Facebook lead ads: Next step to Social Media Advertising


Facebook lead ads: Next step to Social Media Advertising

We all are active on one social media or other. We are also familiar with the facebook ads. But what are lead ads? Have you seen business ads on facebook that has a little ‘sign up’ button at bottom? Yes, they are called lead ads because they lead users from facebook to the actual website without even leaving facebook. Thus all the process of sign up to the third party can be done while being at facebook. As per seo company chicago, in the next trend of SEO, ease is a deciding factor. Now why these ads are the future of advertising. Lets us explain.

  • Firstly, as mentioned above, you don’t need to leave facebook page, thus all the procedure can be completed while using facebook. One click subscribe, one click confirm and back to news feed. Users will subscribe instantaneously and will not leave it for some other time. Some of them forget to even subscribe due to the reason- they opened facebook, so they will do what they came for, yes they want to associate with the site but when done with facebook. So, understand that this feature is really the need of the hour. From user point of view, they do not have to wait for another page to load. Thus win win for both the sides.

  • No need to fill that full page form data. Since these ads autofill the data already facebook has like email, phone number, address, working profile, so users do not need to. Thus, subscription has become convenient.

  • Since there is no need to fill the form, there is no need of any form or landing page too. Thus saving money of small businesses. And saving time too.

  • The distance between the user and your business is reduced too. Now no need to introduce multiple pages to direct to subscribe form, just use facebook lead ad. At dallas seo, they know that many people do not subscribe to your services just because it’s too much formalities and page loading, which is not the case using lead ads.

Facebook lead ads are not only the future of advertising from customer point of view or business point of view, it is just a ‘beneficial for all’ kind of strategy.

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