Link Building 101: All about going organic


Link Building 101:   All about going organic

According to Google and all the Internets aces, one must deserve to belong on the first page paying for this privilege still doesn’t amount to that. As most people prefer to choose organic results not the paid ones also tells that most people, while they acknowledge the paid links they very rarely choose those. They generally go for the second or third applicant shown on the first page.

Search engines made sure that a website has to have lots of attributes in place in order for them to be classified as ’first page material’ in terms of rankings. This is very important because all these engines want to bring the best visitor experience on their sites and this way represent only those who can prove to be deserving of it on many levels. According to the legend, the real Google ranking criteria consists of over 200 separate elements and attributes and link building is one important element of the 9 top criteria mentioned, so you can see that its importance is pretty high.

Ways to make a website gain links organically

What this means is simply to earn respect for your web content. Either as a business proving to do a great job or as a website which has such outstanding qualities in terms of what it offers and how it offers is, that people just cannot avoid it or talking about it. Of course, as you can see this is something that’s hard to pull off in many ways.

Websites with outstanding content can have these qualities, but rarely will they do this well without ensuring stellar level optimization (to be easily found) and/or having top level promotion. Generally it’s rather the combination of the two which brings the best results. That’s also a good example of marketing and Search Engine Optimization completing each other.

But there is a good reason why professional link building is one of SEO Phoenix companies most effective weapons and why it doesn’t belong under marketing.

Finding ways to get quality connections any other way 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to care for the outlook, the content and the overall quality for a website, but it means you are either in a business where competition is extremely high or your content needs a serious push for other reasons. Let me add that these methods can also be used in the first category, only in special cases the web content is either so good or rare that after a while it will virtually promote itself.   Link building alternatives include the following methods:

  • Promoting of a website including Content Marketing, Pay per click or other advertisement methods.
  • Active link building techniques: This works with businesses who deal with different things, this way they don’t represent competition.
  • Gaining memberships in associations which do have trust badges or seals which can be presented on the website (or leading page).
  • Guest blogging

SEO phoenix companies can be a great help and assistance for you when it comes to ranking targeting link building practices and this will surely boost your website’s popularity all organically too.

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