Instagram is a social networking site that has given a power to common people to judge and find the visual ability of a brand. This platform has over 160 million followers ranging from common people to big who's who of any industry. Since this platform has grown to such a big extent, it is mandatory for small business to jump into some instagram SEO and create a community of loyal followers.

Creating account in instagram is more of an art and less of a revenue generation tactics. The business having account in instagram project their human side to their followers and help their connect to the brand even more. But instagram is not like any other marketing channels thus leveraging common marketing tool cannot generate what you expect.

Here we offer example of 20 best local business instagram accounts that should be studied to analyse their way of using instagram as a marketing channel and implement one of them that best suits to your business.


Allium is a restaurant and bar that serves delicious seasonal American cuisines. They use images that are vibrant in colour and eye catchy. The pictures can itself make you feel hungry.


This is a social media company based in Pennsylvania. They use interesting images with different marketing quotes and  images of their brand log(rhino).


This is a New York live music venue. They show pictures from performer's point of view with centering the image of performer surrounded by colorful posters of the performance.

4. @ceiliskitsilano

This is an irish pub located in different locations of Vancouver and Canada. They post pictures o carefree customers, warm atmosphere and good food.


Fayetteville flyer is a small news source that gives news around Fayetteville,Arkansas. Its instagram images are filled with different type of news images and individual stories.


Friday and River showcase their homemade leather goods in their instagram account. They also run contest to create a buzz about their product in their followers.

7. @greengrocerchicago

Green grocer of chicago proudly display their range of green veggies in their instagram account. They feature photos of farm grown fresh colourful vegetables and assorted organic products.


Love love darling is a makeup boutique from Seattle, Washington. They provide makeup service for weddings and other functions. The images used in the instagram account showcase the customers in their makeup looks and the products of the boutique as well.


This petcare store from San Gabriel Valley maintains a wonderful instagram profile. It goes by its name and post varied cut pictures of dog in their instagram posts.

10. @omnomnominc

This is a pure vegetarian cookies company that incorporate humorous related post in their instagram. They use instagram the most captivating way to engage their customers.


This company is based in new york and focus on delivering images related to their main drink. This is a perfect example of promoting the brand through instagram.


Robin hood NYC’s page showcase the plight of people fighting with poverty. The account showcase pictures that showcase different charitable programs that are working for a common cause.

13. @situstudio 

Situ studio is a Brooklyn based architectural design company. They use different architectural designs images to show case in their instagram account.

14. @solebicycles

Sole bicycle is a bicycle company based in Venice. This company quite intersting promote their bicycles with images of different locations.

15. @shopeboomrangs

Boomerang is a thrift store located in Boston. The instagram account is filled with merchandise photos from different angles that make them look very interesting.

16. @shwoodshop

Shwood eyewear located in Portland features an array of different eyewear photos and also promote deals in their instagram account. They reveal different style of frames in a creative way.

17. @travelcountry

Travel country is a top outdoor outfitter store in Florida. They present new concepts and adventures brands that are upcoming.

18. @trovegenralstore

Trove general store is a clothing and accessory store located in pennsylvania. They produce their product in way that looks quite enticing for the followers.

19. @vervecoffee

Coffee brewing is an art in itself. The instagram profile of verve coffee show different images of coffee brewing and also location of different ingredients that are used in coffee making.

20. @vinatero

Vinatero is a small wine and beer shop located in Los Angeles. They promote pictures of beautiful drinks and promotional deals that can readily attract customer.

There can be many other local businesses that may have awesome instagram account. If you find one, share the details with us in the comment box. More info: 10seos

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