A Quick Insight:What You Should Know About Search Engine Crawling And Indexing?


A Quick Insight:What You Should Know About Search Engine Crawling And Indexing?

Often marketers pay a strong emphasis on website optimization without understanding the process of search engine working. This is somewhat like creating a unique content without knowing about how to write.

Without understanding how search engines work it becomes really difficult to understand how to optimize them.

When we talk about organic searches, we cannot also deny the importance and presence of paid search results. Organic result is the most important thing for every kind of search engine but it does not directly generate revenue for search engine. It is true that without organic results, Google paid search result may less relevant. This is because Google, bing and other search engines advertising engines that works by attracting people by organic visibility.

It is important as:

  • Their layout changes

  • The presence of  search features like knowledge panel and featured snippets

  •  The CTR rate of organic result.

There are many changes which are taking place in and around you, so it is important to question what it will impact today and what further changes do they imply further.

How exactly search engine works:

 To learn about the working of search engine, SEO Miami professional suggest to understand various facets of search engine, it is important to understand following elements:

  • Crawling and indexing

  • Algorithms

  • Machine learning

  • User intent

In this post, we will discuss the indexing in details:


Indexing is the most basic step for the journey of search engine. Indexing is referred as adding webpage content into Google. Whenever a new page is created,it can be indexed by number of ways. When it is about making the page indexed, there is absolutely nothing that anybody would do. Google crawler follow links and thus having links within your site content make your site in crawling list for search engine. Google can easily identify and add it to its index.

What if you want your page to indexed faster? Is there a way for it?

Usually this is needed when marketers has made some significant change and want Google to know or when you have some timely content which should be indexed.

There are certain ways indexing can be done faster in the website. These methods are:

1. XML sitemap

Experts from SEO services Nashville suggest that submitting XML sitemap helps search crawler to easily move within the website, making it crawled much faster.

XML sitemap can be understood to be somewhat like a road map meant for search crawler. It is submitted by Google Search Console. An XML sitemap provide the search engine with the list of all pages and other additional details.

2. Fetch and render

In search console you can find “Fetch on Google”. In the left navigation system, you can simply click on crawl>Fetch as google. You can enter the URL you wanted to get indexed and then click on Fetch. Once the URL is fetched, you will be presented with the option of “request indexing” , click on the button.

After making the click, within in few seconds you can find new content or URL in Google and find the new change or new content which is picked.

3. Submit the URL to Google

If you are too lazy for getting into search console or want your new content to get appeared on third party site then begin with just doing a quick search on Google. If you simply submit the URL to Google then you can find URL submission field. It works as quick as working with Google Search Console.

4. Google plus

Generally posting URL into Google plus will get the site indexed in seconds. Google has to fetch the URL to pull images, description etc and doing so discover it, if it wasn’t already known. This is one of the second fastest way to get the content indexed by Google.

5. Host your content on Google

Crawling sites to get indexed is a time and resource consuming process. One of the best alternative available is to host the content directly. There is a direct ability to give Google direct access to content via XML feeds, API and unplug the content from the design.

Firebase is a Google’s mobile app platform which gives Google the direct access to app content, without going through the crawl process. You can consider this as the future of Google indexing the content directly without any making effort, so it can then be served in format which is most usable based on accessing technology.

Crawl budget

Indexing is incomplete without talking about the crawl budget. Crawl budget is a term which is used to describe the quantity of resources that Google would expand crawling a website.

The crawl budget is assigned based on a combination of factors, the two of the most dominant ones include:

  • How fast your server i.e how much can Google without degrading user experience

  • How important your site is

If you run a website which needs constant content updation that search engine users will be needed to be aware of your for frequent crawling of the site.

This is all about the indexing part of search engines ultimate work. For further information and details consider reading our blogs. We hope this post to be highly useful for better knowledge about search engine. For more queries and information, consider commenting below. 

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