A Sure Way to Add Success to Your Facebook Marketing


A Sure Way to Add Success to Your Facebook Marketing

Most of the businesses collect the demographics of their audiences and shoot them with the targeted ads to convert. Top  10 SEO Firms have been using this strategy; it’s working for them and they are happy with it.

Are you one of such businesses?

Are you happy with the response that you are getting at your ads?

Well, you should not be satisfied with what you are getting because then you will not try harder to get more. It is good to feed your greed to reach the right kind of audience at the social media. This article is about the Facebook Workplace Targeting. This feature has been around for some years but here is how you can make the most of it.

Understanding Facebook Workplace Targeting

It is as simple as the name suggests; you can display the ads to a particular set of audiences based on where they work.

Now, let us understand the utility of this feature. Let us assume that you are a cafe owner and there are many schools and colleges around your place. The students from the institutions come to your cafe to eat but the crowd is not enough. You are losing many customers to your competitor who happens to sell the same cuisine as you. It is very important that you think ahead and bring all the customers to your tables.

You know that Facebook is quite popular among the youth and they check their Facebook frequently even while in schools and colleges. You can target the students of the institutions nearby your cafe, so that when they open their Facebook, they are served your ad which makes them to think about you. When you rule your audience’s screens, you rule their minds. You can advertise about some offer that is going on in your cafe to lure your potential customers.

Doing this would give you an edge over your competitors and you can get more targeted customers.

Let us assume another example. You are a B2B company and you want to grow your client list. You have already successfully served many clients and it is the time to get some more. You create an ad mentioning the reviews of your previous clients and serve it to the influential personalities of the brand which you want as your clients. These are the decision-making people of the brand and when they read about you, they will most probably want to talk business.

This is the Facebook Workplace marketing. Here is how you can implement it successfully.

#1. Decide who will be your audiences and what would make them come to you. Design your ad with useful content and the images that make the audiences click.

#2. Open your Ads Manager and click on the ‘Create Campaign’. You have to choose the objective for your brand. Click on ‘boost your posts’.

#3. Give your campaign a name and select the post that you created.

#4. The next option below is Ad Set and you have to set the audiences and budget. From the list of ‘more demographics’, select ‘work’. You can select one option from the employees, job titles, industries or office type. If you select the employees, in the box, enter the name of the company with the location.

#5. You can set how much you want to spend on the ad and for how many days you want to run the campaign. Your campaign is all set now.

#6. You can preview your ad and make corrections to give the best to your audiences.

#7. Do not forget to track the performance of the ad. You can know the metrics such as engagement, the cost per campaign and the number of people your ad reached to.

Just find out the creative reasons to use the workplace targeting. You can use it to get the customers and clients. These can also be used to recruit the experienced and efficient employees for your brand. The local  SEO services create an awareness about the brands using these targeted ad campaigns.

This is what we call the best use of the audience’s demographics. What do you think?

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