information from the simple mobile app.

  17.  Tweetcaster: Tweetcaster works in similar way like Tweetdeck. This free tool allows schedule, post and respond to tweets directly through the mobile app.

  18. mAnalytics: This is a Google analytics based app for android mobile users. This app provide intuitive user interface,stat charts, visitors metrics,traffic sources data and many more relevant information.

  19. WebRank SEO: WebRank SEO is one of the best android seo app available. This app provide huge data for current SEO status of the app like the number of indexed pages across various search engines, Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and many other.

  20. SECockpit: SECockpit stands for search engine cockpit that works as a keyword research tool that helps to generate new ideas for marketers.

  21. SEM Tab SEO Pro: This app is useful for SEO and also for social media data like Tweets, Facebook likes,BookmarkS, URL mentions and many more. This app charges $1.99.

  22. SEO Keyword Checker: This app is ideal for monitoring any webpage and get data about the most used keywords by paying not a single bucks. This is a great tool for competitive analysis.

  23. SEO SiteRank lite: This free app easily produces the results from GooglePageRank and Alexa ranking of a website even if the device is not connected to internet.

  24. Vine: Vine is free video app that facilitates in viewing, sharing and shooting short video loops right from the android device. This app among the most popular video apps running in business.

  25. Flipboard This app facilitates the marketers for making their virtual magazine comprising of all their favourite websites, news stories and many more by their own.

The seo for apps and their usability have created a demand for these apps, making them stands out among the millions of their replicas available. We would appreciate, if you can share about your experience of using these app for making your business more convenient and growth oriented.

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