Tried-And-True ways to use Instagram to build your business and Brand! (Part-1)


Tried-And-True ways to use Instagram to build your business and Brand! (Part-1)

Instagram is such a social media platform which demonstrated enormous growth. In fact, the overall community of Instagram grew to more than 400 million active users. 

Irrespective of its impressive reach, most of the business owners are still fail to notice its marketing potential. And as a result, they're likely to leave their high levels of engagement, brand awareness, and most importantly profit in the hand. 

According to the survey conducted by the top 10 social media agencies, in just one year, many entrepreneur used Instagram to gain around 400,000 followers, which has translated to around 70,000 email subscribers. And in addition to this, there were almost 30,000 call-to-action clicks every month from Instagram, which are converting more than 30% of the users who landed on website from their Instagram page into email subscribers.

Here’s 4 best and most efficient ways to use Instagram to build your brand:

  • Grow your Instagram following with strategic partnerships.

One of the most frustrations for marketers hunting into Instagram is that they don’t know how to grow following. After all, large number of followers, could prove as an effective marketing channel.

Partnering your account with other Instagram accounts is one of the best way to grow your brand more. 

It could be either paid shout-out or unpaid shout-out. Here's how they are different to each other:
-Unpaid Shout-outs

Unpaid shout-outs are generally called "share for share." You can share another’s content, and both can encourage your followers to follow some other account. In this, you access to audience of their account, and they can access your audience.

-Paid Shout-outs

If you don't have much budget to spend social media, you might want to skip this, but according to best digital marketing companies in the world, paid shout-outs is actually the great way to attract thousands of followers, fast.

paid shout-outs allows you to aim for those accounts which have higher level of engagement. Once you manage to to gain few thousand followers, you can drive those followers to your official website, and can engage them with your brand.

  • Make your email list by converting followers into your subscribers.

Email marketing is essential to develop business. Email list is your customers, and more of that ther are your fans and that’s why they purchase your products and services.

Instagram is consider as an essential driver of email subscribers, since it allows you to convert around 15,000 to 30,000 followers into subscribers every month.

Most of the businesses owner finds it hard to get followers by click the links in bios. Stop that pattern of writing your bio as similar as you are writing a Tweet; short and packed with intention.

Actually, there’s a secret to write your bio, use specific call-to-action with remarkable and east URL.

Then convert visitors by ensuring the page they land holds worth the value. Once you’ve place to not only convince your followers to click on your bio’s link, but also to lead them to some interesting content, start driving followers to your bio. Your photo caption leads to bio, bio leads to link and your link leads to offer value.

Hope these tactics will help you to build your brand. We’ll be back soon with some more proven strategies to grow your business and brand. Stay tuned!

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