Creating a website that adheres to the norms set for gaining more conversion is not the end of the road, in fact it has just begun!. 

The real commitment is in maintaining a website that encounter high traffic and conversion rate for smooth functioning of the website. It takes significant efforts for SEO maintenance to improve the ranking of the site significantly and keep the overall experience of the website stronger.

 Here’s some tips to maintain the technical SEO of the website to maintain the ranking of the website:

  1. Uninterrupted addition of fresh content to the site

 If a website reaches to the spot of 1st rank then too, it is very important to post fresh content in the website to continue the inflow of organic traffic for the website. The content used in the website should obviously be related to the business. In case marketers faces problem in generating fresh content, they should maintain a list of personalities that can be interviewed to generate content out of it. In fact the reveiws earned by the website is also an excellent source of fresh content.

It is important to use appropriate keywords in the meta description that clearly define the content of the page. This is an important factor for 2016 SEO checklist.

2. Correct usage of heading tags

A proper division of the content is appreciated by the users as well as search engines because it transforms the content in more comprehensive format. Search engine uses headline tags (H1) to gauge the relevance of the content with the keywords used. H2 tags are used largely for all kind of divisions in the content. H3 and H4 are used for smaller sub divisions in the content. A quick seo report can help to identify any flaw in the usage of headline tag that is hampering the content absorption.

3. Frequent usage of internal links

Internal links helps to keep the audience involved for longer time on the website. Also search engine loves internal link that are relevant to the linked keywords. Each page of the website should carry 3-5% of the content in terms of relevant keywords to earn better ranking on SERPs. Maintaining  the internal linking of the website helps to maintain a steady website ranking.

4. Creating an accurate sitemap

Google crawler uses the site map to identify the relevant content of the website. A comprehensive and well organized sitemap facilitates smooth and speedy movement of google crawler that affects the SEO quick ranking on the SERPs.

5. Periodically running the SEO audit and crawler through the site

Running seo audit or crawler tools help to identify the missing or duplicate content that can cause error in SEO ranking. These audits can help to edit content that seems to require updation or content that are reducing the loading speed.


Creating a website requires rigorous optimization of different aspect of the website. Maintenance also require a clear schedule towards gauging the performance of the site so that it could continue to earn high traffic and better conversion rate without investing significant amount time. 

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