PPC and other online ads



PPC and other online ads

This time around I’d like to introduce you to a couple of ways to advertise your company online. Let’s see which one suites your business the best.

Keyword oriented advertisments: 

These sort of ads are focusing on promoting a business, a specific product or a campaign as a search engine platform. There are tons of benefits and that’s exactly why so many choose this method, not to mention that you can set these all up by yourself.  The whole aspect of this genre depends on keywords and keyword combinations and everyone tries to choose those which are the most generally typed in because they bring the more leads.

PPC:  the classic pay-per-click method this is a very simply type of promotion: every time someone clicks on your ad in the search results it will deduct money from the budget you have previously set up. You can set your budget and the per-click price and you pay a so-called CPC ( Cost per Click)  and if you are going it well, search engine can even give you bonuses, so you end up paying less than the originally setup. This is great for businesses who want to gain customers quickly, especially e-commerce companies like to use them.

CPM: The lesser known sub-type of PPC, CPM means Cost per Impression. This type of ad is rather geared towards brand awareness and generally pays after every 1000 times the ad appears in the SERP for the chosen keywords. The clicks do not count in this construction.

Getting listed on product comparing websites

These sites are getting more and more popular over the years and they are absolutely great when it comes to indexing. The reason for that is that for some reason search engine spiders can find prices and products a lot more easily than complete websites.

Content marketing:  deals with all sorts of marketing such as email marketing reviews and services, phone marketing and analytics, social media marketing and video marketing.  Out of these I’d like to elaborate on social media as the new wave of advertising.

Social media: 

Today, social media is growing out to outrun search engine advertising big time. The reasons for that are simple. Everyone is there and the biggest sites have by now build out their own search and advertising systems. The ads are all targeted and therefore prove to be way more successful because they save tons of research. Facebook’s ad program is perhaps the largest out of all and it has a great and comprehensive system of reports and analytics too. It’ s well worth to try for anyone, if only for testing. See how well or badly your posts are doing all for free!

I have not included search engine optimization in any of these genres for the simple reason of it being an organic part of each one already. This i something that connects all these methods on the internet. And the best PPC advertising companies and successful SEO companies can take your business to success, help you devise a strategy and see if you want to get ahead with organic or with paid search results.

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