One site audit can turn your 2018 on its head! Know the importance and adapt to progress


One site audit can turn your 2018 on its head! Know the importance and adapt to progress

A year has ended and the new year has begun! Like, food if left out for few days or few hours, it rots. And if you are escaping Site Audit, you are leaving your website to rot and your strategy to get rotten! To kill the stagnancy you have to hold the freshness and new things by their neck. You are never supposed to let any upgrade to slip through. The competition is nerve-racking and search engines are coming to get you. 

Your only saviors are regular site audits, not often though. 

From structure to structure you have to keep reviewing one thing and another. And this is what we say site audit. However, when we talk about structures, they are massive and site audit takes time. But the boost in performances of the SEO, engagement and conversion is guaranteed.

If your mind is set on a mere website checklist, take a look on the following benefits of a site audit and you will understand why it is not enough: 

  • Analysis of keyword : SEO is nothing without keywords. But this is not the end, use of appropriate keywords and phrases are essential for the top tuned SEO. Audit will provide an opportunity to take a look at them and you can also spot the new keywords to bring on more traffic.

  • User-experience and user-engagement: The obscurity of the website should be halted by the businesses else the consequences could be harsh to cope with. Search engines are trying hard to land the users on the pages which are solely focused on the user-experience by cutting all the which could distract the user and user-engagement in order to increase the time of the user on the website and to provide the whole information about whatever user is seeking.

  • Loading speed : Cut loose all the things which are costing your website to load slower. People will lose their interest in your website if it would be slacky and laggy. Getting rid of the things which are making it slower is the only solution. And it is not-a-so-unfamiliar fact that people are abandoning the website which are taking more than 3 seconds to load and they are not visiting the sites which are taking more than 1 second to show up.

  • Better content : If there is anything which can turn the dust into gold, it is content. One of the most prized assets and if your website is assembled ideally then no doubt highest prized asset. Content is the major thing on which you need to work. Forget about the thin content, only strong and full content will bring the traffic and improvement in rankings.

  • Landing page:  Your maximum conversions are hinged on the proper landing pages. Examine your landing page and make it user’s delight. With the proper content and information and prompt response you can drive the sales.

  • Contact information : Displayed contact information is one of the most important things to get the customers. An audit will make the things easier and would make it easier to spot the best place to put the contact information. 

An audit is a fair option to check the website inside out and taking it for granted would make the things tougher and for your website and for your business. With a proper site audit you can achieve all the things which were elusive in the past and with site audit you can also be able to keep up with the search engines. 

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