What Is Topical Authority And How It Can Help Seo?


What Is Topical Authority And How It Can Help Seo?

What is topical authority?

Topical authority is a perceived authority over a niche or a set of broad ideas as compared to authority over a single set of ideas or terms. 

Let us understand topical authority with the help of an example. Let us consider a page about blue widget on a site that contain all the things which are related to blue.

Now, let us compare this website with same quality page but belonging from a website which deals with all kinds of widgets.

Each of these sites have authority. The site which is dedicated to all blue things may have a fine page which is dedicated to blue widget but does not holds a topical authority. This site has a singular page which answers several question but does not provide Google with any details that the site own a vast knowledge nor even indicate visitors that they find answers to other type of questions other than the one related to colour blue or the items with blue colour.

The site which with single page on blue widget on a widget site can find a better position as their topical relevance will be around widget in contrast with colour. So, as the name of topical authority suggest it is perceived authority for a subject or a area of a subject.

Why should you care about topical authority?

According to chicago SEO experts, presently topical authority holds a massive a strong idea in search results as working on topical authority provides a reach for broader set of keywords. This enhances quantity of keywords helps in bringing large volume of quality content in and around specific topics.

Topical authority is a right choice when:

  • People are for options for getting adequate references, links or social shares

  • Users are looking for answers to other additional questions, they remain in your site. It should be made sure that users are not forcefully made to find their answers elsewhere.

  • Google will look for specific answer- you will be able to get it

  • Google finds out if your site posses any additional information which matches with users intent- you will have to make sure you make adequate content for it.

In short it can do everything you want to. You will be happily targeting more pages by capturing adequate keywords, attracting more links, and improving the site ranking significantly.

How topical authority can be built?

Dallas SEO agency professionals defined topical authority as part of content. This authority can be gained by perception of a site which has enough of information for making it understood as a sole authority for a given subject/topic.

The quality of content has a huge influence but apart from it, considering the number of relevant piece of information used and the topics covered for users questions are vital for topical authority.

To understand these typical but important nuances, there are variety of sources:

  • You can rely on keyword data from your favourite tool

  • You can seek help from sales and support team what questions are asked to them frequently

  • You can also ask the clients, visit the relevant communities or seek help from subreddit and analyse what questions are asked.

Always understand that more is the number questions you draw from various sources, the better. To create a topical authority you will have to have answers for all relevant question from your industry.

Is content is the only thing that is needed?

The answer to this is a big “No”. 

Simply going on producing content cannot help. After the Google Hummingbird update, it has improved its ability to understand and analyse the context and the relationships with words chosen. This understanding took another big step with RankBrain and the introduction of artificial and machine learning.

Google always wants that the answers against the users searches should be effective and clearly fulfill the users intent. In simpler words, your answer should be able to satisfy the information need of the users and also tackle any follow ups needs which users might need.

Basically the idea is to create a content which answers the questions of people from the relevant topics, create them well and in various formats such as image, text etc. This way you will be able to dramatically improve the chances for your site having topical authority.

What about links?

When it comes to link earning then any authoritative, unique content of high quality can itself earn valuable links naturally.

With a good content you will easily attaining links, however, for it you will have to use some age old tactics. By old tactics we mean reaching out to authoritative sites for links.

When you look for topically relevant links, have a look at two places:

  • The rankings: Make sure to earn links from sites that rank higher not just for short keywords but also for long term keywords which holds relevance.

  • Ranking: look for sites that has links from various competitors. You can use backlink tool  to make a comparison feature which allows users to see domains links to multiple sites.

Always keep in mind that every situation is different therefore, you should have a careful eye to identify opportunity involved with community events, sponsorship's, press conferences etc. which can help you site come in the eyes of the audience.

A quick “but” with topical authority relevance

Topical relevancy has a very short term to serve. There are many experts who agree and many who disagree. The reason behind having a short span is once Google has its own answer, it will have no reason to drive traffic towards websites with authority on certain topics.

Topical authority will assist in different phrases and the users will be directed to get answers. However, the value would decrease and you will seen fighting with ads etc.

Last words

In the present time, topical authority is highly powerful and regardless of the fact that its value would decrease along with several other SEO signals. Topical authority is working incredibly well presently and they are capable to bring significant changes.

Topical authority brings structural changes in your content that can attract users to click rather getting full information on SERPs. Go ahead and create your topical authority for making your website even more relevant for present time.

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