Common Mistakes to Avoid To Let Your Customers Connect to Facebook Ads


Common Mistakes to Avoid To Let Your Customers Connect to Facebook Ads

Facebook is a platform that has millions of users. The popularity of facebook has always compelled marketers to promote their brands on the platform. Advertisements used on facebook has a high turnable ratio if conceptualized properly. Investment done on anything should generate ROI or else it's a loss preposition. Facebook ads can increase the reach of the brand to a greater extent but if the ads are not connecting with the targeted customers then it's a loss venture.

The competition level in social media platform is growing at a tremendous rate. Ads that are generic and are not conceptualized according to the target audience will not produce any result in terms of conversions. Experts from Top seo company in Atlanta suggest that people are sensitive enough and tend to avoid promotional pitches, to attract such people highly personalized ads are to be made that can stand out of the crowd and increase their conversion.

Unfortunately if your facebook ads are not creating magic than probably you are facing problem in one of the factors that are stated below

  • Inappropriate image usage

Visual communication is the need of the hour. Simple plain text content is definitely not going to appeal the users. Bright colours and innovative designing can be used but avoiding blue and white can be beneficial as users may not confuse it with facebook’s branding.

Stock images used cannot attract the users anymore,they have become too common. Consultants from Seo company review that images that directly promote the brand should also be avoided.

Images used should always look organic in the newsfeed of the users yet it should be designed to capture the attention of the targeted audience.

  • Inappropriate targeting 

Professionals in Seo services in Boston recognizes the fact that an advertisement that has attractive design, unique content, appropriate usage of visual effect cannot affect conversion, if it is targeted to wrong audience. Ads are specifically made keeping in mind the exact target audience.

To avoid misleading the ads with wrong target, a buyer profile can be made for each campaign. The buyer profile tells about the demographic factors such as age, sex, income, ,marital status and the psychological factors such as values, pain points and interest. Advertisement can be influential if done keeping in mind the individuals targeted. Buyer profile provides the insight of the targeted audience and helps to increase the conversion rate.

  • Lack of trust

Studies done on purchasing behavior of the customer's states that people buy product from the brand that they trust. If consumer finds that there is discrepancy between the claims made by the brand and the delivery, the conversion would plummet.

There are certain factors that affect the trust quotient of the customers such as lack of authentic testimonials of the customers, insufficient contact page,no refund policies mentioned,unprofessional product photography and an exaggerated sales pitch.

  • Not clearly stating the shipping options

A study done on the buying behaviour of the customers stated that 73% of the population loved to have free shipping for their product. This seems to be a good option to use in ads. If the facebook ads states that the shipping of the product can become free by clicking on the button mentioned, this can reduce the anxiety in the mind of the customers.

  • Using too much jargon

As a marketer, it is common to use terms that are used in the industry but customers may not be that much aware of it. Words that does not make sense to the customers should be avoided as it can effect the conversion rate. It is advices to use words that are simple yet attractive and more conversational based.

  • Focus on the benefits

Buying behaviour of the customers are entirely based on the emotions. Facebook ads should also tend to focus on the emotional benefit that one could incur by the purchase of the product rather discussing the product features.

For example people buy luxury cars to have a social status and not just on a usability basis. There can be many cars that would have feature better than the luxurious one but customers have an emotional inclination for the cars that project their status.

  • Tone of the ad should not be a mismatch

The tone used for the product targeting a particular type of audience should be according to them. It is important to have a full fledged research on the kind of vocabulary that are used by the targeted customers or the speech style and the level of formality. These helps to establish the connection between the product and the customers strongly.

  • Inappropriate headlines

Headlines are vital to establish the focus of the customers. If the product has an USP then that can be used in a headline. Often usage of powerful and emotion provoking words cast a good effect on the minds of the customers and help to make their purchase decision easily.


Facebook is a platform that has tremendous potential to grow for the marketers and for customers also. While formulating the facebook ads it is important to focus on specific targets, use creative images and track down all what is done.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid To Let Your Customers Connect to Facebook Ads

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